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Deliver all of your Magento store emails using the SendGrid Email service. Feel confident that your transactional emails sent will get to the inbox of your customer

SendGrid Email Delivery service Integration Extension for Magento 1

Ensure reliable delivery of Magento emails using the SendGrid Email delivery service with our SendGrid Integration Extension for Magento

When using the SendGrid Integration Extension for Magento you can trust that all of your emails will arrive at their destination and not the spam folder

Monitor your Store Sent Emails

SendGrid lets you track exactly what happened to emails sent from your Magento store after they were sent.

For each email sent, you can find out if it was delivered, opened, bounced, etc.

SendGrid Dashboard Taken from SendGrid site
SendGrid Dashboard Taken from SendGrid site

When integrating SendGrid Email delivery service with your Magento store using our extension, you can feel confident that ALL of your emails will reach your customer’s inbox. Our Plugin eliminates the need to manage and maintain your own email infrastructure.

Using the SendGrid Integration Extension

  • One-Click Integration with the SendGrid service – Install the extension, add your key and all emails will be sent from your SendGrid account
  • Use the SendGrid service to avoid being marked as Spam – In your SendGrid account after whitelisting your domain, rest assured that important emails won’t be filtered or end up in the customer’s spam folder
  • Track your Magento Store sent Emails – Sent emails from your store are automatically tracked. Find out whether they were delivered or bounced as well as if the customer opened them and when
  • View Real-Time Analytics – Put data, from emails and email campaigns to work with Real Time Analytics on the SendGrid Dashboard, to help develop an effective email communication strategy
  • Increase your Magento Store email delivery rate – Email deliverability is no longer something you have to worry about, Feel confident sending your email through a platform that delivers over 35 billion emails per month

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SendGrid Email Delivery service Integration Extension Features

Simple Integration – Just add your login credentials for SendGrid and you’re good to go
Enable/Disable – To disable the integration just set the module as disabled in the extension configuration settings and it’s off
All emails are sent using the SendGrid delivery service – All emails (including contact form and account confirmation, password reset, all transactional emails etc.) are sent via the SendGrid email service
Reliable Delivery for All Magento Emails – Help to make sure that important emails such as, transactional emails and marketing emails get to the inbox of your customers with the SendGrid email platform, the trusted email service
Email authentication functionality – By relaying emails through the SendGrid email delivery platform, SendGrid’s email authentication helps to ensure your transactional emails reach your customer’s inbox
Enhanced Email Deliverability – Your Magento emails benefit from increased email deliverability by incorporating the SendGrid email platform
Important emails are Automatically Tracked – All Magento emails are automatically tracked and can be viewed on the SendGrid Dashboard

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Magento SendGrid Integration Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Do I need to obtain an API key from Sendgrid to make this extension work?

No. The Sendgrid integration extension works with Log in credentials for your SendGrid account. You will need to have set up an account and have the log in details ready.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Are there any Statistics available to view for my Email campaigns?

Yes, through the SendGrid user Dashboard. Sendgrid can display various analytics regarding email campaigns such as number sent, clicks, opened etc.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Do I have to pay to use SendGrid

At present SendGrid offers a free month trial to their entry level plan which costs 10 dollars per month. After the trial the service is free if you will send under 100 emails per day.

To learn more about their pricing see the SendGrid Pricing Page.

Is there any difference in the structure of the email sent to the customer?

None. The only difference that the customer will notice is that their email will show as From: [email protected] via

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

We have had issues with customers receiving rich text emails can plain text versions been viewed?

The process of viewing the email in Plain text is not too complicated.

To learn how it’s done, check out our Help article.

Magento SendGrid Integration Extension Release Notes

SendGrid Integration Extension Release 7th July 2017

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