Curated List Manager Knowledge base Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Curated List Manager Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Curated List Manager Knowledge base Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds main image

WordPress curated list manager plugin lets users organize links and aggregate content around categories, displaying them as a curated list.

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The Curated List Manager is a great tool for content marketing and for building a WordPress knowledge base and sharing it in an engaging way.

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WordPress List Manager Plugin and Curated Knowledge Base

The CM WordPress List Manager allows you to create a curated knowledge base. Build curated lists of links and information arranged by category.

This WordPress curation plugin is a great content marketing tool allowing users to build all kinds of lists with curated content. Lists can include recommended reading lists, WordPress bullet lists, WordPress widget lists. You can arrange knowledge around clusters of categories and subcategories

Filtering Curated List Content

Each curated list can be shown using a shortcode on any page or post and users can filter the information with a live search filter, by categories or tags.

A sidebar widget can also be used to display a single category with curated links.

This WordPress list plugin is easy to use, easy to customize, and works well with every WordPress theme. This allows for easy and effective content curation.

Filtering Curated Lists by Keywords
Filtering Curated Lists by Keywords

Creating WordPress Knowledge Base

Complete Curated List Knowledgebase
Complete Curated List Knowledgebase
Curated List Plugin is also a great tool for building a professional WordPress knowledge base of all related articles and links to a specific subject area, to improve knowledge sharing.

Creating Assignments and To-Do Lists

It is possible to add a checkbox near each item turning it into an assignment list which users can use to check off what they have completed. The curated list manager will save user posting based on a cookie assigned to each specific user. To-Do list inside the Curated List
To-Do list inside the Curated List

Display Lists With Different Topics On Separate Pages

Shortcode Parameters
Shortcode Parameters
Links can be placed inside categories, and categories can be placed within lists. This way multiple lists can be created and placed on different pages each having several categories and each category having multiple links.

The shortcode for displaying lists has a few parameters.

It allows you to display lists on specific topics each arranged and filtered by categories and tags on separate pages.

Categorize Links With Tags

Mark specific links with tags to improve user’s experience of using your curated lists. Create tags and make their appearance unique with different colors.

Tag 'New' For Recent Links

You can also mark all recently added links with the tag 'New'.

This tag can be automatically assigned to the new link and then unassigned after passing a specific period of time.

'New' Tag Settings
'New' Tag Settings

Auto-checking 404 Links

Example of 404 Link
Example of 404 Link
The plugin allows to automatically check all links if they are working.

If the link is not accessible, it will be marked with a relevant icon.

You can also check and update the status of each link manually.

404 Links Dashboard

The plugin also has a handy dashboard where a full list with all 404 links are displayed.

Here you can easily manage them - edit, open, recheck or update the status.

404 Links Dashboard
404 Links Dashboard

How to Build a Curated List or Professional Knowledge-base

Add New Link Options
Add New Link Options

  1. Start by defining the list name
  2. Define all related categories you are going to use
  3. Start adding links to the categories you have defined
  4. In each link you can add additional text which will appear on hover, text to appear below link and a small image
  5. For selected links you can optionally define if a checkbox will appear beside them
  6. You may add tags and define the related tags for each link
  7. You may add access restrictions per category while specifying user WordPress role
  8. You can use a CSV file to import all links to the plugin while specifying category, URL, Title and Description

How to Display your Curated List

  • Place the list shortcode on any page or post
  • You can display a single category of curated links in a sidebar widget
  • Once the curated list is displayed, users may filter list links by a tag, category or free text filtering
  • A favicon is automatically shown near each link in the list
  • A NEW tag is shown for items which are not older than the defined amount of days set in the plugin settings.

