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Build a frequently asked question (FAQs) knowledge base on your WordPress site.

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This responsive FAQ plugin allows users to create and manage the database by asking questions and voting for the best answer.

The plugin Includes an AJAX FAQ search widget with autocomplete or users can search the FAQ by category to help site visitors find exactly what they need.

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WordPress FAQ Plugin: Ultimate FAQ Solution

Using the WordPress FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) plugin you can create an unlimited amount of questions and assign them to categories and lists.

It’s a quick and easy FAQ solution that saves you time and improves user experience.

Displaying FAQs

Our informative FAQ database provides users with easy access to frequently asked questions.

The questions in the FAQ section can be then accessed in several ways:

  • Search questions using a responsive floating FAQ widget
  • Search box located in the FAQ page
  • Browse the FAQ categories
  • Browse the FAQ tags

FAQ Category Page with Search Box
FAQ Category Page with Search Box

Floating FAQ Search Widget

Floating Search Widget Showing Search Results
Floating Search Widget Showing Search Results
You can add a floating FAQs search widget to specific pages on your site which can display the available frequently asked questions for a specific keyword. The order or results are determined by votes and relevance


Our customizable FAQ content plugin also supports voting (thumb up or down) on FAQs questions and shows the results in both the search results and the faq page. Voting Settings
Voting Settings

Accordion Display

FAQ With Accordion Display
FAQ With Accordion Display
Display only one answer at a time, saving space and improving user experience.

Customize icon file and size. All other visual aspects can be easily changed with CSS.

FAQ Hierarchy and Classification

The plugin supports categorizing questions. Each question can belong to one or more categories, and each category can belong to one or more lists. This way you can build flexible classification system of your questions and display any question, category or list on separate pages using shortcodes.

FAQ Subcategories

The plugin supports creating subcategories. This way, the parent categories will include the questions of all it’s child categories.

Multiple Lists and Categories

You can display all existing lists and categories on one page.

Plugin shortcodes also allow you to display only chosen lists or categories.

Even if chosen categories belong to different lists, you can display them on one page using a shortcode.

Plugin Shortcodes
Plugin Shortcodes

ChatGPT Integration

The plugin supports integration with ChatGPT. It allows to automatically generate answers to questions.

ChatGPT Integration Settings
ChatGPT Integration Settings
It supports two versions of ChatGPT - GPT 3.5 Turbo and GPT-4 (beta). You can define the context of the answers, it's precisions and maximum lenght.

Community Submissions Add-On

Involve you users in creating a collaborative knowledge base. Let your users suggest and publish questions and answers on your site.

You can moderate and edit all user suggestions.

Each user gets a User Dashboard where he can manage all his questions.

Learn more about FAQ Community Submissions Add-On.

FAQ User Submission Form
FAQ User Submission Form

Using the Fancy FAQ Plugin for WordPress

  • Fancy FAQ Knowledgebase – This fancy FAQ plugin supports your product site with multiple frequently asked questions directories.
  • Customizable FAQ Widget – Offer your users a floating FAQ search widget which can appear on selected post or pages while adjusting the widget look and feel according to your needs.
  • Ultimate FAQs Searching – This responsive faq plugin supports AJAX FAQ search with autocomplete to help your visitors find exactly what they want.
  • Multiple Lists Support – This ultimate FAQ plugin lets you build a (WP FAQ) WordPress FAQ knowledge base to support your service or product. You can create multiple lists each containing categories with questions and answers. You can also create unlimited FAQs page with multiple FAQ items on the multiple faq pages.
  • Advanced Shortcodes System – This easy FAQ plugin provides an efficient way to support your users with a Customizable FAQ (frequently asked questions) by showing the content inside any post or page or in the sidebar widget and adjusting the look and feel according to your needs. You can show a single FAQ or dropdown FAQs on a single page. Shortcodes FAQ attributes can also be mixed as shown in the User Guide.
  • FAQ tags – This simple FAQ plugin lets you create FAQ tags to make it easier for FAQs search for the users.
  • FAQ Vote – Users can vote up or down to the FAQ answer.
  • User-Submitted FAQs – Provide your users FAQ support. FAQ User Submission add-on allows anonymous users to submit question to the FAQ knowledge base through the FAQ form. Admin can moderate questions, answer and post them.
  • FAQ Post and Categories – Create a unique post per each frequently asked question and answer and assign it to the relevant category.
  • FAQ Search Block – Search FAQ block allows users to search their topic easily.

