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Email Registration Blacklist Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Email Registration Blacklist | Domain Blacklist and Whitelist Plugin

Email Registration Blacklist Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds main image

The WordPress email registration blacklist plugin allows you to block users who try to register on your WordPress site using an email from a domain or email defined in your blacklists or approve only users from a whitelist.

Avoid spam, virus, malware, disposable emails and unwanted users!

Email and Domain Blacklist Plugin Description

The WordPress Email Registration and Domain Blacklist plugin prevents users on banned domains and banned emails from registering on your WordPress site.

This great Anti-spam WordPress tool reduces the noise and restricts posting to users from approved emails and domains. Apply automatic domains lists that are always up-to-date or block them manually.

Protect yourself from spam, malware, virus, disposable emails and unwanted users.

Restrict Site Registrations

Our domain blacklist plugin makes sure that only authorized users from approved domains or certified emails can register and use your WordPress site.

It's easy to avoid unwanted spammers, viruses and malware with one click blacklisting

The email and domain blacklist plugin can also work in whitelist mode, which means that only approved domains or lists of emails can register to the site.

Login Screen Showing Error Message Coming from the Plugin
Login Screen Showing Error Message Coming from the Plugin

Logging Failed Registration Attempts

Error Log Report Showing All Blocked Registrations
Error Log Report Showing All Blocked Registrations
This blacklist plugin will automatically check when a user is trying to register to your WordPress site against your backlist function, or defined records of blacklisted or whitelisted domains.

Multiple Domain Filtering Options

The email domain blacklist plugin uses several online methods as well as local plugin lists to detect whether a domain is blacklisted in real time. This means that hackers and spammers will find it hard to register and harm your website!

This is achieved using the following banned domains detector online services:

  1. SpamAssassin - Using a list of free email domains downloaded from SpamAssassin
  2. DNSBL - Using the DNSBL online service
  3. WhiteLists and Blacklists - All this service can be used together with your own blacklists and whitelists domains lists or with your own banned emails list.

Free Domains List
Free Domains List

Domain Blacklist

Domain Blacklist
Domain Blacklist
Add domains to the blacklist to avoid user registrations from unwanted domains.

Any email from These specified domains or email lists will be blocked.

Email Blacklist

Add specific emails to the blacklist to block certain users.

These emails will be not allowed to register even if their domain is added to the domain whitelist.

Email Blacklist
Email Blacklist

Gmail Variations Support

Example of Blocking Gmail Variations
Example of Blocking Gmail Variations
Google allows its users to modify the email address by including dots or plus inside the address.

This applies to @gmail.com and @googlemail.com accounts.

Our plugin supports blocking these email variations by adding to the blacklist just a 'clean' version of the email.

Domain Whitelist

Add domains to the whitelist to allow emails with certain domains to register on your site.

It can be useful if you enable DNSBL Domain and Free Domain lists.

You can also allow user registration ONLY with whitelisted email domains.

Domain Whitelist
Domain Whitelist

Email Whitelist

Add specific emails to the whitelist to allow them to register on your site.

Email Whitelist
Email Whitelist
These emails can be registered on your site even if the domain they belong to are added to the domain blacklist. You can also allow user registrations ONLY with whitelisted email addresses.

Restrict Leaving Comments

Restrict the ability to leave comments for guest users to the list of whitelisted domains.

Define the list of allowed domains to filter comments from non-registered users on your website.

Comments Allowed Domains
Comments Allowed Domains

Avoiding Spam With The Blacklist Plugin

  • Protect Your WordPress Site – Prevent spammers from registering to your site
  • Block Spammers – A Great Anti-Spam WordPress plugin that blocks users from suspicious domains
  • Blacklist and Whitelist Domains and Emails – Approve registration of specific users from predefined approved emails or domains
  • Registration Log Support – Log all failed registration attempts

Email Blacklist Plugin Use Cases

  • Mailing List – Capture hundreds of valid emails for your marketing lists
  • Lead Capture – Filter suspicious emails and assure only real users register to your service

