CreativeMinds Design and Development Process

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Defining and Developing Great Web Products is our Specialty!

Building a successful product must include a clearly articulated understanding of the requirements, the users, the target audience and the potential market.

We take all of these conditions and translate them into a well characterized plan, which defines our approach and strategy for turning your idea into a viable product.

Our Web Product Design and Development Process


During this first stage we aim to understand what is needed to know about the product and the business behind

We achieve this by performing an extensive Research which gives us a clear sense of what the product is all about, a complete understanding of what it offers to users, and what its users need.

The output of the Research is a list of Requirement Specifications. This list defines the scope of the final product, and includes the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Product Objectives and Expectations
  • Target Audiences and Personas
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Functional Requirements
  • Content Requirements
  • Language Selection and Localization
  • Technical Requirements
  • Security Issues
  • Third Party Products & API Technologies
  • Visual Design Guidelines)
  • User Experience Requirements

banner_functional&visual design

Functional and visual design identifies and defines the specifics of the interface, the navigation and the way that the information is displayed.

The output of the design stage provides a clear presentation of the whole process of product design, which acts as a basis from which to communicate with the developers, visual designers & content creators.

The stages of preparing the functional design include:

Defining the product taxonomy

Web Product Design- taxonomy

Drawing user-flows

Web Product Design-user flows

Drawing the wire-frames, based on the taxonomy and user flows

Web Product Design- wireframes

Designing the User Experience

Web Product Design- UEX

banner_product development

Once we have the user requirements and the functional design, we can proceed to product development. This stage usually involves the participation of software developers, the product manager and at least one visual designer.

  • The visual designer is responsible for the visual interpretation of the functional design, and needs to be allowed as much creativity as possible – while keeping in mind all the functionality that is required when creating a superbly rich user experience.
  • All software developers are provided with a detailed technical document that includes an in-depth explanation of the functional design from their point of view.

banner_evaluation of user requirements

We perform usability analysis and quality assurance evaluations throughout the whole process of the product life cycle. This ensures that the product is easy to use and that users have a positive experience. We use both heuristic evaluation methods and user testing sessions.

  • Heuristic evaluation involves an expert review of the product, including a systematic inspection of the user interface design. Its goal is to find the usability problems in the design, so that they can be attended to as part of an iterative design process. Its advantage is that it is usually the quickest and easiest type of evaluation, and can be carried out even during the development phases of the product.
  • User testing sessions are practical experiments that are necessary to find out how ‘real users’ experience the product, and reveal areas that correct any problems in the process of the user experience. However, pragmatic testing models can only be carried out when the product is in final or near-final form, so often this happens at the end of the development process.

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Support, updates, and product maintenance are a major part of our services. We provide technical support and are involved in the ongoing effort to improve the products we develop by constantly adding new features and functions.

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