Order Management Bundle for Magento® 1 by CreativeMinds

The Order Management Bundle includes four extensions designed to improve order handling by adding additional tools for the admin to edit, manage, store and improve orders readability.

Magento 1 Order Management Bundle Description

Improving your order handling has never been easier than with the Order Management Bundle for Magento®!

This bundle contains four CreativeMinds’ extensions designed to improve your orders handling sales by robust tools for editing, ordering, archiving and managing your orders.

Included Extensions

1. True Edit Orders

2. Authorize.net CIM Payment

3. Order Highlighter

4. Custom Order Status

Magento 1 Order Management Bundle Video Tutorials

Extension for Magento 1
True Edit OrdersTrue Edit Orders

Provides the functionality to quickly edit ANY information in a Magento order, without creating a duplicate order.

True Edit Orders Extension for Magento®
Authorize.net CIM PaymentAuthorize.net CIM Payment  

Support the ability of customers to pay and save their credit card information for use on future purchases on Authorize.net servers.

Authorize.net CIM Extension for Magento® 1
Order HighlighterOrder Highlighter  

Helps view your order grid easier. You can highlight only pending orders, or add color to highlight shipped orders..

Order Highlighter Extension for Magento 1
Custom Order StatusCustom Order Status  

Gives admin control over order processing and tracking with custom payment, shipping statuses, notifications and reports.

How to Add Payment & Shipping Statuses in Magento®

Magento 1 Order Management Frequently Asked Questions

How can these Order Management tools help me to keep my Magento orders organized?

If you’re finding that your orders list becomes a little unmanageable due to either high volumes of orders coming in or else other parts of your business taking over, the Order Highlighter extension and the Custom Order Status extension will help with sorting out the orders list in the admin panel of your site.

Order Highlighter will allow you to color code your orders based on current order status, speeding up the process of going through orders that still require some Admin action.

Custom Order Status will allow you to apply custom order statuses to orders on your store, this can work in conjunction with the Order Highlighter allowing for a high degree of specificity on how your orders are processed, displayed and ultimately allowing you to create a workflow for your orders based on your own preference rather than you having to adapt to that offered by stock Magento.

Can we get the Order Archiver extension instead of one of these or added for a discount?

No Need! The Order Archiver extension comes included with the True Edit Orders included as standard. Technically you’re getting 5 extensions included in this Bundle.

How will True Edit Orders help to improve my order management process?

True Edit Orders allows you to actually modify existing orders on your store when you need to make changes to them. By default when there is some mistake in an order you need to delete the exiting order and then make a new order with the changes you wish to make. This can be a tiresome process, especially if your store caters for an audience who are not so tech savvy and tend to make mistakes in the order process. Our extension doesn’t create a new order so there are no risks of duplicates being created and it cuts down on the workload of changing an order.

Will I be able to avail of updates for the extensions throughout the year?

Yes of course! We regularly update all of the extensions included in this bundle and for the duration of your licence you can of course download and install the updated versions of the Extensions as they come. Keep an eye on our Change log section for each plugin and see the new features as they are released.

Is this bundle covered by the 30 day money back guarantee?

Yes. We offer the 30 day money back guarantee for this bundle as with our other products in accordance with our refund policy. Please inform yourself of the terms and conditions for refunds by clicking here.

Does the licence for this bundle renew at the end of the year?

Not automatically. If you wish to continue to have access to Technical support and updates you’ll need to renew your license manually at the end of the year at a cost of 70% of the original purchase price.

If I purchase this bundle with installation, do all the extensions need to be installed at one time?

Yes. The installation service that can be purchased with this bundle is for a one time installation. While you don’t have to have all three extensions installed and can choose to only have some installed, you will only be able to avail of this service for free once. Later you will need to conduct the installation yourself or else pay an additional fee for our technicians to do it.