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Tooltip Glossary Add-Ons Two Addons Bundle for WordPress by CreativeMinds

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If you’re using our CM tooltip glossary plugin, this is a deal for you! A Bundle of two complementing Add-Ons that will enhance your glossary performance by providing additional customization and reports

The bundle includes the following WordPress plugins:

CM Tooltip Glossary WordPress PluginCM Tooltip Glossary Skins add-on (Reg. Price $19)   (View Features) Let’s you change the theme of your tooltip and customize it’s color, shape opacity and more to improve the overall user experience of your glossary.

CM Tooltip Glossary Log & Statistics add-on (Reg. Price $19)   (View Features) Tracks tooltip statistics such as number of tooltip hovers, term link clicks, inside tooltip clicks, term overall impressions, and server loads to help you analyze and improve your glossary content and performance.

A Guide to Using the WordPress Tooltip Plugin's Skins and Statistics Add-ons by CreativeMinds

Prerequisite plugin: CM Tooltip Glossary