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Custom Coupon Code Error Messages for Magento® 1 by CreativeMinds

The Custom coupon code error extension for Magento® allows admin to customize a message displayed at checkout for each coupon error type.

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The Custom coupon code extension also provides a report showing coupon usage and error messages.

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Let Customers Know why their Coupon Code is Not Working

The Magento® Custom Coupon Code Error Messages extension allows Magento store administrator to create, track, and display custom coupon error messages when customers attempt to apply a coupon code to their shopping cart, and provides a reason for why that discount cannot be applied or the custom coupon is not valid.

A single coupon code that isn’t working can result in decreased sales and more work for a customer service team, who must repeatedly explain the error to customers.

Add Custom Coupon Code Error Messages

Showing Detailed Error Message at Checkout

By using the Magento® Coupon Code Error Messages extension, you can save customers frustration by displaying a logical reason why a coupon code cannot be applied to the shopping cart.
Showing an error message displayed at checkout when user adds a coupon which does not apply to the specific customer group
Showing an error message displayed at checkout when user adds a coupon which does not apply to the specific customer group

Campaigns Custom Coupons Messages

Offering discounts on a customer's cart price is an important sales strategy. Coupon codes are easy to distribute, but can sometimes be difficult to track.

What happens when a customer goes to use a coupon code and it doesn't work? It can be frustrating for customers when coupon codes aren't valid at checkout and no error message is displayed.

Showing an error message created for a specific promotion rule
Showing an error message created for a specific promotion rule

Customizing Coupons Error Messages

Detailed messages for possible errors can be added to each of your coupons in advance, no matter what language they are in or who they are intended for.

This creates a better user experience for shoppers and decreases the workload for store customer service.

Default settings for all coupon error messages
Default settings for all coupon error messages

Customers will no longer need to guess why a Magento® coupon code is not working or contact your customer service team for an answer! This greatly reduces the time your customer service team spends answering the same questions.

Custom Coupon Code Error Messages Extension for Magento® Uses:

  • Coupon Messages– Display checkout error messages from invalid coupon codes
  • Inform Customers– Relay important coupon code information to customers
  • Shopper Experience– Improve user experience for online shoppers
  • Introduce Promotions– Use error messages to introduce future promotions or other applicable coupons
  • Organize Coupons– Easily organize coupon codes and coupon error messages
  • Coupon Tracking– Track how many times a coupon code is used

Examples of Magento® Coupon Error Messages:

  • Condition Not Met– The coupon does not meet the condition specified.
  • Expired– Coupon codes are past their expiration date
  • One-time Use– A coupon has already been applied once
  • Login Required– Display an error message when customer login is required
  • Code Doesn’t Exist– Coupon codes no longer exists
  • Wrong Customer Group– A coupon code is assigned only to a specific customer group.
  • Other– Any other reason for rejecting a coupon code

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Features included with Magento Coupon Code Error Messages:

coupon code

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

  • Default Error Messages- Create & change default error message for each coupon error group
  • Individual Coupon Errors- Create error messages for individual coupons
  • Coupon does not exist- Define & display a custom error message when a coupon code does not exist
  • Expired Coupons- Define & display custom error message when a coupon exists but is expired
  • Coupon Usage Limit- Define & display custom error message when a coupon has reached the limit of usages
  • Usage per Customer Group- Define & display custom error message when a coupon has reached the limit of usages per customer group
  • Coupon Use Conditions- Define & display custom error message when a coupon does not apply to the conditions defined in the admin panel
  • Customer Groups- Define & display custom error message when a customer is not in the defined customer group
  • Introduce Promotions- Use coupon error messages to introduce future promotions or other applicable coupons
  • Coupon Error Report- Display report of all error messages shown to users in the admin panel
  • Coupon Usage Report- Display report of all coupon codes used and how many times
  • Language- Create coupon code error templates in any language
  • Shopping Cart Rules- Define custom error messages for each shopping rule

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Magento Custom Coupon Code Error Messages Online Demo and Magento User Experience

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Magento Custom Coupon Extension Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

How would this extension improve user experience?

People like to be well informed. When coupons fail to apply successfully, instead of getting a default “coupon could not be applied” message, they will get a message that explains what they need to do next.

Perhaps the code was entered incorrectly, or possibly they were not logged in and therefore the system could not recognise them as eligible for a discount. If they know what’s going on they are more likely to buy.

Contact our out Sales Team to try out the demo and see for yourself the difference the Custom Coupon Error Message extension can make for your store.

Can I create custom coupon code error messages for a specific coupon?

Yes. Custom coupon code error messages can be created individually for each coupon when they’re created. This is useful in cases when you’re using coupons in multiple languages, or if the coupon in intended for a very specific type of audience i.e. formal vs. informal

Alternatively, you can also apply your error messages globally on all coupons.

See this Help article for more details

How does the coupon error tracking work?

The extension comes with a built in coupon error tracking system that lists all coupon error scenarios, including reports on why they occurred and whether or not they ended up being used.

This can give you an idea of what are the most common errors that customers face when attempting to avail of discount codes and can help you to repair annoying situations for customers, making your site more user friendly.

To learn more about Error Tracking with the Custom Coupon Error Message extension see this Help Article.

CM Magento coupon error tracking

Can I create multiple error messages for my coupons?

Yes. You can set a different error message for each coupon error scenario, meaning that instead of the default “coupon could not be applied”, you can explain why it could not be applied, for example: “Wrong coupon code entered” or “You must be logged in to use this coupon”.

Read more about Creating Coupon error Messages in this Help Article.

Will this work with onestep checkout?

We have added an integration with Magestore.com One page checkout.

Can the Custom Coupon Error Message Extension be used to modify the Success message that appears when a Coupon is entered?

Yes it can! We have included a feature in the Configuration settings for displaying a success message when a coupon code has been successfully applied.

Learn More about this feature by Clicking here

Does the extension support multi-store with multiple languages?

Yes. You can add different messages based on the store view

So you can have different Custom Error Messages in different languages

that you may have available to your customers.

Still have questions? Send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.



Version 1.2.2 29th Oct 2017

  • Fixed typo for selecting default values for rule on multistore installation

Version 1.2.1 22nd June 2017

  • Added integration with Magestore One page checkout module.

Version 1.2.0 19th April 2017

  • Added custom success messages
  • Moved functionality of adding custom messages from controller to observer

Version 1.1.4 1st Feb 2017

  • Several bug fixes.

Version 1.1.3 5th July 2016

  • Added missing layout file to the package.

Version 1.1.1 18th June 2015

  • Fixed bug with restriction usage number for customer

Version 1.1.0 2ns April 2015

  • Added: Set individual errors for single cart rule
  • Bug fix

Third Release 09th October 2014 ( Ver 1.0.3)


Second Release 10th August 2014 ( Ver 1.0.1)


First Release 1st April 2014