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WP RSS Post Importer Plugin by CreativeMinds

The CM RSS Post Importer is the most advanced WP RSS feed to post tool for importing RSS feeds and displaying external posts from RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site.

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Import posts from multiple RSS feed sources and display RSS full text or excerpt as custom posts, while using keywords to filter content, assign imported content to categories or authors and more with this easy to use plugin.

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WP RSS Post Importer and RSS Content Syndication

The WordPress RSS Importer Plugin by CreativeMinds is the best WordPress RSS import solution to display RSS full post text on your WP blog or site. The RSS Post Importer Pro is an RSS feed solution that goes beyond simply aggregating RSS feeds by allowing you to create full feed to post content.

The full text CM WP RSS Post Importer plugin is a powerful plugin and the most user friendly WP RSS feed aggregator on the market. It allows users to import and aggregate RSS feeds from multiple feed sources while using keywords to filter content upon import.

Full Text WordPress RSS Content Import

The WordPress RSS Importer plugin is a capable tool for importing RSS feeds. It is capable of syndicating, curating, merging and displaying RSS feeds and Atom feeds in full to your WordPress blog. It supports displaying full article content for each feed item as new stand-alone posts.

With our WordPress RSS full text feed solution you can schedule each RSS feed import frequency, limit the number of imported posts from each feed source, define keywords to filter content by, and define the RSS display structure of the imported RSS content on your site.

WP RSS Import Conditions
WP RSS Import Conditions

Selecting Posted Content Structure

The RSS Post Importer plugin will import RSS feed source content and publish full text RSS posts from one or several RSS feed sources to your WordPress blog or other custom post type that you have defined.

Select which category to post articles under, post authors to use, and automatically assign tags to each post based on keyword matches.

RSS Import Conditions
RSS Import Conditions

Our WP RSS feed import plugin is a great content marketing tool that allows site owners to syndicate content from their favorite RSS feed lists, recommend curated feeds, and gather a knowledge base on specific topics.

RSS Importer Use Cases

  • Niche Business – Aggregate content from sources meaningful to your niche, categorize it, and showcase to your users.
  • Trending Directory – Organize the latest news from your desired industry and import it on your website.
  • News Site – Import content from relevant sources to provide the best stories for your readers.

Using the WP RSS Post Importer Plugin

  • Full Text RSS Post Importer – Import feeds from external sites and publish full text feed articles on your site
  • Syndicate Full Content ArticlesDisplay full feed source content for imported articles
  • Control the Amount of Content – Define which parts of the imported RSS content will display
  • Customize Content Structure – Customize a simple template for formatting imported content
  • Keyword FiltersImport post content based on matching keywords or block post content from importing RSS feeds should they match blacklisted keywords

Simple Steps to Import Full Text RSS Feeds

  1. Start by entering the RSS feed URL of the source.
  2. Choose the RSS feed import processing interval.
  3. Define to which post type you would like to display syndicated feeds.
  4. Set the author name, published date, category and post status of the new imported post.
  5. Build a content template to define how the imported content will be shown. You can include HTML tags as well as a use shortcode to determine which sections of the imported content to include.

WordPress WP RSS Post Importer Plugin Resources

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WordPress RSS Post Importer Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin

Import from Multiple Feed SourcesImport from Multiple Feed Sources – Define one or more import feed sources to import to your WordPress site with this RSS Feed Plugin.
Full Text WordPress RSS ImportFull Text WordPress RSS Import – Full text RSS import means the entire text from an RSS feed source is imported, including images (optional), not just an excerpt.
RSS Feed Import TimeframeRSS Feed Import Timeframe – Define when and how often to import posts.
Post Importer FiltersPost Importer Filters – Filter imported content by using positive and negative keywords.
Limit Post ImportsLimit Post Imports – Limit the total number of imported posts for each feed source.
Post TypePost Type – Define the post type to use for displaying RSS content on your site.
Author NameAuthor Name – Define the author name to use when posting imported content for each feed.
Content Publish DateContent Publish Date – Fetch content and define which publish date to use for imported content.
Imported Content CategoryImported Content Category – Define which category to use for imported content.
Imported Content TagsImported Content Tags – Define which tags to automatically assign to posts based on post content.
Post Importer StatusPost Importer Status – Define new imported content post status.
Feed to Post TemplateFeed to Post Template – Build new post structure using an easy to use templating system. Include HTML and shortcodes inside the template.
ShortcodesShortcodes – TEXT
Post Importer LogPost Importer Log – This feed to post RSS solution allows you to follow all imported content and rejected posts using imported feed log.
Featured ImageFeatured Image – This plugin also works as RSS image feed plugin. It allows you to import featured images and set them as such in new posts.
Re-Import FeedRe-Import Feed – Import the same feed after changing import settings or the post template.
SEO SupportSEO Support – Supports SEO settings such as no-follow and Yoast post metadata.

RSS Feed Importer Plugin for WordPress – Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the user guide to learn more about this plugin

How do I display imported feed items?

