CM Routes Manager Anonymous Posting for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Routes Manager Anonymous Posting for WordPress

Allow anonymous route uploads to the CM Routes Manager plugin without user login. Admins can moderate routes before publication.

Requires CM Routes Manager Pro.

WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.5.X
September 22, 2021
5.7 - 8.2.X

Routes Manager Anonymous Posting AddOn Description

The CM Routes Anonymous Posting AddOn for WordPress supports anonymous uploads of trails and routes to the routes manager plugin.

Safe Guest Posting

The add-on allows admins to open their WordPress website to guest collaboration without losing control.

Allow non-registered users to safely suggest routes, applying moderating and reCAPTCHA protection.

Administrators can moderate each route and approve or trash it.

Submission protected with reCAPTCHA
Submission protected with reCAPTCHA

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Routes Manager Anonymous Posting Prerequisite Plugin

You need to have the CM Routes Manager pro plugin installed before using this addon.

Routes Manager Anonymous Posting Features

Submission Settings – Define if non logged-in users can also submit a route
Moderation – Moderate every new route posting before it appears on the website
Notification – Set an email template for the notification sent to user once his route has been moderated and accepted
reCAPTCHA Support – Enable reCAPTCHA support to avoid spam posting
Terms of Service – Add terms for the user to approve before submitting his route
Labels – Adjust the labels appearing when submission form appears

Routes Manager Anonymous Posting Gallery

Routes Manager Anonymous Posting Frequently Asked Questions

Are site visitors required to leave any details like email, name etc to be able to post routes with this add-on?

No. Site users don’t need to leave any information they can post completely anonymously. If you are concerned about malicious visitors posting rubbish content you can enable reCaptcha and moderation.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

How can I make sure that spammers don't post irrelevant or inappropriate content?

The Captcha is a good way to prevent bots from posting, and then enabling moderation will work as a filter for inappropriate content being uploaded by people with dubious intent.

To learn more about the reCaptcha feature see this Help article. Or to learn about the moderation feature Click here

Are anonymous users able to upload files to the site via the Route Maps form?

That’s up to you. You can choose to enable or disable the ability of anonymous users to upload image or video files to the site depending on your preference.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

I want to ensure that routes created on the site become property of the site. Can I add some disclaimer or legalese for this through the add-on?

We have built in a Terms of Service feature that can be enabled or disabled as you need.

It allows you to add some information that the site visitor must agree to by checking a box before they are able to complete the route submission.

You can modify the Terms of Service that is displayed here.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

How is the site Admin notified that there are routes pending approval from anonymous users?

The admin receives an email notification. They can also filter routes in the routes section of the plugin settings to view only pending routes before choosing which to enable.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Is there any way to turn off moderation of new routes?

Yes. Some users would prefer to allow routes to be posted to the site without approval being required. This can help increase the rate at with the site grows. Enabling or disabling moderation is very simple

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

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