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Configure your mail gateway so you can easily send emails from your WordPress website using your preferred SMTP server.
Support logging sent emails, external SMTP integration, multiple gateways configuration and more.

WordPress Mail SMTP Plugin

The WordPress Mail SMTP plugin is the best solution to handle all your outgoing emails which are sent from your WordPress site via an MAIL SMTP gateway with SMTP authentication.

Controling Your SMTP Gateway

The user friendly email tools WP Mail SMTP plugin supports WordPress SMTP integration and external SMTP Mailer integration. You can also log all outgoing emails send from your WordPress and switch between several available SMTP gateway.
Email Tools Main Settings Screen
Email Tools Main Settings Screen

The email gateway plugin supports sending emails from your WordPress site via a preferred SMTP server. You can define several SMTP gateways profiles and choose the active one.

What is SMTP and Why my WordPress Site Needs It

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a communication protocol to transfer emails over the Internet. Sending emails from your WordPress site can be sometime problematic as you might be banned or blocked by mail gateways.

You also need to count on the server your WordPress site is installed on and be sure it is configured properly to handle outgoing emails.

Setting up a SMTP Gateway

Once installing the Email Tools WP Mail SMTP Mailer plugin, you are communicating directly with a defined authorized SMTP gateway and bypassing your server while solving potentials issues which might get your sent mail to be blocked, marked as spam or never be sent.

You should configure your SMTP host, SMTP port, choose SSL / TLS encryption, define your SMTP username and password, SMTP authentication, define mail header and mail priority.

SMTP Plugin also include SMTP testing tool to check that you defined SMTP server is performing as expected.

Setting Screen for a SMTP Gateway
Setting Screen for a SMTP Gateway

Using the WordPress SMTP Plugin

  • Preferred SMTP Method Selection – Define your preferred SMTP gateway for sending emails from your WordPress site
  • Multiple MAIL SMTP Profiles – Create several SMTP gateways profiles
  • Audit and Logging – Log outgoing emails to track potential issues or audit
  • Customize Mail Headers – Configure your outgoing email structure, mail headers and priority
  • Secure your Sent Emails – Avoid lost emails, emails marked as spam and more issues with sent emails not being delivered

WordPress Mail SMTP Plugin Additional Resources

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WordPress Email Tools and Mail SMTP Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

  • Use SMTP account to send emails – Specify an SMTP account profile to use from a list of available profiles.
  • Encryption – Choose SSL/TLS encryption for each defined SMTP profile.
  • Authentication – Choose to use SMTP authentication or not for each defined SMTP profile.
  • Username and Password Settings – Specify an SMTP username and password for each defined SMTP profile.
  • Sender name and reply-to – Specify the sender name and reply-to email address for outgoing email.
  • Multisite – Support Multisite environment
  • Multiple SMTP Profiles – Support SMTP server profile.
  • Log Outgoing Emails – The most advanced tool to log the outgoing emails and the SMTP client-server messages.
  • Password Encryption – Support for password encryption for each defined SMTP profile.
  • Control Mail Headers – Option to remove some mail headers
  • Hide Passwords – SMTP password is always hidden for each defined SMTP profile
  • Amazon SES – Support for Amazon SES
  • Return Email Address – Support for return path email address
  • Priority Settings – Options to set SMTP priority
  • Diagnostic tools – Test the communication between WordPress and the SMTP server.

WordPress Email Tools and Mail SMTP Image Gallery

WordPress Mail SMTP Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

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Plugin version 1.0.5 Release 15th June 2017

  • Update license package

Plugin version 1.0.4 Release 30th Dec 2016

  • Added options to change the sender name and e-mail

Plugin version 1.0.3 Release 6th Oct 2016

  • Fixed displaying email preview in logs.

Plugin version 1.0.2 Release 27th July 2016

  • Updated licensing support.

Plugin First Release 23rd May 2016