Six Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

Astrid Mitchell

Google Chrome extensions are a handy tool. These are the best Chrome Extensions for WordPress users.

Six Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

Why is Google Chrome the most popular web browser in the world? Because it has unrivaled functionality. It offers Google Chrome extension services for enhanced user experience. Let’s find out how they can help you.

Extensions are small programs. They change and improve the functionality of the Chrome browser. You can use them along with WordPress plugins to develop a complete website and meet your needs. Below are the best WordPress chrome extensions for WordPress users.

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Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

1. Grammarly

Grammarly - Six Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

Typos and grammatical errors are a curse for all writers. It’s sometimes tricky and exhausting to notice these errors while typing.

People who don’t have the Grammarly Chrome extension make small, basic errors which they do not see. No wonder many articles published on the web have typos and grammatical errors.

Having a clean text is essential when creating content. And what’s better for content than a glossary for your WordPress site? Create a perfect glossary with the Tooltip Glossary plugin.

Grammarly comes to the rescue by getting rid of typos and checking the rules. It ensures the online dictionary, wiki, encyclopedia, or glossary you build with the plugin have top-notch quality.

2. LastPass

LastPass - Six Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

The password is the typical security implementation in the computer world. LastPass is an award-winning password manager. This Chrome extension saves your passwords safely. It also provides you with secure access from every computer and mobile device.

Yet, passwords have weaknesses such as hacking, interception, and guesses. Creative Minds has a brilliant solution to combat these weaknesses. This solution is a two-factor authentication plugin.

This plugin offers different methods for an additional layer of security. These OTP (one-time passwords) are not susceptible to brute-force assaults. The two-step process asks for added unique identification by sending a one-time password to your mobile phone or your email account.

Two-Factor Authentication is a robust solution. It fits really well with LastPass, making it much more secure. LastPass saves your passwords, and you use the OTP for extra protection.

3. SimilarWeb

Similarweb is a fabulous Chrome extension that allows you to see key metrics and traffic for any website. It tells you the traffic ranking and source, engagement rate, and keyword ranking.

The extension gives you the full breadth of right on your browser toolbar. It provides you with all the information you could ever need about a website, all in one place.

Pair it with SEO Keyword Hound to put its data into action. Keyword Hound is a WordPress SEO plugin that excels at competitive analysis.

The SEO tool gives you an idea of which keywords to use on your page and where to place them. Get to know your competitors via SimilarWeb and them monitor their keyword performance with SEO Keyword Hound.

4. ColorZilla

ColorZilla - Six Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

Many CM products make it easy to adopt custom CSS: check this guide for more information. With the ColorZilla Chrome extension, you can find the best colors to apply in CSS rules.

ColorZilla has been one of the most popular Firefox developer extensions. It has had over five million downloads. It is finally available for the Chrome browser. The extension does both advanced and secondary tasks for graphic designers and web developers.

It includes an eyedropper, a color picker, and a gradient generator. Besides these, it has several other cutting-edge color tools.

It gives you a color reading from any location on your browser. You can then adjust this shade and paste it into other programs. Or, you can look at a palette of the colors available for the page. You can also create high-level multi-stop CSS gradients.

CreativeMinds Helps You With CSS

If you want to tinker around the visual of your site or plugin but don’t know how, you can hire CreativeMinds.

We offer a service to quickly create CSS snippets that will better match the visuals of the plugin to your site’s identity.

5. Dimensions

Dimensions does as its name says. It is a tool for designers to measure screen dimensions.

It measures the dimensions from your mouse, going up/down and left/right until it reaches a border. You can measure between elements such as input fields, images, and videos. You can also use it for buttons, text, .gifs, and icons.

It’s a lifesaver if your designer hands you mockups as JPEGs or PNGs. It’s easy to drop them into Chrome. You then activate Dimensions, and from there, you can start measuring.

Pair it with WordPress Pop-up Banners plugin to create banners with the perfect dimensions. It lets you insert different messages and banner ads to any page on your site.

This plugin contains many features and components. The banner tool helps you craft converting pop-ups that are versatile. You can promote email lists, sales, and events on your WordPress site by using pop-ups.

This responsive plugin is an excellent lead generation tool. You can design the image, background color, edge shape, and banner delay. In this way, you can adapt your campaigns to your site’s visual identity.

6. Route Planner

Route Planner - Six Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

Route Planner Chrome extension helps hikers, runners, cyclists follow their own specific path on a more detailed map.

Pair it with Creative Minds’ Custom Map Routes Manager. This WordPress routes plugin allows users to draw routes to create a list of trails and map routes for points of interest. This way, you have the date from Route Planner inside your site, as an embedded Google map!.

As a premium WP trails plugin, it lets users track and share biking, hiking, and ski trails.

They can do the same with running routes, walking paths, road trip maps, and more. It’s a great way to give a visual boost to travel blogs or sites for people who love the outdoors.


You can find many more Chrome extensions for WordPress users online. They can help you do more in less time.

The extensions listed here are only the tip of the iceberg. Still, they can be used in tandem with WordPress to boost speed and efficiency.

How CreativeMinds Can Help You

How CreativeMinds Can Help You - Six Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

If you have ideas about WordPress, but don’t know how to execute them, hire Creative Minds’ support packages. For example, we offer the WordPress Custom Hourly Support package.

If you’re facing error messages or other issues, or your site is not working, this package is perfect for you. It repairs these errors so that you can get back to your usual online activities. We have tailored this plugin for entrepreneurs. It’s also for businesses, both small and large.

We also offer the Performance and Page Speed Optimization Analysis service for WordPress.

Slow load times can cause a negative user experience. This service does a speed test of your site and examines plugins and themes to see if any of these is slowing it down. It also looks for large images and files and JavaScript errors.

Contact Creative Minds today for more information. Let’s discuss how we can give the best WordPress experience to your users.

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