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Member Directory Community Submissions Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Member Directory Community AddOn allows non logged-in users to add a new business, claim existing one and manage their listings.
Can only be used with Member Directory Pro

Member Directory Community Add-On Description

The WordPress Member Directory Community AddOn allows users to add a new profile to the WordPress member directory, claim an existing member profile which was listed and manage their listings.

This AddOn is a supplement for the Member Directory Plugin and empowers it by letting the users submit and manage their own profiles within the member directory.

Online Demo – Check ListWP.com Expert and Member Directory

What Happens when an Member Submit a New Profile

Managing New Member Listings

When a user submits a new member listing, the admin will receive a notification.

Admin can moderate the new listing and approve or reject it. Once approved, the user will receive a notification and a password for managing his member page.

With the email and password the member page owner can manager the member listing WITHOUT being logged in to the WordPress site or be defined as a WordPress user. This allows a complete separation between member page owners and WordPress users.

Showing part of the new member submission form
Showing part of the new member submission form

In cases when the member forgets his password, near each member profile page which is assigned to a member, a forgot password link will appear, allowing member to receive a new password to the registered email.

Administrator Tools to Manage Members Profiles

Moderation and Notification

The plugin provides the admin with several ways to manage listings. Admin can moderate all listing submitted by users and approve them before they appear in the directory.

Admin can also assign an email and send a password for an existing member listing to the owner, Allowing him to manage the member page.

Setting screen showing part of the moderation and notification settings
Setting screen showing part of the moderation and notification settings

Modifying the New Member Submission Form

Controlling the Submission Form

Plugin settings includes many options for the admin to manage the member submission form.

Admin can define which fields should appear. Which fields will be mandatory and what is the label which will be shown beside each field.

Setting screen showing part of the member form settings
Setting screen showing part of the member form settings

User Dashboard for the Member Profile

The plugin supports a user dashboard for logged-in users which let them see their existing profile and manage it. Since members are not necessarily defined as WordPress users this dashboard will be usable just in cases where new member profile submission is made by logged in users.

Claiming an Existing Member Profile

Claiming Exisitng Member Page

Admin can turn on the module for claiming existing member page. When set, a small link will appear in all member pages which are currently not assigned to a member page owner.

Users can fill up their email and name and submit a claim request. if approved this member page will be assigned to the user and a password will be sent to him to manage the member page.

Claim existing member page form
Claim existing member page form

Using the Member Directory Community Add-On

  • Submit new Listings – Allow users to submit a new member profile
  • Update Existing Listing – Allow users to edit and update an existing profile
  • Claim Member Pages – Allow users to claim an existing member profile already in the directory

Member Directory Community Prerequisite Plugin

You need to have the Memebr Directory plugin installed before using the community addon

Member and Expert Directory Payments Related Plugins

Member Directory
Build a WordPress member directory to manage members profile. Support members self posting and payments.
Member Directory Payments
Support charging payment for publishing a new member listing or renewing an existing one.

Member Directory Community AddOn Features

  • Shortcode support a form with Captcha for submitting and managing an member profile
  • Admin can define what fields are mandatory in the add new member form
  • Admin can turn On/off member profile claim feature
  • Admin can turn On/off forgot password feature
  • Support external users username and password for managing their member profile
  • Support member notifications
  • Support changing all the labels related to the member form
  • Support moderation of new member postings

Member Directory Community AddOn Features in Details

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

  • Add an member profile form – Using a shortcode admin can place a form where user can post a new member profile and edit existing. The form mandatory fields are controlled from the admin settings.
  • Claim your Member Profile – Each member profile page which is not already assigned to an owner can show claim your member profile form..
  • Password Recovery -Once member profile is claimed, owner can ask to recover password. An email notification will be sent to the owner registered email address.
  • AddOn Settings – AddOn settings includes Moderation settings of who can moderate new member profiles added and notifications settings.
  • Owner Email – Once claimed, member profile owner email appear in the profile edit page from the admin dashboard. Admin can update email and also send password recovery notification.
  • AddOn Labels – All labels related to the member profile details and form are editable. Admin can also define which field is mandatory.
  • Member Directory Community Image Gallery

    Member Directory Online Demo


    This demo shows a form for submitting a new member profile. Once profile is submitted admin is notified. Admin can moderate the new profile before it appears in the directory.

