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Notify Me When Back in Stock with Mailchimp Integration Extension for Magento 1

Have your customers subscribe to receive an email notification when an out of stock product is back in stock.

Notify Me When Back in Stock Extension for Magento® 1

With the Notify Me When Back in Stock extension your customers can subscribe to receive email notifications when out of stock products are back in stock.

Don't Lose Customers

Save customers, you would otherwise lose who are looking for products which are currently out of stock.

Enable interested customers to enter their email address to be notified when the item is back in stock.

Product page showing Back in Stock Form
Product page showing Back in Stock Form

When a customer is notified, you can not only make another sale, but you can also increase their overall loyalty and likeliness to return to your store.

Measure Product Demand

  • Measure demand for missing products – When you are missing items and you aren’t sure if it’s worth investing in restocking them – use our extension to have people leave their requests and measure the demand.
  • Measure demand for the products you’re considering selling – Use the Notify Me when back in stock extension to quickly see what products your customers want to see in your store. Test the water with a new product before investing in ordering it.

Using the Notify Me When Back in Stock Extension:

  • Back in stock notificationHave customers subscribe to get notified when the product comes back into stock
  • Reports of product demand – Generate reports to understand what products are missing before purchasing new products and building your inventory
  • Improve customer Loyalty – Increase your sales and customer loyalty by providing a tailored solution to notify customers when a product they are interested in is back in stock .
  • Mailchimp integration – The Notify Me extension can add the subscribers directly to your mailchimp account, including data about the products they are interested in. Build powerful informed mailing lists for effective email marketing campaigns
  • Manage emails sent when back in stock – Send an additional promotion when the product is back in stock using the back in stock email template

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Notify Me When Back in Stock Extension Features

  • Back in stock notification form – Back in stock subscription form appears on the product page
  • Reports of missing products – Full report on the products people are interested in that are out of stock
  • Report on each product – Who subscribed, who got notified, how many times and when
  • Customize the front-end form – Admin can set the form message, button and confirmation text that appears on the frontend
  • Differentiate between logged-in customers and visitors – Admin can set different messages, form buttons and confirmation texts to appear on the frontend for logged in users (including their names) and anonymous visitors
  • Mailchimp integration – Our extension can add subscribers directly to your mailchimp mailing lists, including data about the products they are interested in
  • Get daily reports – The store admin can receive a daily report by email with information regarding back in stock notification requests
  • Manage email template sent when back in stock – Decide exactly how you want the notification email that is sent to customers to read and look when a product comes back into stock
  • Supports all types of Magento products – Configurable, simple, virtual, grouped, downloadable and bundle products
  • Supports configurable products – Products associated to a configurable product can display the Back in Stock form

Magento® Notify Me When Back in Stock Demo Request

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Magento® SendGrid Integration Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

What is the Benefit of this Plugin?

It’s main aim is to retain customers interested in something you have for sale which is out of Stock. It is also useful for floating potential Products on your store, however to see what the interest would be. This is aided by the Back in Stock notification requests statistics.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

How often are the Requests stored for on the system?

That’s up to you, you can configure how frequently they are cleaned.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Can I personalize what the Customer sees when a product is out of stock?

Yes, the front-end form is highly customizable. You can edit the Label that appears, the button that they must press and the message that will display when their Back in Stock reminder request has been successfully submitted.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Do users who are logged in need to leave their email address?

Know their email is taken from their user information, only guest visitors need provide an email.

What happens if a customer requests Back in Stock notifications twice? Will they receive double notifications?

If a customer’s email is entered for Back in Stock notifications for a particular product they will not be able to submit the form again. So no, they will not receive double notifications.

To learn about customizing the Back in Stock notification already requested message see this Help article.

What happens if I have Excluded a configurable product from Back in Stock notifications?

In this case, it’s necessary to display a message to the customer that the product they are viewing is not available for the Back in Stock notifications. The message that is displayed can be personalized in the configuration settings.

To learn more about this feature see this Help article.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Version 1.3.1 from 8th July 2018

  • Fixed bug with simple products;
  • Resolved conflict between email notification block and product review block;
  • Resolved conflict with other third-party modules;
  • Added module translator;
  • Correct work with multi stores;

Version 1.2.0 from 23rd May 2018

  • fixed bug in simple product

Version 1.1.0 from 16th May 2018

  • fixed bugs during the calculation quantity of simple products of configurable product
  • fixed bug with Mailchimp configuration
  • Correct notification for all child products of configuration product when using configurable swatches.

Notify Me When Back in Stock Extension Release 7th July 2017