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The Product Review Incentive extension allows admin to send automatic product review incentive emails.

Once customer leave a review and admin approves, a unique coupon is sent to the user .

Use this extension to gain product reviews and increase conversion!

Magento® Product Review Incentive Extension

Product reviews are an important source of information for prospective customers which purchased your products already. Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to get customers to write reviews.

Increase Customer Incentives to Leave Reviews

The Magento Product Review Extension allows you to automatically send product review incentives to customers after purchase was completed to encourage product reviews.

Admin can moderate reviews and control whether reviews are go live on your store product pages.

Customize Email Template

Admin can create a rule for generating a unique coupon code that is activated when a customer product review is moderated and approved.

In addition Admin can customize email templates, and schedule when the email should be sent.

Showing email template setting screen
Showing email template setting screen

Tracking Coupons Usage Report

Admin can view a full report of the sent coupon codes and coupon usage for easy tracking.
Showing coupon usage report
Showing coupon usage report

Using the Magento® Advanced Reviews Extension

  • Increase Number of User Reviews – Increase number of product reviews in your online store
  • Increase Real User Generated Content – Increase amount of user-generated content
  • Higher Trust – Gain product and store credibility
  • Increase Customers Purchases – Direct recent customers back to your site and encourage future purchases
  • Higher Conversion – Increase conversion rates and sales

Magento® Product Review Extension Admin Capabilities

  • Scheduled Coupon – Automatically send scheduled review coupon incentives to customers who left a product review
  • Customzie Email – Create an email template for your product review email incentive
  • Track Coupons – Add a coupon code and define its discount percentage
  • Moderate Reviews – Coupons can be sent only to customers with approved product reviews

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Magento® Product Review Extension Features

Product Review Coupon extension for Magento

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

  • Review Incentive- Automated feedback requests to encourage product reviews
  • Email Templates- Create the email template for your product review email incentives
  • Time Delay- Define wait time before product review incentive is sent
  • HTML- Each notification has its own email template and supports HTML
  • Review Notifications- Receive admin notifications once a customer review is submitted
  • Admin Approval- Approve or dismiss customer reviews from appearing on your product page. Disapproved customer reviews will not be granted discount
  • Coupon Reports- Coupon usage reports
  • Review Reports- Product review reports
  • Shortcodes- Notifications can include several shortcode parameters, including customer name, prefix, etc.
  • Modify Templates- Enables admin to create/edit/delete notification templates

Magento® Product Review Extension Image Gallery



Discount and Sender Settings

Discount and Sender Settings

Email Template send to Customers

Email Template send to Customers

Magento® Product Review incentive Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

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Version 1.2.1 10th May 2017

  • Removed cron method which could make customer issues.

Version 1.2.0 27th July 2016

  • fixed cron function for scheduled emails send

Version 1.1.2 29th April 2016

  • Added possibility of sending emails every specified number of days

Version 1.1.0 25th March 2015

  • Shorten config paths which causes empty values on IIS servers and blocks sending emails to customers

Extension First Release 10th October 2014