CreativeMinds Expertise

The CreativeMinds team specializes in creating cutting-edge WordPress Plugins and Magento® Ecommerce Extensions, aimed to satisfy the growing needs of website administrators, designers and developers worldwide

We specialize in the following areas

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User Interaction

Solutions which add an essential layer of interaction and value to your platform.

WordPress examples: OnBoarding Tool, User Front-end Submitted Post


SEO Technologies

WordPress plugins which excel in enhancing your platform SEO or bring a value added content layer which help drive SEO traffic to your site.

Examples: SEO Keyword Hound, Tooltip Glossary, RSS to Post Importer Plugin


eCommerce Technologies

Magento extensions to manage your eCommerce store, simplifying order management and empowering users.

Examples: Multi User and Sub Account, True Edit Order


Marketplace Technologies

Products which support building multi-vendors marketplace while giving both vendors and admin tools to manage their products and purchases.

Examples: Powerful Multi Vendor Marketplace for Magento 2


3rd Party Integration Solutions

Products which integrate or add functionalities to WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads on WordPress.

Examples: Questions and Answers Payments, Download Manager Payments


Mapping Tools

WordPress software that use a mapping layer with intuitive user interfaces.

Examples: Google Maps Multi Markers, Google Maps Routes and Trail Builder


eLearning Solutions

Products which support the eLearning process by adding both student tracking and content management tools in WordPress.

Examples: Video Course Manager and LMS, Quiz Manager Plugin


NLP and Machine Learning

We combine our solutions with machine learning, deep learning, big data, data analysis, industry best practices and available APIs utilization, like Google API, IBM’s Watson and more.

From Ideas to Products

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  • Productization – We leverage our in-depth knowledge and understanding of product development in cross-platform systems, data protocols, software development tools and interaction design to help you turn your idea into a product.
  • Building MVP – We specialize in building Minimal Viable Products that meet the initial and most important user requirements.
  • Problem Solving – We are adept at solving the most unusual, tricky and complex problems.
  • Development – Our methodology and expertise ensures that your product meets or exceeds your expectations within the constraints of your budget and timetable.

UX: User Experience is Key

Check Also: [CreativeMinds Methodology]   [CreativeMinds Productization Process]

We combine our knowledge of Information Architecture with our expertise in tailoring user experience to ensure that all the products we develop meet the highest of usability standards.

Our dedication to providing an outstanding user experience, we believe, translates later into a bigger user base, greater user satisfaction, and higher sales.

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