Enterprise Booking & Scheduling Software | Give Your Employees and Customers a Booking Platform of Dreams

Dmitriy Kaprielov

Many businesses will know how painful it can be to keep track of their bookings and appointments. Having to rely on outdated software means appointments can get lost in the system and makes changes to bookings an absolute nightmare for both your employees and your customers.

Instead of using antiquated systems that only bring your company down, why not invest in an online booking system that gives your customers the booking abilities they want and deserve?

Enterprise Booking & Scheduling Software | Give Your Employees and Customers a Booking Platform of Dreams

Your systems are a reflection of your business – so having modernized booking systems that reflect your company and brand can be an incredibly helpful tool for helping your company grow while building up your client list at the same time.

But what are the benefits of using an online booking system and how does the process work?

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Benefits of using an online booking system

CreativeMinds: Enterprise Booking & Scheduling Software | Give Your Employees and Customers a Booking Platform of Dreams

You probably don’t need to be told that booking an appointment via a sophisticated appointment scheduler is much easier than booking via email or telephone. But how else can companies and customers benefit from a booking application?

Better for your team

One of the most important elements of a business is the staff. Every company wants to attract and retain top talent, and one of the best ways to do this is by providing your team with modern solutions that are intuitive and easy to use.

The last thing any valuable employee wants to be doing is using outdated systems that can cause them to lose out on valuable time and work harder than needed.

The systems a company uses can be seen as a reflection of its ethos and future, so imposing difficult platforms on your employees shows that they’re working with a company that hasn’t progressed with the times. Using modern appointment scheduling software lets your team members manage calendar bookings and reservations with ease.

This leads to happier employees who are better able to manage their time and bookings without all the extra fuss.

Better for customers

Hardly anything in life is set in stone, so why should you expect your appointments not to fluctuate? Customers want to work with institutions that allow them to easily change their appointments without stress and find a new date quickly and easily.

With our online reservation system, customers can easily book their appointments online and pay the deposit for their visit in one single location.

Customers much prefer to work with companies that make it easy for them to book, and with our customized online appointment scheduling software, booking has been made easier than ever.

Better for companies

CreativeMinds: Enterprise Booking & Scheduling Software | Give Your Employees and Customers a Booking Platform of Dreams

While keeping track of multiple calendars may seem like an easy job to do, it can actually be hard work if you don’t have a proper solution in place. Lots of businesses and individuals need to work with multiple calendars which can be a nightmare for someone to keep track of when bookings start pouring in.

This can result in missed appointments and can leave your clients upset and unsatisfied with your service.

Our booking platform is able to display a series of multiple calendars tailored specifically for your needs and can be accessed on your desktop and your mobile phone.

Our booking platform also handles payments for you so you can sit back and relax while our system notifies you once your customers’ payments have gone through before confirming their booking.

There’s nothing better than being able to book & pay online without having to make extra phone calls or emails.

Tailored for your needs

How your company presents itself to the world matters now more than ever. This includes the booking platform that you use. The last thing you want is to have a company with a consistent brand image across all your digital channels only to be let down by your reservations software or lack thereof.

If, for example, you have a chain of fun and vibrant hair salons, their brand image could be jeopardized by a dull appointment scheduler that takes the fun out of the user experience. That’s why our online scheduling software lets you easily customize your calendar to match your corporate identity.

Having custom visuals may seem like a small thing in the long run, but these small touches really go a long way when it comes to attracting and retaining quality customers and building your brand.


CreativeMinds: Enterprise Booking & Scheduling Software | Give Your Employees and Customers a Booking Platform of Dreams

The last thing your company needs is software that no one understands. With our online appointment booking system, we provide you with in-depth documentation covering every setting on our booking platform. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for assistance should you have any questions about our reservations software and its functionalities.

We take pride in providing our customers with top-class customer service. We’re only happy if you’re happy!

Register users

When it comes to building a loyal customer base, it’s important to show your repeat customers that you care. There’s nothing more annoying for customers than having to fill in all of their details every time they decide to book with you.

