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Antifraud Extension for Magento® 1 by CreativeMinds

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The Antifraud Extension for Magento secure your Magento Store with the ultimate in fraud prevention. It supports many options such as flagging suspicious customers with chargeback history, check for fraud IP address, verify BIN number and much more!

Antifraud Extension for Magento®

With the Anti-Fraud extension, you can have the fraud protection your Magento® store needs. The security extension supports different methods of fraud prevention such as:

Suspicious Customer – Flag a customer as a suspicious customer (ie. chargeback, difficult customer). Whenever that customer places an order, it will set the status of the order to be checked before approval/denying

IP Check – Have an IP where you know the transactions are fraudulent? Add it to the list in a comma separated list and it will flag it.

Questionable Orders- If enabled, checks to see if the Billing address and Shipping address match. If not, it will flag it for checking.

Verified Paypal Address – If the Paypal address is not verified, it will flag it to be checked

Order Amount Check – Check if the order is above the amount you set. If it is, it will hold the order so you can verify the order authenticity

Additional Fraud Prevention Support once connected to an Antifraud Service

BIN Check – We lookup the Country of Origin for the Bank Identification Number and match it with the IP address Country of Origin using GEO-IP. If they do not match, we flag it as a potential fraud charge.

IP Checks – Checks the buyers IP address in relevance to their Billing Address. Depending on the distance you set, it will then flag the order if it is greater than that distance

High Risk Country – Automatically checks to see if the order came from a High Risk Country. If it does, it will flag the order so you can check it.

Free Email – A lot of fraudulent orders are committed using free emails. We check to see if the order was placed using a free email provider. If so, we flag it to be checked

Using the Fraud Prevention Extension for Magento®:

  • Identify suspected fraud activity
  • Reduce the amount of fraud transactions
  • Have more control over suspicious Customer
  • Restrict transactions by IP or country

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Fraud Prevention Extension Features

  • Supports Maxmind – Have a Maxmind account? Use it with this module to send your transactions to Maxmind to have fraud protection.
  • Supports Open Commerce – Plug in your API Key and username and prevent fraud on your site. We check GEO-IP location against the BIN to ensure no fraud transactions are happening
  • High Risk Countries – Automatically check the High Risk Countries (If using the Open Commerce Antifraud Service)
  • Free Email Check – Check if the user is using a free email
  • Order Amount – Automatically flag orders over a certain amount for review
  • IP Checking – Flag orders if they are coming from a range of IP addresses
  • Free Email Check – Check if the user is using a free email with our Antifraud Service
  • PayPal Verification – Review orders if the address was not verified by Paypal.
  • Suspicious Customers -Flag Suspicious customers. If they return to your site, it will automatically alert you when they place an order.
  • Questionable Orders – Check if the billing and shipping addresses match. If they don’t, it will flag it for review.

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Extension First Release 20th September 2015