Footnotes Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Footnotes Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

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Easily add multiple footnotes to your WordPress posts and pages with our fully customizable WordPress footnotes plugin.

Provide readers additional information in the form of a footnote symbol linked at the bottom of a page

Various words and phrases require detailed description, but also unnecessary require space in your content. With our easy Footnotes plugin you can give detailed clarifications to your users and a stylish Footnotes Symbol will link the word to the explanation.

Focus readers to your content, but give them also an option to find text clarifications. Improve user reading experience while increasing search engine optimization with detailed content. Consider a footnote as a roadmap for referencing users to valuable content.

Easily create, elegant, simpler yet modern Footnotes in WordPress

The WordPress Footnotes plugin supports adding footnotes to any page or post on your WordPress site to add reference information and to clarify the text.

The footnote plugin helps you create endnotes, references, footnotes, citations, bibliography notes, pictures and other media.

Example of Footnotes In the Post
Example of Footnotes In the Post

Beautiful Featured Dashicons

Footnotes with dashicons
Footnotes with dashicons
Every footnote can be displayed with a dashicon.

You can easily choose relevant dashicon from the provided list for each definition.

Make your site more attractive with catchy footnotes.

Elegant Footnote Symbol

This easy footnotes plugin allows users to create footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, notes, footnote citations and more specifically for each post and page on your WordPress site.

Upon adding an Endnote a symbol will appear near the term. Clicking on the symbol will then lead to the footnote definition.

The appearance of this symbol can be easily customized in plugin settings.

Clicking on symbol takes to the Footnote definition
Clicking on symbol takes to the Footnote definition

Handy Tooltip Preview

Footnote with tooltip preview
Footnote with tooltip preview
Drastically improve user experience by adding a beautiful tooltip preview to each footnote symbol.

Choose a tooltip background color that matches your site identity.

Post Footnotes Definitions Widget

This simple Footnotes plugin supports adding multiple footnotes to any post or page on your WordPress site, as well as the ability to hide or collapse the footnote text.

Our WP Footnotes plugin can be customized to fit the look and brand of your site.

A widget showing at the bottom of the post with the related footnote definitions
A widget showing at the bottom of the post with the related footnote definitions

Easily Adding Footnotes

Adding an Endnote In the Metabox of Every Post Or Page Editing Screen
Adding an Endnote In the Metabox of Every Post Or Page Editing Screen
Once the WordPress footnotes plugin is installed and activated, a new meta box will be added to each page or post, where you can add definitions, choose a dashicon for it, add an external link and define the footnote's symbol ID.

To display the footnote on the front-end, you just need to put a shortcode with footnote's ID to the needed place in the post.

This way you can have full control over where the footnotes should be displayed.

Customize Footnote Style

The plugin has a set of settings which allow you to customize footnote link symbols, definitions at the bottom of the page and definitions in tooltips. You can change font size, font style, colors and more.

The appearance settings are quite flexible and allow you to configure the way how footnotes should be displayed and their behavior according to your needs.

Plugin Settings
Plugin Settings

Using the WordPress Footnotes Plugin

  • Add user friendly footnotes to any page or post on your WordPress site
  • Add citations for post sources
  • Display stylish tooltips with useful info

WordPress Footnotes Use Case Examples

  • News & Blog Sites – Enhance readability and increase user reading time with term explanations. Boost your SEO without sacrificing user experience.

Footnotes Plugin Related Use Case

Footnotes Plugin Additional Resources

Footnotes Plugin Basic Features

  • Easily add elegant footnotes from every page or post
  • Footnote list at the bottom of the post

Footnotes Plugin Premium Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin

Add Footnotes and Citations to WordPress posts – Add modern footnotes inside any post or page. Have full control over where footnotes can be displayed.
Show Tooltips – Display definitions in posts and pages as nice-looking tooltips.
Dashicons – Add dashicons to every footnote. These are displayed next to the definition at the bottom of the page, making your articles much more attractive.
External Links – Add external links to each footnote definition.
Footnotes Style – Footnotes can be placed anywhere in the post or page using a shortcode. The styling of the footnote is defined in the plugin settings.
Footnotes Metabox – Easily define footnotes and citations within a customizable meta box on your page or post.
Footnotes Range – Define the post types where your footnotes can be displayed across your WordPress site.
Custom posts support – Support any custom post.

Footnotes Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin

Can I add the same footnote on multiple posts?

Footnotes should be created specifically for each post. So, you can create the same footnote definition in any post you need.

Can I customize the appearance of footnotes?

Sure you can! Go to the Footnote styling section to create a unique appearance for your footnotes, including custom fonts, colors, sizes and weights of footnote descriptions and titles. You can customize footnote definitions block at the bottom of the page, tooltips and footnote link symbols.

Will footnotes appear on all pages and posts?

That’s up to you to decide. You can determine post types in which footnotes should or should not appear, as well as to exclude specified pages from displaying footnote information. And you define on your own each place where the footnote is displayed using a shortcode.

Where will my footnotes be displayed?

Footnotes appear at the bottom of pages and posts where you created them. They can also be displayed as tooltips on mouse hover on the footnote symbol link.

Can I add footnotes to any blog post?

Yes, adding blog footnotes are possible. You can add footnotes in any custom post type.

Can I export my footnotes for another site?

No, currently exporting footnotes is not supported.

Can I find a central location for my footnotes?

No. If you want to have a centralized database with all definitions, pay attention to our another plugin – CM Tooltip Glossary. This plugin can also display definitions as footnotes, but also has much more advanced functionality for working with definitions.

Can I add images to my footnotes?

No, currently adding images is not supported. Each footnote definition can contain only text, a dashicon and an external link.

Footnotes Plugin Online Demo

Footnotes Demo

Footnotes Plugin Gallery

Back-end Gallery

Customer Reviews for the Footnotes Plugin

  • Excellent plugin

    I installed this plugin and had an issue with it, the problem was solved within hours and I’m now upgrading to the pro version for the extra features. Excellent plugins with outstanding service.. Thanks guys..

    Michael Junker
  • Highly recommended!

    I got the CM Footnotes Pro version of the plugin after comparing several other plugins. It has several advantages like ability to display an index of all footnotes on site and also ability to use footnote on several posts across the site. Highly recommended if you need such support for your articles and posts

    Vova Feldman
  • Great plugin !

    Was looking for something like that. One of my client wanted to have footnotes for all posts and pages on his site. I spent couple of hours for searching and testing best plugin and there it is. Really easy to use for everyone.

    Fully recommend, my client is also happy 🙂 So what else do I need !

    Thank you and looking forward new features !

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