    Suggest a new member profile Example

    Member Directory Community Frequently Asked Questions

    Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

    Can an unlimited amount of experts profiles be created?

    Yes. The plugin does not have a limit to the amount of profiles it can support. if you reach a high number of 10000+ profiles you need to make sure to have a good server supporting your WordPress site a each expert profile is saved as a custom post

    Can the admin choose which expert profiles fields are mandatory?

    Yes, once setting the community form for expert profile submission. You can select which fields are mandatory and which are not. You can also adjust the label for each profile

    Is there a shortcode to add forms to a specific page or post?

    You can add the expert submission form to any page or post using a shortcode. You can also include it in more than one page in your site

    Is the product related to Ask the Expert plugin?

    No. This is only a directory plugin which let you list available experts profiles. It does not support the questions and answer by expert system which the other plugin supports

    Can I customize the expert profile page?

    Yes. The plugin support a method to edit and change the look and feel of the expert page. This require a basic knowledge of PHP and HTML/CSS. Once creating a new profile template you can save it and choose it from the plugin setting to be the default one

    Can non logged in users submit user profiles?

    Yes. Once using the community edition you can allow non logged in user to submit thier profiles to the expert directory. One approved the user will recieve credentials to edit his profile.

    Is the user submitting his profile without logging in becomes a registered user?

    No. Once a user submit his profile and this profile is accepted. The user receives a username and password which let him edit the profile. This credentials however does not let him login to the site and it is only support editing his expert profile

    What are the payment options?

    Once choosing the payment edition of the expert directory you can define the cost involved in submitting a new profile and renewing after a defined period an already submitted profile. the cart system used is Easy Digital Downloads and you can also set a recurring payment for each new submission

    Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



    Version 1.2.8 23rd Jan 2018

    • Added an option to display categories field as checkboxes on the Community form
    • Added an option to display tags field on the Community form
    • Added an option to disable the Social Information section on the Community form

    Version 1.2.7 22nd Dec 2017

    • Updated the licensing package

    Version 1.2.6 18th Nov 2017

    • Added the missing label definition
    • Updated the licensing package

    Version 1.2.5 29th July 2017

    • Fixed the rare bug
    • Fixed the bugs with editing
    • Fixed the User Dashboard edition option
    • Changed the User Dashboard links to open in new tab
    • Improved the Image Upload library

    Version 1.2.4 6th July 2017

    • Fixed the bug with e-mails not being sent for users on registration

    Version 1.2.3 14th June 2017

    • Fixed the fatal error when logging in

    Version 1.2.2 12th June 2017

    • Fixed the bugs with the claims
    • Updated the Licensing Package

    Version 1.2.1 22nd April 2017

    • Fixed the bug with the Cookie

    Version 1.2.0 23rd March 2017

    • Adding image on community form fixed
    • Password Recovery feature improved
    • Changed the old Captcha v1 to brand new invisibleCaptcha
    • Added the filter allowing to display custom fields in the form
    • Fixed the bug with the [business] shortcode missing in the admin e-mail notification
    • Fixed some bugs

    Version 1.1.8 12th January 2017

    • Fix a security issue.

    Version 1.1.7 5th Dec 2016

    • Add the function stripslashes() for text that appear with unwanted slashes
    • Fix a bug that cause a black dot to appear in the ‘Add product’ page for roles who cannot see the form

    Version 1.1.4 16th Aug 2016

    • Updated licensing dashboard

    Version 1.1.3 from 11th June 2016

    • Fixed the bug with ReCaptcha not working properly on https based sites (mixed content)
    • Version 1.1.1, 14th June 2016

      • Fixed bug with plugin deactivation

      Version 1.1.0, 11th June 2016

      • Security Fixes

      Plugin First Release 9th June 2016