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Giving customers the option to use social login and registration on your online store provides a better user experience.

Our Social login popup allows customers to login and register without navigating away from the current page.

Social Login Buttons Extension for Magento®

Giving customers the option to register or login via social media is an easy way to increase retention, engagement and user experience. One way to do this in Magento® is to add a social login bar extension.

Better Login Experience

The Magento® Social Login bar Extension replaces the default login and registration screen on your Magento® store with a popup login box that gives customers the option to register and login using social media accounts on Facebook and Google without navigating away from the store page.
The login and registration screen with social login buttons
The login and registration screen with social login buttons

Facebook and Google social login buttons allows customers to easily and quickly register with your Magento® online store, encouraging more users to sign up. In addition, customers are more likely to register with a login popup box, since the Magento® login module does not navigate away from the page they are viewing.

Easy Setup

Each social login option is easily set up with an API key. Choose to enable all social login options or only certain social media accounts through Facebook or Google. This social login extension is a simple way to provide a useful and elegant social media login option in a popup window.
Simple settings screen
Simple settings screen

Using the Magento Social Login Extension

  • Simple Installation – Easily add a sleek login and registration popup box to replace the default Magento®login page
  • Improved Checkout Experience – Quicken the checkout process to reduce abandoned carts
  • Stay on the same page – Allow customers to continue browsing the online store during login/registration
  • Higher Engagement – Increase customer engagement while providing an easier interface
  • Better UEX – Provide a better user experience for customers
  • Customers can choose default login/registration or social

Social Login Popup Extension for Magento® supports:

  • Facebook Social Login Button – Customer Facebook login & registration
  • Google Social Login Button – Customer Google login & registration

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Magento Social Login Extension Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

  • Google Login & Registration – Allow customers to login and register using Google accounts
  • Facebook Login & Registration – Allow customers to login and register using Facebook accounts
  • Login Popup – Create an elegant login/registration popup
  • Navigation – Customers can login and register without navigating from the current store page
  • Default or Social – Customers can choose between default or new social login and registrations
  • Select Social Networks – Choose which social media networks to enable or enable all
  • Customer Experience – Provide a better customer experience in your Magento® store
  • Easy Login – Popup quickens login/registration process so customers can get to checkout sooner
  • Easy Setup – No manual changes are needed, just install and set up the extension in the admin panel
  • API – Uses API key for ease of use

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Magento Social LoginExtension Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Version 1.2.1 Release 15th October 2017

Version 1.2.0 Release 3rd February 2016

  • Fixed standard registration in popup issue
  • Fixed double first name (Fb registration)
  • Added an option in sys/config to change redirect after registration

Version 1.1.0 Release 24th December 2015

  • Removed Twitter connect from the extension

Extension First Release 20th September 2015