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Notification Bar Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

The notification bar plugin for WordPress supports customized notifications, tracking and reports.

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Notifications can be targeted to any specific post or page and controlled by date and time.

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WordPress Custom Notification Bar Plugin Description

The WP Notification Bar plugin supports creating notification campaigns on your WordPress site. The WordPress notification bar appears on the upper part of the WordPress site header letting you create an informative message bar.

Targeting the WordPress Notification Bar Campaign

You can create as many notification bar campaigns or alert bars as you want, each targeting a different post or page or a group of both. Each versatile notification bar can also be limited by a specific time frame. Users can easily close the WP notification bar on any post or page once they appear.
Setting Screen for the Notification Location and Timeframe
Setting Screen for the Notification Location and Timeframe

WordPress Notification Bar Log and Reports

The notification bar plugin comes with a reporting system which includes performance reports and graphs. The report shows the coversion rate and number of clicks for each bar.
Graph Showing Notification Bar Display Over Time
Graph Showing Notification Bar Display Over Time

Customizing the Notification Bar Apperance

Each notification bar can easily be customized to reflect the colors and text size of your site.
Setting Screen for the Notification Colors and Size
Setting Screen for the Notification Colors and Size

Using the WordPress Notification Bar Plugin

  • Completely Custom Notification Bar – Create custom notifications and alerts with custom background color, text, height, font size, font color etc
  • Target Specific Posts – Add alert bars to a specific post or page or a group of pages
  • Performance Reports – Review performance using campaign analytics
  • Time Limits – Limit appearance to a specific time range
  • Countdown – Show a countdown timer to attract more views and add urgency
  • Responsive – The WP Notification Bar is a completely responsive plugin
  • Unlimited Notifications Bars – Create as many notification bar as you need

WordPress Custom Notification Bar Additional Resources

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WordPress Custom Notification Bar Basic Features

WordPress Custom Notification Bar Premium Features in Details

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

  • Targeting Notifications – Each notification can be targeted to a specific post, page or group of posts. Notification can also be shown on all the pages or just on specific custom post types.
  • Campaign ManagementNotification bar is treated as a campaign with start and end date. Admins can track which notification best worked in the plugin reports section.
  • Notification Customization – Each notification can be set to have a specific height, background color, font size, line height and more.
  • Reports and Statistics – Reports show all notifications in use graphically and in a detailed report view. Our Plugin records both views and clicks on each notification.
  • View Intervals – Notifications can be shown only once or on every page load.
  • Variations – Each campaign can include several notifications which will be randomly shown. Admins can track the campaign performance and choose the best converting notification.
  • Activity Dates – You can choose the notifications to be displayed only on certain days.
  • Bottom or Top notification – You can choose between top notification bar and bottom notification bar.
  • Countdown Timer – You can add a countdown timer to the notification bar.

WordPress Custom Notification Bar Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this plugin.

Will the notification bar work on my theme?

The notification bar was tested on many themes including major premium and free themes and proved to work on all of them. It should work on any theme which is built according to WordPress guidelines.

How many different notifications can be shown at the same time?

The plugin supports showing one notification on each page, but can display a different notification for different pages on your site. When showing a notification on a specific page you may choose to add variations to the notification, which means that on every page load a random notification will be shown.

What is the height and the color of the notification bar?

You can customize both height and background color of the notification bar. You can also customize the font color, font size, line height and more making the notification bar to match your website.

Can I add a countdown timer to the notification bar?

Yes. The plugin offers a countdown timer which can be added to each notification bar. You can set the amount of time left for each notification message

To learn more about setting countdowns for notification bars read this Help article.

Can the user close the notification message?

Yes. Each notification message can be closed so users will not see them again.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Notification Bar Demo

2016-02-16_08-22-11 Notification bar demo – You can reload the page to see two variations of the notification bar

Notification bar demo – Different Notification Items displayed randomly.

WordPress Custom Notification Bar Image Gallery

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Customer Reviews for the Location Manager

  • 05th Sep
    Great plugin features
    Needed a plugin to visually attract users for my monthly news updates. Love the customizable styles and features of this plugin and the price was awesome.
  • 11th Jul
    Great plugin for adding an eye catching alert bar on your site. Scheduling the posts for specific dates and times is a real time saver too

Version 1.0.10 27th Sep 2018

  • Added countdown preview
  • Added the option to show notification bar on top or bottom of the page

Version 1.0.9 4th Mar 2018

Version 1.0.8 19th January 2018

  • Small fixes to the countdown functionality

Version 1.0.7 19th December 2017

  • Added the option to display the countdown to the notification
  • CSS Fixes
  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.0.5 4th June 2017

  • Update license package

Version 1.0.4 13th March 2017

  • Added the option to disable the adding of margin to the body tag
  • Added the option to disable the adding of margin to the header tag

Version 1.0.3 7th Aug 2016

  • Updated the Licensing Package

Version 1.0.2 20th March 2016

  • Updated licensing api support.

Version 1.0.1 25th Feb 2016

  • Added automatic updates from plugin dashboard
  • Replaced plugin admin interface including license activation and user guide

Plugin First Release 15th February 2015