HelpScout Docs Portal Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

HelpScout Docs Portal Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

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WordPress HelpScout Docs Portal plugin supports showing all HelpScout knowledgebase articles using a shortcode on any post or page on your WordPress site.

Help Scout Docs Portal Plugin for WordPress Description

The Help Scout Docs Portal plugin is a supplement WordPress Plugin to the Help Scout Docs portal. The plugin uses the latest Help Scouts API and connects to your Help Scout docs knowledge base portal and displays all content using a shortcode on your WordPress site.

Quick Setup

This Help Scout plugin is easy to set up and use, all that is needed is the Docs API key to connect to a Help Scout account. Docs API Settings
Docs API Settings

Easy To Use

The Help Scout Docs plugin supports both collections and categories, meaning it can show the whole content of a collection and same for a category. The Help Scout plugin also supports searching the Help Scout docs and showing pagination once showing the results. Displaying HelpScout Docs
Displaying HelpScout Docs

Using the WordPress Help Scout Docs Portal Knowledge Base Plugin

  • Show Help Scout Docs content on your WordPress site using your own main domain
  • Embed your Help Scout documentation into your product page
  • Search your Help Scout knowledge and show results on your own site

Help Scout Docs Portal Use Case Examples

  • Help Center – Provide your customers easy to read and categorized product knowledge and turn them into your product experts.
  • Product FAQ – Reduce customer support workload and give users answers and solutions to the their questions.
  • Knowledge Base – Organize your content into a central hub of knowledge, and provide users with valuable information.

Help Scout Docs Portal Plugin Additional Resources

Help Scout Docs Portal Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

  • Support showing a category or collection level
  • Support searching the collection level
  • Support adding pagination to the long list of results
  • Customize labels
  • Ajax based

Help Scout Docs Portal Online Demo



Help Scout Docs Portal Image Gallery

Back-end Gallery

HelpScout Docs Portal Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Do you need to have an API key to retrieve data from the HelpScout Knowledge Base?

Yes. In order to gain access to HelpScout Knowledgebase you need to obtain an API key and add it to the plugin settings

Is there any limit to the number of categories or collections the plugin can support?

No. All collections and categories found in HelpScout under your account will be retrieved, There is no such limit

Can I create several pages, each showing a different HelpScout knowledge base collection on my WordPress site?

Yes. The plugin supports showing knowledge base collections and categories using shortcodes. Therefor it is possible to place any number of shortcodes needed on different posts

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