10 Must-Have WordPress Security Plugins

Courtney Jones

Like with any website security is a concern for WordPress users, but these WordPress security plugins will ease your fears.

10 Must-Have WordPress Security Plugins

Being hacked is a very real possibility in today’s digital age, and the last thing your business needs is to have your information compromised. One of the most effective ways to avoid this is by using WordPress security plugins.

Since the security of your website is a major issue, there are many different WordPress security plugins available through the WordPress plugin directory or third-party solutions. Because there are so many, it’s important to find the best security plugins for your website.

The WordPress security plugins in this list are all highly rated, user-friendly, high quality, affordable, and have an abundance of features to help keep every single aspect of your website and content safe.

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10 Essential WordPress Security Plugins

1) Secure Login and Two-Factor Authentication

The Secure WordPress Login plugin from CreativeMinds offers a robust solution with multiple two-factor authentication methods.

It lets the WordPress administrator choose from four different options to secure their WordPress site login:

  • Google Authenticator – Require secret from Google’s secure app
  • Mobile Phone SMS – Send a text message with a one-time key
  • Email Code – Send a message with a one-time use code
  • Email Link – Send a message with a one-time use link

The WordPress Two-Factor Authentication plugin also lets the WordPress administrator define which user roles require two-factor login credentials. The admin can of course apply enhanced security check for all users.

2) Wordfence Security

WordPress security plugins

Wordfence Security is a highly rated plugin, and includes a plethora of features for users with the free version. The premium version is $99 per year for one website. The plugin is simple, but focuses on firewall blocks to prevent brute force attacks.

WordPress security plugins

The plugin monitors Google crawl activity, bots, visitors, logins and logouts, and comment spam filters. There are real-time IP blacklist blocks, malware scanners, compares core files and repairs them and much more.

3) All In One WP & Security

WordPress security plugins

The All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin is designed to take WordPress security to a whole other level. The plugin uses a security points system to explain how well security measures are working and performing.

All In One WP & Security - 10 Must-Have WordPress Security Plugins

This plugin is available for free from WordPress.org, and breaks down features into basic, advanced and intermediate. All the features like firewall, database backup, login security and more are represented by graphs and charts to make it easier for users.

4) iThemes Security

WordPress Security plugins

iThemes Security is one of the most well-known WordPress security plugins, and includes features like strong password enforcement, two factor authentication, database backups and more. The pro version is $80 per year, and supports reCaptcha, and much more.

In addition, the plugin provides malware scan scheduling daily with email notifications for viruses found, and extensive import/export settings for use on multiple WordPress website.

5) HTTPS SSL Plugin

This HTTPS plugin is an all-in-one solution, which not only redirects all websites to HTTPS but also provides a free SSL certificate and easily installs certificates. The plugin is $29 for one website and $69 for up to three websites.

This WordPress security plugin comes with multi-site capabilities, URL mapping, testing tools, and an easy-to-use admin dashboard. There is excellent customer support and all SSL issues are processes easier.

6) Jetpack

WordPress security plugins

Jetpack is an incredibly popular WordPress plugin, which is also full of helpful security features. There is a $99 per year plan and a $299 per year plan, which include malware scans and real-time backups.

There is downtime monitoring, suspicious activity blocking and the plugin includes things like social media, email marketing and customization, which means less plugins are needed on your WordPress website.

7) Sucuri Security

WordPress security plugins

The Sucuri Security plugin has a lot of free features, including security activity audits, file integrity monitoring, security notifications and blacklist monitoring. There are also multiple variations of SSL certificates, live chat and email customer support and advanced DDoS protections.

Sucuri Security

The basic version is $200 per year, the pro version is $300 per year, and the business plan is $500 per year. These plans can help stop hacks, malware removal, firewalls, blacklist monitoring, and CDN performance.

8) BulletProof Security

WordPress Security Plugins

BulletProof Security is a one click solution to all of your WordPress security needs. This user-friendly plugin lets you protect against code injection hacks, SQL injection, XSS, RFI and much more.

There is a one click setup, security protection firewalls, login security and monitoring, idle session logouts and authentication cookie expirations. The free version is available from WordPress.org.

9) WebARX

WordPress Security Plugins

The WebARX WordPress security plugin is an advanced endpoint firewall, so admin can control traffic to the website through the cloud-based dashboard. The firewall protects against plugin vulnerabilities, fake traffic, and bot attacks.

WordPress Security Plugins

Some features include virtual patching to repair plugin vulnerabilities, uptime monitoring, centralized security WordPress installation hardening, and a completely customizable website firewall.

10) Shield Security

WordPress Security Plugins

Shield Security is a top rated WordPress security plugin which is simple to install. This plugin can limit login attempts, lock brute force attacks, complete automatic IP blacklist, two factor authentication, reCAPTCHA, and firewall.

WordPress Security Plugins

This free WordPress security plugin is available from WordPress.org. The pro version is also available for $1 per month which is for one website and includes real-time scans, import and export abilities, and two factor authentication and more.


This list includes a wide variety of WordPress security plugins with features ranging from login security to complex firewalls and malware checks. There are many different ways to protect your WordPress website from breaches, and these plugins are a great start.

Most of these WordPress security plugins are free or affordable and provide login security, and have user-friendly dashboard. All but one of these plugins are free and have pro versions with extensive features.

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