True Edit Orders Extension for Magento® 1 by CreativeMinds

True Edit Order Manager Extension for Magento 1 | Edit Orders in Bulk

Quickly edit order information in your Magento store with the True Edit Order Manager Extension for Magento 1.
With this extension you can modify orders without the need to duplicate or cancel orders and create a new one for each change.
Use this order management extension to edit order status, shipping & payment methods, add or remove products, and add order notes directly within an existing order.

Better Order Processing: The Magento Order Manager

The True Edit Order Manager Extension is the perfect Magento order management solution for editing an existing order without creating a new one.

Simple Order Management

With this Magento order manager, you can speed up order processing while decreasing clerical errors. Quickly edit order items, shipping & payment methods, order status, and more without having to cancel the order to make changes.

Add new items to existing orders, delete an order item, or change the quantity of an existing order item with these enhanced order management capabilities.

Efficiency is key to beat Amazon and all your eCommerce competitors. If you're looking for a way to quickly edit existing orders without the hassle of cancelling and creating new orders every time you want to make a change, then this order editing extension is the perfect solution!

The order manager extension editing products on an existing order. The widget at the bottom allows the admin to add new items.
The order manager extension editing products on an existing order. The widget at the bottom allows the admin to add new items.

Order Manager Tracking Order Changes

The notes history section on the edit order screen
The notes history section on the edit order screen
When editing an order using the Magento Order Manager extension, a note is automatically created and added to the order notes for every change that is made, enabling better order tracking.

Sudden changes in stock led to sales? The order editor extension automatically creates an order note annotated for the changes made, including customer data (username), date, and a time stamp.

The edit order extension also allows users to add notes manually.

Improving Magento Order Management

The edit order management extension saves admin time by allowing you to quickly edit existing order information directly from the order details page, including:

  1. Order Billing and Shipping Address
  2. Order Payment Method
  3. Order Shipping Method
  4. Order Item Price
  5. Order Tax Class
  6. Order Item Quantity
  7. Add or Remove Order Items
  8. Change Order Status
  9. Update Order Invoice

The order management extension changing an order status
The order management extension changing an order status

Saving Order Changes

Showing changes being made to the business address
Showing changes being made to the business address
After editing an order and clicking 'save', the order management extension sends an order notification to other systems that the order has been updated.

Magento Edit Order Archiving

The True Edit Order Management Extension includes an order archive module which is built into the extension.

The order archive module lets you archive orders in bulk, restore archived orders in bulk, and auto archive orders based on order date and order status.

Archivation options
Archivation options

Adding CIM Module

Adding CIM module provides the functionality for customers to save their credit card and use it for future purchases by creating and storing a customer profile on the Authorize.Net secure servers.

True Edit Order Extension Highlights

  • Better Magento Order Processing– Easily manage order information
  • Edit Orders Without Canceling– Make changes on existing orders or duplicate orders
  • Order Notes– Add notes and comments to orders
  • Order Manager– Improve the admin order management process
  • Order Archive– Ability to archive and restore orders

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Magento Edit Order Extension Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

General True Edit Order Features

No Duplicate Orders – Eliminates duplicate orders upon editing, reducing issues between Magento, CSRs, fulfillment systems, credit card processing, accounting, and the potential for costly errors
Duplicate Orders – Duplicate existing orders with a single click
User Permissions – Allow or deny the ability to edit orders based on user role
Recalculate Shipping – Shipping can be recalculated during order edit. The extension will show a list of newly calculated costs for each shipping method
Configurable Products Compatibility – Select item options from a dropdown menu when adding configurable items to an existing order via the Magento Order Editor

Edit Order Features

Edit Orders – Remove items, update quantities, change prices and alter the tax class for any item in an order, or add a new item altogether
Order Quick Edit – Quickly edit existing order information (like billing and shipping, item quantity) directly from the order details page to streamline your order processing and order management system
Edit Order Status – Edit custom order status while editing an order
Add Order Notes – Automatically creates an order note annotating changes made, user, date and time stamp, and allows for additional comments
Edit Order Notes – Enhanced ability to edit order comments
Delete Orders – Permanently delete order from database

Archiving Order Features

Archive Orders – Archive orders in bulk from the sales order grid or in a separate grid page
Archive Orders: Restore – Restore archived orders in bulk
Archive Orders: Date – Auto archive based on order date
Archive Orders: Status – Auto archive based on order status

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Magento Edit Order Manager Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

How do you add a custom product to an existing order?

In the admin panel in the navigation bar go to “Sales” → “Orders”. Select an order. Scroll down to items ordered. Below the items ordered box is a tool that can be used to add additional products to an order.

To learn more about this feature check out this Help article

Can I edit orders generated by other systems (such as Shopify or WooCommerce)?

The extension has full Magento compatibility and might not work properly with orders generated by other platforms and migrated to Magento.

Does editing an order add extra charges?

Editing an order does not add any extra charges. However, recalculating shipping is an option, if this is necessary. Custom tax percentages may also be added.

To learn more about this feature check out this help article

Is there any way to edit the configuration of a configurable product using this extension?

Yes. The True Edit Order extension allows you to edit the configuration of a product without having to delete it and add a new one. Change the color, size, weight and so on with ease through the detailed order view.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can the tax class be changed on the checkout page?

Not with this extension. The extension will allow for the tax class to be changed after the purchase has been completed in the order view.

Any tax options provided on the checkout page can be configured by the administrator in advance in the Magento Configuration settings, but are not affected by the True Edit Order Manager extension.

Click here to find out more.

Can you edit an unlimited number of orders?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of orders that the admin can edit.

Will editing the order duplicate it?

The True Edit Orders extension will not create duplicate orders in the first place, but rather will edit the order itself.

See our General Usage article to see how this looks by Clicking here

Can order notes be manually changed?

The comments history of the order can be edited manually with the True Edits Order extension.

To learn more about editing the comments history check out this Help article

Will changing an order automatically re-authorize payment for the new order amount?

No. The True Edit Orders extension will not reauthorize payments when you add further products to the customer’s cart using the extension. This has to be done manually.

Can you change the customer account information associated with an order?

Yes. You can change the name, email or customer for every order.

Read more about modifying client information in this Help Article

Is a note automatically generated whenever I modify an order using the True Edit Order extension?

No. The adding of Order Notes is Magento functionality which is not touched by our True Edit Order extension

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