Once you define the feed source you are able to define to which post type or custom post type you want to use to display the imported content. You can also control the title, author name, and the length of the content taken from the original imported post. The featured image is also imported.

Some RSS feeds only give a short excerpt. Is there a way to change that?

You can control the length of the content published on your post by combining content coming from the imported post content or by adding your own text. The imported post content is parsed into fragments which you can later use while building the template used for the post which will be shown on your site. That also includes the ability to include additional content in the excerpt field. But if the original RSS feed coming from the source is not exposing all the content in the RSS feed there is not a way to get is as we are scraping the content but reading the RSS feed.

Is the number of feed sources I can use unlimited?

Yes. You can use as many feed sources as you like. For each feed source you can define keyword filters as well as a unique content template so syndicated posts will match the original post structure.

Can I store imported feed items as posts?

Yes. The whole idea of the plugin is to support importing full text posts (if it is available in the RSS feed source), including featured image and post excerpt and title onto your own site. You can structure the template of the imported content to be displayed the way you prefer on your site.

Can you change where the RSS newsfeed posts appear on the site?

Yes. You can choose the post type by specifying custom posts, the category under which the post will be shown, add tags etc.

If the RSS feed is protected by password, can you read it?

No. This is not supported.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



WP RSS Post Importer Image Gallery

Back-end Gallery

WP RSS Post Importer Release Notes

Version 1.4.2 28th May 2019

  • Added option to avoid caching on the feed’s server
  • Added option to prevent problems with FeedBurner feeds

Version 1.4.1 23rd Apr 2019

  • Improved the search for image and description tags
  • Updated Licensing package

Version 1.4.0 23rd Jan 2019

  • Added shortcode which returns the URL of the enclosure
  • Fixed small bug in the FeedController
  • Updated the licensing package

Version 1.3.18 30th Aug 2018

  • Updated the Licensing Package
  • Fixed the PHP 7.0 compatibility
  • Version 1.3.17 10th May 2018

    • Bug: Improved the post duplicated on import detection

    Version 1.3.16 7th Apr 2018

    • Bug: Fixed the bug with the posts being duplicated on import
    • Bug/Change: Added the option to decode the HTML entities from the feed content
    • Bug: Fixed the bug with the img sources

    Version 1.3.15 25th Mar 2018

    • Option: Added the option to restart the processing CRON (from the options)

    Version 1.3.14 13th Mar 2018

    • Option: Added the option to process the items manually (from the options)
    • Bug: Solved a few small bugs

    Version 1.3.13 4th Mar 2018

    • Bug/Change: Fixed the problems with linking the title to the original url
    • Change: Links to the original url will open in the new tab
    • Change: Added the option to manually process the items

    Version 1.3.12 19th Jan 2017

    • Fixed the small bug appearing on many pages

    Version 1.3.10 18th Nov 2017

    • Fixed the typo
    • Added the option to restart the processing CRON
    • Added the option to link the title/image/content to the original url
    • Added the support for getting the images from the

      XML field

    • Added the support for keyword filtering for additional fields, using filter cmra_keyword_match_fields
    • Updated the licensing package

    Version 1.3.9 22nd Oct 2018

    • Bug fixing

    Version 1.3.8 29th sep 2017

    • Added option to disable security filters on post importing (e.g to import embedded JavaScript resources)
    • Version 1.3.7 21st sep 2017

      • Improved handling large RSS feed sources
      • Added pause fetching feature for RSS feed
      • Added pause fetching and re-import actions directly on feed edit page

      Version 1.3.6 12th Sep 2017

      • Added information about matched keyword in processing log
      • Improved keywords searching

      Version 1.3.5 9th Sep 2017

      • Tag definitions bug fix
      • Extended user agent configuration (option to overwrite user agent directly in the feed)

      Version 1.3.3 24th Aug 2017

      • Added plugin option to force the keywords exact match (capital letters are taken into account during searching for keywords)

      Version 1.3.2 18th Aug 2017

      • Added plugin option to change the user agent of fetching RSS feeds queries
      • Added feed option to avoid entries with exact same title

      Version 1.3.1 29th June 2017

      • Improved final posts actions and added final post status info in fetch history
      • Featured images option now works with resources with relative paths

      Version 1.3.0 23rd June 2017

      • Improved fetch history, new ordering and filtering options and final posts actions

      Version 1.2.1 25th May 2017

      • Updated licensing dashboard

      Version 1.2.0 from 23rd May 2017
      • Plugin diagnostics with manual RSS feeds fetching
      • New licensing API

      Version 1.1.1 from 13th April 2017
      • Fixed php notice

      Version 1.1.0 from 7th April 2017
      • Added option to use categories from feed item

      Version 1.0.2 from 24th March 2017
      • Added default featured image in post template
      • Featured image and image shortcode take into account media:thumbnail

      Version 1.0.1 from 15th March 2017
      • Added image shortcode and Yoast SEO meta description customization

      Plugin First Release 5th Mar 2016