Email Blacklist Plugin Related Use Case

Email Blacklist Additional Resources

Blacklist Plugin-Related Blog Resources

Email Blacklist Basic Features

  • Free Domain List from SpamAssassin which can be used to filter blacklisted domains
  • Create a whitelist of accepted domains
  • Customize Labels

Email Blacklist Premium Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Whitelisting and Blacklisting

SpamAssassin Domains List – The plugin includes the free and constantly updated SpamAssassin list of suspicious domains to add to your blacklist domains list – View screenshot: Email Registration Blacklist Free Domains List
Domain Whitelist – Restrict registration only to domains which appear on your whitelist
Email Whitelist – Restrict the registration to a defined list of emails which you upload. A user using another email will not be able to register View screenshot: Email Registration Blacklist User Whitelist
Domain Blacklist – Block certain domains entirely and prevent them from registering. View screenshot: Email Registration Blacklist User Blacklist
Email Blacklist – Specify email addresses that are not allowed to register
Special Gmail Support – Recognizes email addresses that use the “+” and “.” symbols in both @gmail.com and @googlemail.com domains
Comprehensive Settings – Control what tools are used to filter domains registration. View screenshot: Email Registration Blacklist Settings
Comments Allowed Domains – Filter guests’ comments using the list of allowed by you domains


DNSBL Service – DNSBL (Domain Name System Blacklists) provides a single place where you can check that blacklist status on more than 100 DNS based blacklists. The plugin connects to the server once a user tries to register to check if their domain is defined as a spam domain
Import Lists – Import any number of emails to be blacklisted or whitelisted instantly by using a CSV file
Domain Testing – Check if a domain is blacklisted based on any of the rules you have defined. The testing imitates a user trying to register on your site – View screenshot: Email Registration Blacklist Plugin Domain Tester
Failed Registration Log – See a list with all failed registration attempts and the reason why the domain / email was banned – View screenshot: Email Registration Blacklist Plugin Failed Registration Log
Custom Denied Message – Customize the messages shown to users once their domain / email has been banned – View screenshot: Email Registration Blacklist Plugin Labels

Email Blacklist Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Can I blacklist multiple domains?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of domains that you can add to the blacklist.

Add as few or as many domains to the blacklist as you require.

Can I retract a blacklisted domain?

Yes. Once added to the blacklist, domains are editable at any point in time and can be removed from the list at any point in the future.

Do the blacklisted users receive notification of failed registration?

Yes. The message the users receive is editable and appears in the plugin setting. The admin can define what the message should say.

Can I use the plugin to find out if a domain is blacklisted?

Yes. Simply go to the “Domain Tester” tab, enter the domain name into the search bar and click the “check” button. The plugin will tell you whether the domain is blacklisted, white-listed, listed in the free domains list or not listed at all.

Can I whitelist a domain that has been defined as invalid?

Yes. The list of invalid domains from SpamAssassin includes some free domains which you may still want to enable registration for, such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Simply add them to your whitelist or disable the blocking of free email domains.

However, before you do that, make sure that particular domain is indeed safe.

Can I restrict by specific emails and not just domains?

Yes. The plugin also supports using the same methods also blacklisting or whitelisting email addresses.

To learn more about Blacklisting email addresses click here or for whitelisting email addresses click here.

Can I filter comments from guest users?

Yes, you can define the whitelist of domains that are allowed to leave comments on your website as guest users. Click here to learn more.

Will this plugin work with the CM Registration plugin?

Yes. It is designed to work together with the CM User Registration and Invitation Codes WordPress Plugin.

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Customer Reviews for Email Blacklist

Nathaniel Parker, WeatherTogether.org

The Most Robust Solution
CM’s Email Blacklist was the most robust solution out of all of them in the market, so that’s the one I chose. It’s a ‘world of difference’ fewer spammers than we had before installing the plugin.

@rik0399 at WordPress.org

Killed All Spammers
This plugin works as expected; killed all spammers and false/disposable email addresses which is what I needed for years! No more spammers – wonderful!.

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