Using the WordPress Curated List Manager Plugin

  • Curated List Tool – Build a curated list of articles and links on your site that is ideal for effective content marketing
  • Curated Content Aggregation with Categories and Subcategories – Build a small knowledge base arranging information by categories and subcategories
  • Reading List – Prepare a reading list available for students
  • Assignment List – Prepare a to-do list with a checkbox to mark what was already done
  • Alternative Links – Insert a phone number or email address instead of a link. The plugin will display relevant icons and buttons to let users know that they can call or send a message by clicking on them.
  • Arrange Blog Posts – Arrange your site blog posts in a curated list together with other external links
  • Arrange Files – Arrange your files in a curated list. Each list item can include text as well the link to download the file itself
  • Easily Edit – Edit every item list and category easily: the front-end has shortcuts so the admin can modify all

WordPress Curated List Plugin Related Use Cases

WordPress Curated List Plugin and WordPress Additional Resources

Curated List Plugin and WordPress KnowledgeBase Basic Features

  • Create a list with any number of categories and subcategories
  • Add as many links to a given category as you need
  • Use a shortcode to display lists on any page or post
  • General content curation with knowledge based themes

Curated List Advanced Features (Pro Version Only)

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin, how it works with knowledge based themes and more

Multiple lists – User can create multiple lists and place them anywhere on a page or a post. An essential part of any knowledge based theme
Tags support – Tags can be placed near the links. The user can filter list items by tags. User can set color for each tag
Simple content aggregation – Easily collect information on a common topic to improve organization
Phone or email instead of a link – Insert a phone number or email address instead of a link. The plugin will display relevant icons and buttons to let users know that they can call or send a message by clicking on them.
Fast filtering support – User can filter links by text, categories or tags
Category background color – User can choose to set a background color for each category
Styling options – User can define several options for the look and feel of the list, including the tooltip color, the category background colors, font size and more to help enhance curation
Last update date – In each list show the last update date
Number of items/links included in list – For each list shows the number of items included in the list to make organization simple
Ordering organization – Order categories within each list and links within each category using drag and drop interface
Link type – Link can have an icon or a checkbox. Once used with a checkbox plugin remember user selection using a tracking cookie. This is good for to-do lists
Subtitle – Each link can have a subtitle text which appears under the link title
Image – Each link can have an image beside the favicon which appears on the right side of the link. Users need to specify for each link the image URL
Mark new links – You can define in the plugin setting to automatically mark links not older than X days with the tag NEW
Easy Admin Editing – The admin can has shortcuts to edit links and categories from the Front-end
User customized personalization – Each user can personalize the display by unchecking the categories they do not want to view in a specific list for more effective content curation
Bookmarklet – You can easily add links to your curated list while adding a bookmarklet to your browser bar. Clicking on it will open a pop-up showing a link to the most important fields
Category widget and shortcode – Supports both a widget to display a category with all links and also a shortcode to be placed on any post or pages showing all links related to category. Support category access restriction by user role
Import and Export – Export all links to a CSV file which contains the category, URL, Title, Description and slug. Easily import it to another site
Order Links in Category – Ability to define how links are ordered by category
Social Sharing – Option to show each list with a social sharing and like buttons near each item in the list
Import Blog Categories and Links – Site blog posts and categories can be imported to the curated list manager

Curated List Manager Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin

Can I share the same category in two lists?

Yes. Each category can be included in more than one list. This allows for more freedom with content curation

Can I order the links on each category?

Yes. Links in each category can be ordered manually or by alphabetic descending or ascending order. There are also other supported ordering methods. This allows for personalized list curation and organization

Can you create an unlimited amount of curated lists?

Yes. You can define any number of list, you can show each by a separate shortcode on a new page or post, for clear and concise content curation

Can I import the links to my list?

Yes plugin supports importing links from a CSV file format making it easier to build large knowledge bases or importing content from an external resource

How many links can be added to a curated category?

There is no limit to the number of links which can be added to a category or to a list. Each list can have any number of categories and each category can have any number of links, giving you more freedom for curation

Can I add phone numbers or email addresses to the list instead of links?

Yes, you can. The plugin will mark phone numbers and email addresses with the relevant icons. Clicking on them will display the buttons that allow users to make a call or send a message. Learn more about it this Help Article

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