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True Edit Order Extension for Magento® 1 by CreativeMinds

True Edit Order Extension for Magento provides the functionality to quickly edit order information.

With this extension you can modify orders without the need to duplicate or cancel orders and create a new one to make a change.

Use this order management extension to easily edit order status, shipping & payment methods, add or remove products, and add order notes directly within an existing order.

Magento Edit Order Manager Extension

The Magento® True Edit Order extension is the perfect order management solution for editing an existing order without creating a new one.

Simple Order Management

With this Magento order editor, you can quickly edit order items, shipping & payment methods, order status, and more without needing to cancel orders.

Adding new items to an existing order, changing the quantity or even deleting an item can easily be done with these enhanced order management capabilities.

Editing the products list on an existing order. The widget at the bottom allows admin to add new items
Editing the products list on an existing order. The widget at the bottom allows admin to add new items

Tracking Order Changes

When editing an order using the Magento Order Editor Extension a note is automatically created and added to the order notes for every change that is made, enabling better order tracking.

The order editor extension automatically creates an order note annotated for the changes made, including user, date & a time stamp.

The edit order extension also allows users to add order notes manually.

Showing notes history section in the edit order screen
Showing notes history section in the edit order screen

If you’re looking for a way to quickly edit existing orders without the hassle of cancelling and creating new orders every time you want to make a change, then this order editing extension is the perfect solution.

Improving Magento® Order Processing

The edit order extension saves admin time by allowing them to quickly edit existing order information directly from the order details page, including:

Multiple Order Editing Options

  • Billing and shipping address
  • Payment method
  • Shipping method
  • Order Item price
  • Tax class
  • Update order item quantity
  • Add or remove order items
  • Change order status
  • And more!

Showing ability to change order status
Showing ability to change order status

Saving Order Changes

After editing and order and clicking 'save', the edit order management extension sends an order notification to other systems that the order has been updated.
Showing changes being made to business address
Showing changes being made to business address

Magento® Edit Order Archiving

Edit order management extension includes an Order Archive module which is built in and comes with the extension. The order archive includes the ability to archive orders in bulk, restore archived orders in bulk, auto archive orders based on order date order status.

Adding Authorize.net CIM Module

Adding Authorize.net CIM module provides the functionality for customers to save their credit card and use it for future purchases by creating and storing the customer profile on Authorize.Net secure servers.

Adding the CIM functionality module to the Edit Order extension will allow a credit card to be automatically re-authorized an additional amount when an order is changed or a new order is placed.

True Edit Order Extension Highlights:

  • Better Magento Order Processing– Easily manage order information
  • Edit Order without Canceling– Make changes on existing orders or duplicate orders
  • Order Notes– Add notes and comments to orders
  • Order Manager– Improve the admin order management process
  • Order Archive– Ability to archive and restore orders

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Magento Edit Order Extension Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

  • No Duplicate Orders –  Eliminates duplicate orders upon editing, reducing issues between Magento, CSRs, fulfillment systems, credit card processing, accounting, and possibilities for costly errors.
  • Edit Order Items – Remove items, update quantities, change prices and alter the tax class for any item in an order, or add a new item altogether.
  • Quick Existing Order Edit –  Quickly edit existing order information (like billing and shipping, item quantities) directly from the Order Details page to streamline your order processing and order management system.
  • Add Order Notes –  Automatically creates an order note annotating changes made, user, date and time stamp, and allows for additional comments.
  • Edit Order Status –  Ability to edit Custom Order Status while editing an order.
  • Recalculate Shipping –  Shipping can be recalculated during order edit. The extension will show a list of newly calculated shipping methods.
  • Configurable Products Compatibility – Select item options from a dropdown menu when adding items to an existing order via Magento Order Editor.
  • Delete Orders – Permanently delete order from database.
  • Archive Ordre – Archive orders in bulk from the sales order grid or in a separate grid page.
  • Archive Orders : Restore – Restore archived orders in bulk.
  • Archive Orders : Date – Auto archive based on order date.
  • Archive Orders : Status – Auto archive based on order status.
  • Duplicate Orders– Quickly duplicate orders.
  • Edit Order Notes – Added ability to edit order comments.
  • User Permission – Allow or deny the ability to edit orders based on user role.
  • Reauthorize Saved Credit Cards – By adding our CIM Module and an Authorize.net CIM account, the order edit module will automatically re-authorize the credit card for the additional amount of the edited order.

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Magento Edit Order Manager Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

How do you add a custom product to the existing order?

In the admin panel in the Navigation bar Sales → Orders. Select an Order. Scroll down to Items ordered. Below the Items ordered box is a tool that can be used to add products to an order.

Does editing an order add extra charges?

Editing an order does not add any extra charges to the order. However recalculating shipping is an option, if this is necessary. Custom tax percentages can also be added.

Can the tax class be changed on the checkout page?

The Tax class can be changed for the order by the Administrator.

Can users edit an unlimited amount of orders?

Yes, administrators are able to edit an unlimited number of orders.

Are duplicate orders automatically eliminated?

The True Edit Orders extension will not create duplicate orders in the first place but rather will edit the order itself.

Can the order notes be manually changed?

The comments history on the order can be Edited manually.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Version 4.2.12 from 21st Aug 2017

  • new feature to edit account information of the order
  • fixed acl permission, added a new resource to edit the order

Version 4.2.10 from 14th April 2017

  • Fixed incorrect status values in comments section

Version 4.2.9 from 16th Jan 2017

  • Replaced fixed value with correct one taken from order model for recalculateShippingRates method

Version 4.2.8 from 15th Dec 2016

  • update comment section in order view – currency fixes and remove unnecessary text

Version 4.2.7 from 7th Dec 2016

  • added option to edit already invoiced/shipped items – warning: Order totals are not recalculated for such edits

Version 4.2.5 from 17th Nov 2016

  • Fixed configurable products compatibility
  • Restrict access to remove or decrease qty of already invoiced/shipped items

Version 4.2.5 from 14th Oct 2016

  • New feature allows to define custom tax percent for items and for shipping methdos
  • Fixed improvement of loading new items to the order
  • Fixed multiple currency price issue

Version 4.2.2 from 14th Sep 2016

  • Added fixes to tax and price calculations for the different store configuration

Extension Release 22nd May 2016