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Invitation Code Content Access Plugin for WordPress

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WordPress Invitation Code Content Access WordPress Plugin

Create and manage temporary codes that grant users access to specific pages or files!

The Invitation Code Content Access plugin allows you to restrict access to certain pages or files. You have many methods to create invitation codes, which users have to input to be granted access.

Restrict Pages and Files

First, you can choose if the restrictions will apply to all users or only to guests. Once you create a code, the associated page or file is locked automatically.

Visitors have to input the invitation code to access the content.

Access code prompt
Access code prompt

Multiple Invitation Codes

Each invitation code has optional use limit and expiration dates.

Codes have an URL path associated with them. That can include a single page ( or a whole path with subdirectories (*).

Create as many as necessary and turn your website into an exclusive content hub.

Sample spreadsheet with invitation codes
Sample spreadsheet with invitation codes

The admin can create codes in one of three ways.

  • Single Code – Best when sending the same code for a large amount of users
  • Multiple Codes – Bulk creation is ideal for tracking different uses
  • From CSV File – Lock different pages/files and create multiple codes with individual expiration dates and use limits

Content Access Invitations Use Case Examples

  • Exclusive Landing Page – Organize a contest “Gotta go fast” and only the first 100 users that use the code get access.
  • Prize Draw – Send limited use codes to a select number of users that won a challenge
  • eBook Promotion – Host a giveaway of your newest eBook and allow only selected users to get the Invitation Code
  • Last Minute Deal – Lock your sale landing page and give away unlimited codes that will expire in 24 hours

Content Access Invitations Additional Resources

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WordPress Invitation Code Content Access Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Block access feature iconLock Content – Restrict the access of certain pages to users who have invitation codes
Feature icon for redirectionChoose Pages – Select a single page or a whole URL directory to be locked by each code
Choose File – Restrict a downloadable file, such as an image, video or ZIP package
access form feature iconAccess Form – Add the access form, where users type the code, anywhere on your site
Add code feature iconFlexible Code Creation – Generate codes individually or in bulk
Rich codes feature iconRich Codes – Set name, use limit, expiration date and internal notes for each code
Export feature iconImport and Export – Upload and download CSV files containing all code information
Search access log feature iconAccess Log – Track each usage of your codes, including date and user account
Translation labels feature iconEasy to Translate – All relevant text can be adjusted via straightforward labels settings

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WordPress Invitation Code Content Access Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Why do I need this plugin?

Restricting access to parts of your content is the basis of every content strategy. The Invitation Code Content Access plugin lets you lock part of your content only to users who have the proper codes.

The plugin handles all the creation, so that you can focus on interaction with your user base.

What is the difference between this plugin and 'Registration and Invitation Codes'?

The User Registration and Invitation Codes plugin takes over WordPress’ registration and login. It allows you to create invitation codes so that users register to your site with a new account.

This plugin, Invitation Code Content Access, has a different purpose. It locks specific pages with a code, that both registered users and guest visitors can use.

How do I create codes? Do I have to do it individually?

You can create codes individually, in bulk or by importing information from a CSV file. In all cases you can configure their specifications.

(learn more)

Do codes have an expiration date?

You can define one if you wish, or leave them active forever.

Can I define the number of times a code can be used?

Yes. You can set it to infinite or to any specific number.

Can I translate this plugin?

Yes, you can easily translate the Front-End, or the interface users see. This is done through the Settings – Labels (learn more).

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Invitation Code Content Access Data – Blocked Content

Invitation Code Content Access Data – Sample CSV File

Invitation Code Content Access Data – Generating Codes

Invitation Code Content Access Data Settings

Invitation Code Content Access Data Features

Content Access Invitation Codes Release Notes

Version 1.0.3 from 19th June 2019

  • File upload and sharing support

Version 1.0.2 from 24th May 2019

  • Added “Access denied page URL” page on installation
  • Fix bug in URL access

Version 1.0.1 from 22nd May 2019

  • Added notifications feature
  • Added GDPR feature
  • Added option to export all log file

Version 1.0.0 13th Jan 2019

  • First Release