Sales Representative Commission Manager for Magento® 1 by CreativeMinds

Magento® 1 Sales Reps Manager Extension

The easiest and most robust way to manage and track sales representatives or dealer sales performance and commissions over time
With sales representative management options like assigning reps to customer accounts or orders, this extension helps admin while creating a better customer experience.

Sales Rep and Dealers Commission Manager Extension for Magento 1

Does your Magento store rely on multiple sales representatives? If so, you know it can be difficult to keep track of sales representative performance and commission owed to each.

Measuring SalesRep Performance

Our Magento Sales Representative and Dealers Commission Manager extension allows you to measure how much your product resellers are selling and generate sales rep reports based on their individual performance.

This sales report can then be used to make important decisions in managing your customer base, sales reps and dealers.

Sales Rep Report Showing Earnings and Commissions
Sales Rep Report Showing Earnings and Commissions

Select Your Sales Agents at Checkout

Checkout screen showing ability to select salesrep
Checkout screen showing ability to select salesrep
With this Magento Sales Rep extension, the admin can create custom checkout messages, allow customers to choose their sales representative, and automatically credit manual orders to a sales agent.

Assign a Sales Rep to a Customer

The admin can assign customers to sales reps for personalized, long-term service. Each purchase from an assigned customer will automatically add a commission to the sales rep's account. Checkout screen for a customer to select a sales rep
Checkout screen for a customer to select a sales rep

Sales Reps and Dealers Commissions

Our Magento® commission extension allows companies to manage individual sales reps and dealer commissions based on reseller performance while creating incentives for sellers to generate more sales.


Personalized Sales Rep Dashboard

SalesRep Dashboard
SalesRep Dashboard
Add a new SalesRep Dashboard to the admin panel where sales representatives can view their monthly orders and commission earned.

It demands using the Sales Rep Extension Dashboard Add-On

Using the Magento Sales Representative Tracking Extension

  • Commission Management– Manage sales reps commission amounts and payment due dates
  • Sales Rep Reports– Easily track sales performance in Magento sales reports
  • Sales Representative Tracking– Track your team’s performance and create sales incentives
  • Customers Choose Rep– Allow customers to select their sales rep during checkout
  • Sales Rep Menu– Adds a drop-down menu to your site’s one-page-checkout showing rep names
  • Dealers Commission Tracking– Manage and keep track of commissions paid and not yet paid
  • Dealers Commission Rates– Override commission rates for specific products on a case by case basis
  • Assign Sales Agents to Customers– Assign customers to a specific sales representative after their first order

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Magento Sales Rep Commission Manager Extension Features

CM Sales Res Commission Manager for Magento

Sales Representative Extension – Pro and Deluxe Editions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

The Pro and Deluxe extensions have different options for managing sales reps and dealer commission. The Deluxe Sales Rep Extension includes more options to customize commission tracking and advanced sales rep management abilities.

Sales Rep Pro Edition

Calculate Commission – Set commission rates based on performance
Manage Commission – Track dealer commission earnings as paid or unpaid
Individual Commission – Customize commission rates for each sales rep
Track Commission – Show sale agents commission earnings and status

Sales Rep Deluxe Edition

All Pro Features – Set commission rates based on performance
Sales Team Manager – Assign managers to a sales team
Manager Commission – Define custom commission rates for sales rep managers
Commission by Product – Override default commission rates and assign different commissions to different products
Personal Sales Agent – Assign customers to a dealer or sales reps long-term
Credit New Orders Automatically – If a rep is assigned to a customer, new orders from that custom will be credited to him/her automatically

Advanced Sales Rep Reports for Magento® allows you to:

  • View and track sales reps or dealers to tell who sells the most per day/week/month
  • Track changes in seller performance over time
  • View which sales reps or dealers have the highest return rates
  • View exact orders for each sales rep
  • View pending and paid-out employee commission earnings

