Essential WordPress Content Marketing Plugins Bundle – 50% Off!

Enhance your WordPress content marketing with seven plugins for improved content generation, presentation, and user engagement. Get the bundle for $119, down from $203

About the Essential Content Marketing Tools Plugins Package

Improving your content marketing abilities is essential to keep your users engaged and also have better ways to draw their attention.

Our set of content marketing WordPress plugins will help online marketer to use additional ways of communicating with their potential customers and converting them to action.

Essential Content Marketing Tools Package includes the following WordPress plugins:

1-2. Ad Changer Client and Server

3. Popup Banners Pro

4. Welcome Message and Disclaimer

5. Onboarding Plugin

6. Content Related Product Recommendations

7. Notification Bar Pro

Essential Content Marketing Tools Bundle Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of this bundle?

The Content Marketing bundle is a set of plugins that are perfect to bring actual information to your audience.

The package is ideal for commercial websites that constantly need to display product and service offers, discounts and other information useful for customers. Provide your site visitors an amazing site experience by adding a guide-tour through your site, and decide when, where and how to offer them your best products.

How many times can I install each plugin?

Each plugin has a license for one site, but you can easily switch licenses between sites, or use each plugin on a different site.

How do I download the plugins and get new updates?

Once you have an active subscription to the plugin suite, you will be able to log into our customer dashboard where you will see all the updates and downloads. Learn more in the general support guide.

Can I have additional add-ons included to compliment the plugins already in the bundle?

Contact our pre-sale team we may be able to include some add-ons for some of the plugins at a discount if you buy them together with the bundle.

Why is the Ad Changer Client and Server 2 plugins?

It’s two because it works by connecting two or more websites, one from which you manage and Serve the ads and one or more Clients where the ads are displayed.

A separate plugin is required for the server side and for the client side.

Are all of these plugins designed to market within my site or are any of them for marketing from my site through external sources?

Most of them aim to market within your own site, all except the Ad Changer Server and Client plugin which broadcasts ads to one or more other WordPress sites using yours as the Server / Management site.

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They are very useful for content marketing. Yes they were originally designed with welcoming and on-boarding new visitors and users but what you put within the welcome message popup or the on-boarding widget is totally up to you.

Treat them as a handy place to store key words and phrases to try to boost your rankings within the google search results… Up-sell or cross sell other products or hot deals that you have on promotion. They act as convenient new places for you to place important content on your site, especially if you find some of your pages are becoming crowded.

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