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We Specialize In the Following Areas of Product development Expertise

CreativeMinds specializes in designing and implementing state-of-the-art, WordPress Plugins, Magento® Extensions and user-centered web and mobile applications.

  • WordPress Plugins which add an essential layer of interaction and value to your platform.
  • Magento® Extensions that take your eCommerce platform one step ahead.
  • Ecommerce Plugins for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Web and Mobile applications whose enormous complexity is transparent – they simply do what you need and engage your users with outstanding functionalities.
  • Intuitive user interfaces that excel in ease of use and minimal learning curves – your users never realize how much thought, experience, and sheer creativity has gone into them.

We excel in turning ideas into products

  • We leverage our in-depth knowledge and understanding of Product development in cross-platform systems, data protocols, software management tools and interaction design to help you understand how to productize your idea.
  • We are adept at solving the most unusual, tricky and complex problems.
  • Our methodology and expertise ensures that your product meets or exceeds your high performance expectations within the constraints of your budget and timetable.

User Experience is a key element considered in every product we make

We combine our knowledge of Information Architecture with our expertise in tailoring user experience to ensure that all the products we develop meet the highest of usability standards. Our dedication to providing an outstanding user experience, we believe, translates later on into higher numbers of return visitors, greater user satisfaction, and higher sales.

We Help Early Seed Ventures Grow their Ideas into Products

  • We help startups and early seed ventures focus their product offerings.
  • We help in improving the user experience of mobile apps and web products.
  • We mentor entrepreneurs in the steps to build up their online business.

Check Also: [CreativeMinds Methodology]   [CreativeMinds Productization Process]

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