Sales Representative Manager Versions and Pricing

Sales Reporting for Specified Time PeriodsIncludedIncluded
View Exact Orders for Each Sales RepIncludedIncluded
View Employee Performance Changes Over TimeIncludedIncluded
Automatically Credit Back-End (Manual) Orders to Appropriate RepresentativeIncludedIncluded
Customizable Checkout MessagesIncludedIncluded
Specify Which Employees Display in the Front End SelectorIncludedIncluded
Enable or Disable Front Page Representative SelectionIncludedIncluded
Retroactively change the Sales Rep on an Order (Admins Only)IncludedIncluded
Customizable and Automated Email Reporting for Employees & AdminsIncludedIncluded
Establish and Track Actual Commission Earnings With an All-New ReportIncludedIncluded
Customize Commission Rates for Each EmployeeIncludedIncluded
Track Commission Earnings As Paid, Unpaid, or IneligibleIncludedIncluded
See Historical Data on Commission Payouts, Prevent MistakesIncludedIncluded
Show Commission Earnings & Status for Each OrderIncludedIncluded
Limit Commission Information Visible to Employees (Optional)IncludedIncluded
Show Sales Rep, Commission, and Commission Earnings in order grid (Optional)IncludedIncluded
Input Orders for Any Employee Using Streamlined Back-End Rep Selector (Optional)IncludedIncluded
Assign managers to representatives and pay secondary commissionsNot includedIncluded
Assign Customers to Sales Agents and Dealers Semi-PermanentlyNot includedIncluded
Custom commission rates for each managerNot includedIncluded
Automatically Credit Reps for New Orders From Their Assigned CustomersNot includedIncluded
Advanced and Fully-Customizable Permissions for Admins and ManagersNot includedIncluded

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Sales Rep Extension Additional Modules

SalesRep Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

I don't see the specific feature I am interested in. Can you build it for me? How much will it cost?

Chances are that we can. Some features are a bit complicated, others are simple customizations that only take a few hours of labor. To get a quote, check our Hire a Magento Developer page.

Does the module work with Magento Enterprise Edition?

It does, however it requires a custom installation to function properly. Contact us for a quote.

Does the module work with one page checkout?

Yes. It’s easy to run the module with one step checkout. Simply copy/paste the code that has been injected into your checkout page into the one step checkout page.

Because it’s an aftermarket module and not present on all the stores we work with, it is impossible for us to integrate it into the package files. As such each store owner will have to do this manually if they use one step checkout.

How does the manager or tiered commission function works on Deluxe?

Our deluxe edition allows you to specify two different commission rates for each employee. One commission rate is applied to orders the employee enters them self. Another rate is applied to orders entered by that employee’s team.

You can assign a manager to each team member, or select “No Manager,” and all appropriate commissions will be calculated. Please note that the manager’s commission is on top of the employee’s commission, which means it does not affect nor is it affected by the employee’s commission.

To learn more about configuring commissions see this Help Article.

Do I have to show a drop-down selector at checkout? Can I only show certain reps?

Of course not! You can choose to hide it in the module settings. You can also select which reps show at checkout (if any).

Learn more about the Checkout Settings for the Sales Rep Commission Manager extension in this Help Article.

Does commission calculation include shipping and tax?

That’s up to you. Our module allows you to calculate commissions based on Subtotal or Grand Total, based on the settings you select.

What do you mean by 'Assign Customers to Sales Rep Semi-Permanently' in the Deluxe edition?

If you assign a sales rep to a customer, it will remain assigned until someone with admin privileges changes the assigned rep. If they do so, the old orders will not be changed, but all future ones will.

Can I define a minimum amount that must be spent on an order before the Sales rep will receive commission?

Yes. The site administrator can the define a minimum amount for a order before the Sales rep can receive commission on it

Can I set commission based on customer groups?

Yes. The site administrator can the define commission based on customer groups instead of for each sales rep see the extension’s User Guide to learn more.

Customer Reviews for the Sales Representative Magento 1 Extension

  • A must

    I use it to manage my team of representatives and it worked out of the box, which is actually pretty impressive as far as Magento extensions go. Great!

    Tory Brahmer
  • Recommended

    I would like to recommend this plugin to anyone that is looking for a sales commission system within Magento. We run a marketing company that helps clients incorporate different technologies to improve their internal and external business processes. I emailed Jonathan regarding his plugin and some modifications I may need and he replied immediately. They also quoted us a price on incorporating a separate plugin we are using with this plugin. Product works as described, customer service is superb and company is awesome when contacted. Thank You!

  • Worked as expected

    Thanks very much, worked as expected and I got a fast response from the developer when I asked him by email.

  • Thanks!

    These guys know what they are doing. It has an amazing amount of features that I didn’t even expect. I had a small issue and they responded to my email within minutes. Great support!!

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