Running A Course Catalog With Payments

Courtney Jones

Creating and managing a course catalog with payments is made easy with these plugins.

Running A Course Catalog With Payments

Making the choice to create and sell content and courses online is a large task. The key to making the jump from the idea to the execution is the software that you choose to use. WordPress is the most popular content management system and should be the ideal choice for anyone looking to build a learning management system and grow exponentially.

One of the most important aspects of creating your course catalog is the content itself. There needs to be relevant and important information available to people so that they will continue to use and view your content.

in addition, your course catalog should be visually appealing, as everything is available online and not in person, it should create an online community and foster a productive learning environment, have actionable materials and have payments available.

When creating a course catalog in WordPress, choosing the correct plugins to use can be a daunting task. There are dozens of WordPress plugins to choose from and they all have a variety of different features and price points.

Choose a Payment System - Running A Course Catalog With Payments

Having the ability to make and receive payments online is essential to any online business in the digital age. Again, there are multiple different payment gateways that can be used for online transactions so the key is to find the payment system which is right for your business.

One way to choose a payment system is by getting a WordPress plugin for your learning management system which already has an option for providing payments. Many WordPress plugins have add-ons, to provide additional functionality for a low cost which is already completely compatible and has support options as well.

Course Catalog LMS Plugin

Course Catalog LMS Plugin - Running A Course Catalog With Payments

The Course Catalog LMS Plugin from CreativeMinds is a great tool for anyone looking to create and manage a successful learning management system. With this class registration WordPress pluginAdmin can easily create an e-learning website, create classes, enroll students and share online courses all in one platform.

This Course Catalog LMS plugin is available for one website for $39 and for up to five websites for just $69. This plugin also lets admin create a directory of courses that each have their own individual page. Customers can search for courses using keyword, locations, course type and more.

This is an ideal plugin for course catalog in higher education or customized learning environments. There are three helpful customized templates with a fully customizable style of each page. Admin can also choose to hide or show any information on pages, as a nice moderation tool.

Additional features include sending full email reports, adding courses in different languages for international students, and track user registrations when course registration is open. All catalog data can also be exported and generated into a CSV file for record-keeping.

Course Catalog Payment Addon

Course Catalog Payment Addon - Running A Course Catalog With Payments

The Course Catalog Payment Add-on is an essential tool for any educator or institution looking to monetize their courses. It allows students to pay via an EDD shopping cart option with manual purchases or online via Stripe.

Students and admins alike are notified by email as soon as a payment is made.

The Course Catalog LMS Plugin is the prerequisite for this add-on. The admin can add different payment ways, track students’ payments history, and view invoices at any time.

Running A Course Catalogue

Running A Course Catalogue - Running A Course Catalog With Payments

Other ways to make online courses more attractive is by creating eye-catching video content, so that students want to take courses and stay engaged with the work.

Having written content is important as well, so not all content is video and people learn in a variety of different formats. You don’t need to rewrite the textbook, but provide key points and explain more vague topics or important information.

Having actionable content is important because it is more interactive and enforces the learning of the topics. Even using a shared Google doc which can be edited for note-taking and given to all students can improve learning and student engagement.

Having a course online is a great idea, but it eliminates part of the classroom environment. It’s important to create a community online, where students can engage with others about the content, ask questions, get feedback. It can also serve as additional support for technical questions or other issues.


Conclusion - Running A Course Catalog With Payments

When it comes to running an online course, your best option is to use WordPress and choose the best plugins which will allow you to create the content you want at an affordable price. Adding payments is essential to online course success, with students able to make course payments online.

Creating a course takes hard work, good content, good WordPress plugin choices, and a good idea. Payments are a great option, and they should never be a hassle. WordPress plugins with payment add-ons are an excellent choice, and then all the focus can be on your content.

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