Booking Calendar iCal Sync Add-on for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Booking Calendar iCal Sync Addon for WordPress

Export the booking calendar through an iCal feed, compatible with various calendar software like Google Calendar
WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.5.X
February 20, 2024
5.7 - 8.2.X

Booking Calendar iCal Sync Addon Description

The Booking Calendar iCal Sync Addon for WordPress supports exporting the booking calendar using an iCal feed. You can read this feed using Google calendar and other iCal calendars.

Multiple Software Supported

You can add the calendar (read-only) to Google Calendar, Mac/iOS Calendar, most native Windows calendar software, and much more. Even multiple programs at the same time!

Enable or disable the integration for each calendar, ensuring the most agendas will be shared with external software.

Google Calendar showing calendar managed by the plugin
Google Calendar showing calendar managed by the plugin

Booking Calendar iCal Sync Addon Related Use Cases

Booking Calendar iCal Sync Addon Prerequisite Plugin

Can only be used with CM Booking Calendar Pro installed before using this addon

Booking Calendar iCal Sync Addon Related Add Ons

Booking Calendar iCal Sync Addon Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

One-way Sync – Your can access (but not create or modify) events from your calendars by using external software
Multiple Integrations – Connect your calendars to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and much more
Individual Setting – Choose which calendars should be exported, and to which software
Selective Invalidation – At any time, invalidate the feed to remove access permissions from external calendar platforms

Booking Calendar iCal Sync Gallery

Booking Calendar iCal Sync Frequently Asked Questions

Does this plugin only associate my calendar with Apple products?

No, not only. iCalendar is a way of integrating and sharing your calendar on external apps and calendars by converting it to a specific format. It’s unrelated to Apple, although Apple products do typically accept iCal calendars. The iCalendar add-on allows you to integrate your bookings calendar with other services or applications using this iCalendar file format.

To learn more about iCalendar see their website.

Are iCalendar feeds automatically created for all my calendars after installing this add-on?

No they’re not. After the add-on is installed and enabled you choose which calendars are to have an iCalendar feed.

To learn more about this see this Help article.

If I later disable the iCalendar feed. Does the iCalendar file get deleted or does it just stop being updated?

It becomes inaccessible through the feed link, it can be re-enabled later.

I would like to share my calendar with people through a public Google Calendar. Can I sync up with Google Calendar?

You can sync with Google Calendar. We’ve provided instructions on how to achieve this within the iCalendar Feed settings.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can I possibly keep the feed open while removing previous apps or people from having access to it?

You can, this works through the Invalidate Feed feature that has been included.

The difference between invalidating the feed and disabling the feed is that invalidating it keeps the feed open but gives it a new link so you can give new people or apps access to it while removing any that accessed it through the old feed link.

In both cases any events that were added to the calendar will remain in the target calendar that were imported through the feed before it was disabled or invalidated.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can apps or calendars that are importing my calendar through the feed modify my Booking Calendar?

They cannot. The feed link is ReadOnly. Meaning they can import from your Booking calendar but can’t update it externally.

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