WordPress FAQ Plugin Use Case Examples

  • Help Center – A perfect frequently asked questions platform for categorizing product knowledge.
  • Product FAQ – Answer the most common user questions in advance, and make the job easier for your customer support.
  • Knowledge Base – Allow users to submit to your knowledge hub, edit and approve their submissions. Increase engagement, reward users…

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Ultimate FAQ Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

FAQ Questions and Answers – This FAQ builder plugin lets you add Frequently Asked Questions and answers and show FAQ to your WordPress site.
FAQ Categories – Organize FAQs by grouping questions into FAQ categories and subcategories.
FAQ Index – You can change the FAQ styles. Create FAQ Index to allow users to easily search for their desired topic.
FAQ Post – Create a unique post per each frequently asked question and answer.
Multiple FAQ Lists – Support multiple lists of FAQs. Each list has a unique index page with all questions and answers grouped into categories.
Accordion Display – Show only one answer at a time – users will toggle different answers by clicking the questions.
ChatGPT Support – Automatically generate answers to questions with the help of ChatGPT.
Search Widget – Add a floating search widget or word searchable FAQ tab on pre-selected post types and style widget according to your needs and language. Widget supports Ajax search and voting functionality. The search widget will check across all lists defined in the plugin.
Search Bar – Index page includes a search bar showing all relevant questions upon typing a keyword. Search bar shows only questions grouped into a specific list
Category Icon and color – Add an icon to each category and set a background color which will be shown on the index page
Customize labels – Customize the plugin labels and messages according to your requirements and language
Customize Index page – Customize index page look & feel including colors and font size. You can also select which categories will appear on the front page
Voting – Support voting (vote up or down) for each frequently asked question. Search results show most voted questions first for more efficient results
Related Questions Widget – Show all related questions at the bottom of each question post
Reports and Statistics – Generate a report showing how many times each question was viewed and how many times it was voted
Sort Question in Categories – Sorting of questions in a category can be defined in the plugin settings. Options are by publish date, voting and title in ascending or descending order
All Questions Shortcode – Shortcodes to support showing all questions in one or multiple categories
Accordion Shortcode – Create an accordion containing all Questions and Answers in a category using a Shortcodes

FAQ Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Can I place the FAQ index using a shortcode?

Yes. The plugin supports a shortcode to embed the FAQ main index page on any post or page. The shortcode is simple [ cm_faq ] and once used shows all selected categories in the plugin settings

Can I change the color of the search widget?

Yes. You can select the color and also the labels which appear on the FAQ search widget

Can I remove the search widget from specific pages?

Yes. On each page or post, you will find a metabox allowing you to remove the search widget from this specific page or post. In the plugin setting, you can also define which custom post types will not show the widget

How many categories can I have?

There is no limit to the number of categories or questions to place in the plugin database. You can define in the plugin setting which categories to show on the homepage

Is the order of categories fixed or can it be modified?

Categories can be rearranged at any time from the plugin settings in the WordPress dashboard. For instructions on how to do this see this documentation article.

Is this plugin mobile responsible?

Yes, it is. No need to worry about what your mobile FAQs or accordion might look like.

Is the Appearance of FAQ sections dependent on the theme, set by the plugin or can I change it?

The FAQ appearance comes with a standard appearance. This, however, can be modified to suit the needs of your site. This happens in the Appearance section of the Plugin settings on the WordPress dashboard. To learn more about this see the documentation article. documentation article.

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FAQ Additional Add-ons and Modules

The following is a list of additional modules and addons which can be installed together with the FAQ plugin and provide additional functionality

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