This can lead to customers abandoning the booking altogether and can cost you loyal visitors that could help make your company grow.

Our online scheduling software lets you easily register users via a customizable form. This lets you keep valuable customer information on file and makes it easier for them to make repeat bookings without wasting their time.

These small details are things that matter to customers. Not to mention they provide you with valuable data that can be used for email marketing and promotional campaigns.

Take advantage of this option and make the process of booking appointments easier than ever for your clients and customers.

Easily amend bookings

There are several establishments still using outdated booking methods that cause headaches for both their staff and their customers. Instead of letting customers cancel their appointments directly, some companies require them to call and leave a message which is then listened to by a member of staff the following day when they get the chance.

This process that takes seconds with our online booking system can easily be turned into a 12-hour affair for no good reason at all.

This wastes both your employees’ and your customers’ time and provides an overall negative customer experience for those looking to amend their bookings. Instead of relying on lengthy email chains and a long list of voice messages, our appointment schedule software lets customers easily amend booking with ease.

This frees up valuable time for your staff members and results in an overall better experience for everyone involved.

Tailored for your needs

With our online scheduling software, you can build a form per calendar month where the user provides all the information needed when booking a meeting. You are also able to create bookings that cater to multiple people.

Instead of only being able to book for registered time slots of one hour, you are also able to book a whole day’s event as well as more than one meeting at a time.

Payment support

Our solution lets you dictate a price for each meeting. Even better, we support more than 200 payment gateways so you can be sure your customers have flexibility when making payments.

Who can benefit from an online booking system?

CreativeMinds: Enterprise Booking & Scheduling Software | Give Your Employees and Customers a Booking Platform of Dreams

While you may think that online booking systems are reserved for beauty salons and restaurants, they are actually very helpful across a wide variety of industries. These include:

  • Beauty salons
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Dentists
  • Car garages
  • GP Surgeries
  • Vets
  • Repair shops
  • Musical stores
  • Corporate events
  • Company meetings
  • Meetings with specialists
  • Delegate spots at events
  • And more!

How does it work?

The great thing about our online reservation system is that it’s fully customizable depending on your needs. We’ve created an airtight process to ensure that you’re able to utilize our booking platform with ease. This includes:

Checking requirements

The first step in the process is finding out everything we need to know to make sure the appointment scheduler works the way you need it to for your business. This fact-finding stage is critical in making sure the booking application is developed based on your wants and needs.

Develop missing components

If our appointment scheduling software is missing any functionalities needed by your company, we will perform adjustments to make sure all functionalities are included.

Selecting the tools

CreativeMinds: Enterprise Booking & Scheduling Software | Give Your Employees and Customers a Booking Platform of Dreams

Once we’ve identified the functionalities needed to make the solution work for your company, we will then select the required building blocks needed from our wide range of proprietary modules. This is otherwise known as the ‘building’ part of the process.


The last thing we want to do is provide you with a platform that hasn’t been extensively tested. Our rigorous testing process ensures that the booking platform has been adjusted to match your requirements. It also ensures that any issues are solved well in advance so that you only work with a seamless and easy-to-use reservations software.


When it comes to the implementation stage of the process, we will discuss clear milestones and cost with you to make sure everyone is on the same page. This also provides you with an idea of how long it will take to implement the appointment scheduling software so you can plan ahead.

Installation and training

The exciting part! The final step of the process involves us installing and configuring the solution on your systems. We also provide you with in-depth training on how to use the platform so you can run full steam ahead once it’s ready to use.

Invest in an online booking system today

CreativeMinds: Enterprise Booking & Scheduling Software | Give Your Employees and Customers a Booking Platform of Dreams

If you’re ready to give your company and customers the appointment scheduler they want and deserve, check out our leading enterprise booking platform and scheduling software today.

Here at CreativeMinds, we’re proud to offer the best platform in the business and are confident that you’ll enjoy the many functionalities of our modernized system. You can find out more by visiting our website or alternatively, can contact us directly by clicking here.

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