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Order Approval is a payment method for Magento stores which allows customers to forward the purchase to someone else.

During checkout customers are asked to fill out information about the payer. Payers are then notified and asked to pay for order

Order Approval Manager Extension for Magento® 1

Magento Order Approval Manager gives customers a way to complete an order before actually paying for it and to forward the purchase to someone else for approval and payment.

Asking Customers for Payer Details

During the checkout process the customer is asked to fill out information about the person who will pay for the order.

This is a great way for B2B Ecommerce sites to provide the ability for companies or employees to create orders and send them to the responsible manager or accounting department to pay.

Cart Order Approval Payment Method
Cart Order Approval Payment Method

Sending Notifications to both Customer and Payer

After the order is created the payer is notified and receives a link to complete the order or to cancel it. Payers can also edit the cart contents and remove or add items.
Example of an Email sent to a customer with order details.
Example of an Email sent to a customer with order details.

Admin Dashboard for Managing Pending Orders

Orders created using Order Approval are assigned pending status, and are visible under a separate section in the Magento admin dashboard.
Admin dashboard showing pending orders.
Admin dashboard showing pending orders.

Using the Magento Order Approval Manager Extension:

  • Approval Ordering Process – Provide companies with the ability to approve orders before purchasing.
  • Support Non Paying Customers – If the person who use the product is not the person who pays for it, this extension is the way to provide the ability to support submitting the order without making an actual payent..
  • Complete the B2B process  – B2B process requires a different payment process than a regular B2C store. Each purchase needs to be approved and usually the person who needs the product is not the person who pays for it, this extension fully support this process

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Magento Order Approval Extension Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

  • Complete Order before paying for it – Orders are saved in pending mode once submitted until paid.
  • Email notification for the buyer and payer – When an order is created using the order approval payment method, an email notification is sent to the buyer with the order details, and to the payer with information on how to complete or cancel the order. When an order is completed or canceled the buyer is again notified.
  • Email reminders to the payer – Payers receives email reminders about pending orders waiting for their review and payment.
  • Link directing to Checkout in Payer notification email – When the payer clicks on the email link to complete the order it takes them directly to the payment step for the order. All billing and shipping info is already set (can be edited).
  • The Payer can edit the cart content – When completing orders, payers can navigate to the cart and edit the cart contents while removing or adding items.
  • Separate admin section – Admins can manage orders waiting for approval which are in pending mode.

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Order Approval Manager Extension Frequently Asked Questions

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Version 1.1.0 from 21st Sep 2017

  • Added approving orders by admin
  • Hide all payment methods if admin is approver

Version 1.0.2 from 19th Sep 2017

  • Added missing _isAllowed method to Admin Controller
  • Fixed fatal error when order is created in admin
  • Fixed product table in email notification sent to payer

Order Approval Manager Extension Release 8th Feb 2017