ESSENTIAL WordPress Administration Tools Bundle by CreativeMinds

Essential WordPress Admin Tools Plugins Bundle

Get six great plugins that can improve your admin area functionality and add new ways to easily manage your WordPress site, improve performance and overall experience. The bundle Is offered at $119 instead of $174!

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WordPress Version
5.4.0 or Higher
Tested up to
WordPress 6.6.X
May 7, 2023
5.7 - 8.2.X

About the Essential Admin Tools Plugins Package

Six plugins that can improve your WordPress admin area and add new tools to easily manage your WordPress site and improve performance at an amazing price.

The bundle includes the following WordPress plugins:

1. Email Registration Blacklist

2. Registration Pro

3. Admin Tools Pro

4. Email Tools and Mail SMTP

5. WordPress HTTPS SSL

6. On Demand Search and Replace

Admin Tools Bundle Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of this bundle?

The Admin Tools bundle is a collection of some of the more technical plugins and plugins that are geared towards improving the productivity or performance of your site. In short to help you as the Administrator turn your site into a well oiled machine

The SMTP Plugin will ensure that all of your emails reach your target audience and don’t end up in the spam folder.

Do you want a way to register users on your site but don’t want them messing around in the WordPress Admin panel? Register them with the Registration Pro plugin and then limit what they can access with Admin Tools Pro

Some of our bundles are niche, but this bundle is packed with tools for any WordPress site owner who takes their website seriously.

How many times can I install each plugin?

Each plugin has a license for one site, but you can easily switch licenses between sites, or use each plugin on a different site.

How do I download the plugins and get new updates?

Once you have an active subscription to the plugin suite, you will be able to log into our customer dashboard where you will see all the updates and downloads. Learn more in the general support guide.

Can I have additional add-ons included to compliment the plugins already in the bundle?

Contact our pre-sale team we may be able to include some add-ons for some of the plugins at a discount if you buy them together with the bundle.

Can I get a discount on this bundle?

If you mean can you get a further discount, no. The price for the bundle is already heavily discounted compared with each of the plugins included put together. However if you contact our sales team we can include further add-ons alongside this at a discount.

Does this allow me to create an invitation based Registration process?

Yes it does, you can use the CM Registration Pro plugin to send users invitation codes to use to Register on your website. You can go further by blacklisting and blocking certain email domains and addresses with the Email Registration Blacklist plugin, which is very handy in cases where you’re inviting customers in bulk to register.

I want to improve the security of my WordPress website, what does this bundle offer for security?

For sure there are plenty of security features within the Essential WordPress Administrator bundle. Added clout for your site sent emails through the SMTP plugin, control over your site registrants with the Invitation Codes plugin or what they do with the Admin Tools plugin.

But we also offer a bundle that is totally focused on Security. The Essential WordPress Security Tools plugin bundle, which might be more suited to your needs if you are looking for a toolset for increasing your WordPress website security.

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