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Registration Approve New Users Add-on for WordPress

Support moderating user’s registration and approving each user manually.

Can only be used with CM Registration and Invitation Codes Pro

Registration Approve New Users Add-on Description

The Registration Approve New Users Add-on for WordPress supports moderating users registration and approving each user manually.

Registration Approval by WordPress Administrator

The add-on gives the administrator the ability to moderate who can register to the site by manually approving each new user's registration.

This solution grants the admin much needed control over the membership of his/her website.

Setting screen showing notification setting
Setting screen showing notification setting

The admin is notified of new registrations that require moderation. Users are also notified when their account has been approved.

For a detailed user guide please check this link

Registration Approve New Users Prerequisite Plugin

You need to have the CM Registration and Invitation Codes Pro installed before using this add-on

CM User Registration for Download Manager Pro
User Registration for Downloads
Adds a user registration form to support automatically assigning new registered users to CM Download user groups and applying access restriction to downloads.
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Registration Approve New Users Features

Addon Supports the following features:

  • Restrict membership – The admin can better control the signup process of the website by filtering undesired or unqualified users.
  • Email notifications – Customizable New User Registration emails can be sent to Admin, Non-Admin users, or even Email Addresses not registered as users on the site.
  • Moderators – The admin can change the email address that is used for the moderator or even set several moderators.
  • Rejection email – The admin can enable or disable disable email messages to inform users their application was rejected.
  • Easy approval/rejection – Moderators can accept or reject users directly from their email, as soon as they receive the request.
  • Shortcode support – Every email template can be customized with HTML and dynamic shortcodes.

Registration Approve New Users Gallery

Registration Approve New Users Add-ons

CM Registration Pro
Registration and Invitation Codes
This plugin adds a registration and login popup to your WordPress site. This plugin supports invitation codes, email verification, reCaptcha and more. Wordpress login and email registration uses Ajax for on page support.
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CM Registration Bulk Invitation Addon
Registration Bulk Email Invitations
Supports uploading a list of emails using a csv formatted file and generating an invitation code per each email. It also supports the option to automatically send the invitation code directly to the user once uploading the file
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CM Registration Approve New Users Addon
Registration Approve New Users
Moderate user registration and approve each user manually. Both admin and users are notified with a customizable message. Rejected users receive a separate message.
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CM Registration EDD Payment Addon
Registration Payment Support
Add multiple payment options with subscriptions to the registration plugin per specific invitation code or globally. Uses the EDD and WooCommerce cart system, which have more than 30 payment gateways.
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Temporary Login Without Password
Registration Temporary Login without Password
Create a temporary, time-limited link to let visitors log-in. Choose the user role and expiration time while tracking every use. Ideal solution to give limited access to technicians and guest editors
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Registration Approve New Users Frequently Asked Questions

What benefit does this add-on offer?

Simply put it allows you to add a moderation step to your registration process. This can act as an additional layer of security or just as a buffer to ensure irrelevant or low quality users do not end up on your website.

Can the moderator for new users be set manually?

Yes. You can choose to change the email address that is used for the moderator or you can set several moderators by adding in several email addresses and separating them with commas.

In fact the email notification can be sent to any email, it doesn’t necessarily need to belong to an admin or even a user registered on the site.

This opens up a lot of flexibility for you with your workflow as well as offers delegation of tasks.

To learn more about setting recipients for moderator notifications see this Help article.

How does the Customer know when the admin has finally approved their registration?

After it’s been approved an email notification is sent to the email address they submitted during the registration process.

To learn more about customer notifications see this Help article.

Can the email that is sent to the site admin be customized?

Yes. You can modify the notification email through the plugin settings (CM Registration Pro → Settings → Approve New Users → Admin Notifications). There are several shortcodes for injecting more live and relevant content into the body of the email.

HTML can also be implemented in creating the email template to add some light styling, or alternatively use the visual editor.

To learn more about customizing emails see this Help article.

Can the notification emails that are sent to users be customized?

Yes. Emails that are sent to customers are based on a template that you can modify to your own needs.

Shortcodes can be used to add more directly relevant content to the subject or body of the email.

HTML can also be used for some light styling or alternatively the visual editor can help you design your email a little.

To learn more about customizing user notification emails see this Help article.

How does the site admin approve a new user?

There are two ways. In the email notification they receive when a new user registers using an invitation code a link can be added to approve the new user immediately. This link is added to the template using a shortcode.

It’s also possible for the admin to approve pending users through a dedicated section in the CM Registration Pro area of the WordPress admin panel.

To learn more about admin approval see this Help article.

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Registration Approve New Users Changelog

Version 1.0.8 Feb 27th 2019

  • Added approving new users by profile field feature

Version 1.0.7 Feb 13th 2019

  • Added profile fields user meta support in emails

Version 1.0.6 Jan 29th 2019

  • Added automatic approval by domains and invitation code feature

Version 1.0.5 Jan 23rd 2019

  • Fixed admin multiple emails issue
  • Updated license package 1.8.6

Version 1.0.4 Aug 19th 2018

  • Added approval email to invitation code owner email address
  • Updated license package
  • Fixed labels issue

Version 1.0.3 Feb 13th 2018

  • Fixed labels support.
  • Updated licensing support.

Version 1.0.2 June 26th 2017

  • Updates license package

Version 1.0.1 from 1st Feb 2017

  • Fixed php error for older php versions