Business Directory Levels Add-On for WordPress by CreativeMinds

Business Directory Levels Add-On for WordPress by CreativeMinds

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Add tiers such as Free, Basic and Gold to your listing by using the Business Directory Levels. Each level has access to different fields, such as description, logo and videos. Supports payments via separate add-on.

Requires Business Directory Pro.

Business Directory Levels Add-On

Create a business directory with Free, Basic, Gold and Platinum tiers and charge different amounts for each! Choose what each level can display: images, links, videos…

The Business Directory Levels Add-On adds the levels functionality to the base Business Directory Plugin.

What is a Level

Each business level can display different information on page.

For example, Basic businesses may only display Title and Pitch, while Advanced can showcase website, video and social media links.

Business logo with level icon
Business logo with level icon
Table shows differences between levels
Table shows differences between levels

Multiple Business Levels

Create any number of businesses levels and display them all in a single table.

The name is up to you: Basic, Free, Silver, Mega, Partner...

Each level receives an unique page where you can further explain why it's unique.

Payment Integration

Charge users any amount for having a business with different levels. Create free teaser levels with limited information.

This feature requires the Payments Add-On.

It's even possible to set up subscriptions with recurring payments if you have WooCommerce Subscription installed.

Adding a level to the cart
Adding a level to the cart

Using Business Levels

  1. Create and name levels
  2. Set icons for each
  3. Add details to their unique pages
  4. Showcase them in the levels table
  5. Charge users (requires Payments Add-on)

Business Levels Use Cases

  • Paid Listing – Set low and high tiers, where only premium businesses can showcase their portfolio. Drive free users to upgrade via different options of levels
  • Branch Directory – List the branches of your corporation. Add unique icons to smaller and bigger units, and only show all information for your headquarters

Business Directory Levels Prerequisite Plugin

CM Business Directory Pro
Business Directory
Build an online business directory. Easily create any type of directory database or business listing community on your Wordpress site. Each listing has a page with videos and images.
[ Video]  [ Userguide]

Business Directory Levels Related Add-ons

CM Business Directory Community Items
Business Directory Community
Let users add a new listing to the business directory. Users can claim an existing business, renew a business listing and manage their listings, as well as create a local business database and business directory community worldwide.
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CM Business Directory Payments
Business Directory Payments
This add-on allows admin to charge payment for publishing a new business directory listing or renewing an existing one. The add-on supports many payment options based of Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce.
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CM Business Directory Contact Form
Business Directory Form
Adding a configurable form to the business pages, that includes text, calendar and option fields. The form replies can be sent to the admin or directly to the business owner
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Business Directory Levels Plugin Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

General Business Levels Features

Multiple Levels – Create any number of business tiers with unique names
Unique Levels – Choose which fields each level has access to: links, images, video etc
Unique Pages – Each level has a unique page where you can add extra information
Level Icon – Apply icons to identify the level of a business in their logos
Comparison Table – Show the difference between all levels, including price and available fields, using a single table

Payment Features

Charge Users – Charge users for requesting a business level. Requires the payment add-on
Manually Assignment – The admin can manually change the level of any business
PayPal and More – WooCommerce integration allows for dozens of payment gateways
Subscription – Bill users every month or year for maintaining the level. Requires the WooCommerce Subscription
Notification – The admin receives an email every time users request a level

Business Directory Levels Gallery

Levels Front-End Gallery

Levels Charging Users Gallery

Levels Back-End Gallery

Business Directory Levels Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questions

What is the purpose of this add-on?

The Business Directory Levels add-on allows you to create different levels or tiers for business within your directory.

Levels grant access to different fields in the profile, motivating your businesses to apply for higher tiers.

What is an example of using Business Levels?

Setting three tiers: Basic, Gold and Diamond.

Basic businesses can register for free and can only show their title and description.

Gold businesses can also show their company information and website. You can manually assign this free tier to users that contact you.

Paying users have access to the Diamond tier, which opens up all fields. This feature requires the payment add-on.

In-Depth Questions

Can I name the levels?

Yes. You can assign a name and description to each level.

Tiers commonly used are Gold, Silver and Bronze or Standard and Premium.

Learn more: CM Business Directory Levels – Creating Levels.

How can users pick a level?

You can place the Levels table anywhere on your website via a shortcode. It displays information and links to all levels, side by side.

Learn more: CM Business Directory Levels – Adding Levels Form To Site.

How can I give more information about levels to my users? Does each level receive a page?

Yes. Every page receives a unique URL which you can edit. These pages are linked from the Levels table.

Learn more: CM Business Directory Levels – Adding Levels Form To Site.

Can the admin change the level of a business?

Yes, at any time, from the Back-End.

Learn more: CM Business Directory Levels – Assigning Levels as Admin.

Is the admin notified when a user applies for a level?

Yes. You can enable and customize email notification for that case.

Learn more: CM Business Directory Levels – Setting up Notifications.


Can I charge users for applying to a level?

Yes. You can apply a price to each level if you are also using the Payment Add-on and WooCommerce.

Learn more: CM Business Directory Levels – Charging Business For Level (One-Time or Subscription).

Can I sell subscriptions?

Version 2.0.3 from the 24th May 2021

  • Updated license package to version 1.9.1

Version 2.0.2 from 8th Sep 2020

  • Updated package 1.9.0

Version 2.0.1 from 27th Apr 2020

  • Updated user guide link

Version 2.0.0 from 17th March 2020

  • Module refactoring and additional improvements
  • Updated package 1.8.10

Version 1.0.0 15th May 2017

  • Initial release

Do you need additional functionality?

We can implement additional features, change the interface and integrate external resources. Get in touch with us!

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