Editor Moderation Tools Plugin for WordPress

Editor Moderation Tools Plugin for WordPress

AI based Editor Moderation Tools plugin helps content editors moderate and improve articles while receiving notification when new posted content is waiting for review.

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Editors can also add comments for article authors to review and mark as complete.

All content waiting for moderation is viewable using a consolidated dashboard.

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WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.4.X
June 26, 2023
5.7 - 8.2.X

WordPress Editor Moderation Tools Plugin Description

The WordPress Moderator Plugin is a time-saving tool for content editors and moderators. The improved review process streamlines guest posting for post submissions and blog contributions.

This is a must have Plugin for any contribution driven or multi-author WordPress website.

The Editor Review Tools Plugin helps editors improve the content review and moderation process by receiving and sending notifications whenever an author will post content and is waiting for review.

The plugin has a ChatGPT support which can significantly simplify the content editing process.

Article Review Notes

The editor can leave comments on a sliding bar available only for the contributors to view. Once they work on the changes, the contributors can send the admin a notification to review their remarks. Review Bar - Moderator View
Review Bar - Moderator View

Author View

Review Bar - Author View
Review Bar - Author View
The author will receive a notification when the editor has left remarks for them to review and can mark each remark as done or leave a reply within the remarks sliding bar

ChatGPT Integration

The ChatGPT editor tool empowers editors to enhance content in various ways. With its customizable features, editors can edit, improve, translate, and perform many other functions to make the content more effective.

Email Notifications

Both, moderator and content author can receive an email notification each time there're some changes in articles notes. This way you can organize the moderation process without any hassle. Example of Email Notification to Author
Example of Email Notification to Author

Assigning Moderators

Assigning Moderators
Assigning Moderators
Easily assign moderators choosing from the existing users on your site. Keep in mind that these users should have user capabilities for editing other user's posts.

Using the WordPress Editor Moderation Tools Plugin

  • Improved content moderation process – Add timely notifications for both the article’s author and the editor
  • Leave remarks for the author to review and mark as complete – Add timely notifications for both contributors the editors
  • Consolidate Dashboard – Consolidate all posts which need review within one dashboard regardless of their post type

Editor Moderation Use Case Examples

  • News Sites – Improve the moderation of submitted posts from multiple author through a unified dashboard. Speed up the review and feedback process, so that you can get more content published.
  • Aggregated News Portal – Ideal for a user submitted news portal, where you have a high amount of submissions and need to evaluate them and publish fast.
  • Multi Author Site – Whatever the products are you are selling, or services, having multiple authors for content writing can take a large amount of time on the feedback process. Cut it in half or more with our Editor Moderation Tools Plugin.

WordPress Editor Moderation Tools Plugin Related Use Cases

WordPress Editor Moderation Tools Plugin Additional Resources

WordPress Editor Moderation Tools Plugin Premium Features

Notifications – Robust notification system that informs both the moderator and author of the status of the article and of any comments left by the editor or moderator awaiting completion
Remarks Bar – Editor/Moderator can leave remarks on a sliding bar appearing beside the article, for the author to see and improve. Authors can mark remarks ready for review or leave a response. All actions made by the author or the editor are documented for each note with the dates and the name of the user
Improved Guest Posting – Guest posting is streamlined for both contributors and editors making the editorial review process faster and more painless
Moderator Setting – Admins can define which user is a moderator and who should receive and view the remarks bar and notifications in the plugin moderator settings
Consolidated Dashboard – Plugin includes a dashboard aggregating all posts including custom posts which are waiting for moderation (Pending Review) or in draft mode. Admins can include in the plugin settings, which post types are included in the consolidated view
Multiple Author Management – New post submissions, blog contributions or revisions can be viewed one by one through a link in the notification email, or all pending contributions can be listed through the consolidated dashboard, simplifying multi-author post management
ChatGPT Support – Utilize the ChatGPT editor tool to enhance your content with AI technology

Editor Moderation Tools Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Can the plugin send emails automatically when posts have been submitted for moderation?

Yes! There is a notification feature built into the Plugin that will inform the admins of new posts that are pending review. The email can also include a link to bring the Moderator straight to the post to begin reviewing.

Can notification emails that are sent be customized?

Yes, the notification emails that are sent are fully customizable. They can be made with HTML or a visual editor and can contain shortcodes to make their content dynamic.

To learn more about customizing the notification emails, check out this Help article.

Does the Admin have to log into the WordPress dashboard to review posted comments?

Yes, the Admin or Moderator will have to be logged in to be able to view the draft post and comments posted. Posts are not displayed on the front end of the site by default on WordPress until their status is changed to Published.

Are Administrators the only Users that can act as Moderators with this Plugin?

No, the Administrator can delegate other user Roles on the site to be Moderators as well. Keep in mind that some user roles have more limited capacities for Publishing posts and may be restricted to leaving remarks for the author to use to make changes, but may not be able to publish.

Is there any way to separate posts awaiting review from regular posts easily?

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