The 5 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Small Business Website

The 5 Best WordPress Plugins For Your Small Business Website

Do you own a small business and would like to stand out and leave competition behind? Open source tools such as WordPress make growth more accessible by letting you tailor your internet presence. And it doesn’t have to be complicated: easy-to-use WordPress plugins are a sure-fire way to sell more.

No matter what industry you are in, powering up WordPress with plugins is a tried-and-true strategy. It allows any entrepreneur to balance low investment and efficient results.

Thinking about all that, we set apart some WordPress plugins that are sure to be useful to any small business.

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1) Build Partnerships With a Business Directory

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Centuries ago, John Donne famously wrote that “No man is an island”. The same applies to businesses, much more so in the Information Era.

Making healthy partnerships allow different enterprises to grow together.

But how to start building this trust? The logical answer to that is a Business Directory that lists relevant companies in your area.

CM Business Directory business index

CM Business Directory business index

It should allow you to create a network of trust and recommendations, benefitting you and your audience.

The CM Business Directory is a solution that provides just that – and supports business suggestions and paid entries through add-ons.

Honorable Mention

The Business Directory is one amongst a series of Directory products and add-ons. Other options allow you to create an index of Expert Members and Products, offering many ways to present your best selling points to the market.

All of these options are concentrated in the Essential WordPress Business Directories Bundle.

2) Inform And Allure With Tooltips Glossary

No matter which your industry is, you can attract and retain users by informing them. That shows your company is ready to offer value, instead of only suggesting products and services for purchase.

There are many good examples. Maybe your service deals car parts with technical specifications. Or your online math course struggles to remind students about some key concepts. Alternatively, your dentist clinic’s page hosts a list of definition of procedures.

In all of these cases, the WordPress websites can benefit from a glossary of terms and smart tooltips that appear on mouse hovers.

Tooltip Glossary allows pop-up definitions for any number of terms

Tooltip Glossary allows pop-up definitions for any number of terms

Users will tend to stay in your website for a longer period if they get some sort of value from it. So, even stores can benefit from offering content.

Tooltip Glossary is a sturdy all-in-one solution. Created over for years ago and still receiving major updates, it’s one of the most mature options in the market.

Honorable Mention

A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a wonderful format to present common doubts your audience might have. It works very well in tandem with Tooltips Glossary.

3) Book Appointments With a Live Calendar

Small clinics, tutors and consultants alike struggle with managing their bookings. It’s a process that is often more convoluted than needed and not flexible enough.

That affects users – immensely, in fact. A slick and hassle-free interface is guaranteed to make users look forward to booking your services again.

The CM Booking Calendar is an efficient scheduling plugin for WordPress that offers a self-service scheduling system for 1-on-1 appointments.

It has add-ons that integrate payments directly in WordPress and allow for group meetings, among others.

Honorable Mention

If your audience would like to book the time of your specialists, the best way to display it is with a Member Directory.

4) Invest on Security and Show It

Image of a green keyboard key bearing the symbol of a bold white padlock

Far in the past are the days when cybercrime was a concern of big corporations alone. Now, hackers affect personal computers, small businesses and whoever more they can profit from.

The customers know this. So, it’s essential to maintain a safe website and make the customer feel safe too.

The WordPress HTTPS SSL Plugin is a solution that enables SSL on WordPress sites, helping with the migration from HTTP to HTTPS.

Honorable Mention

Use multi-factor authentication for additional layers of security.

Learn more on the Two-Factor Authentication and Registration Plugins website.

5) Don’t Lose Time With Unnecessary Tasks

Managing a website doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

It should be a straightforward experience, with streamlined process to make sure you don’t lose time with obstacles such as spam, errors, incomplete user profiles or even replacing content.

The Admin Area Tools plugin is the perfect response to that, seeing as it was built after reviewing many articles with various suggestion on how to improve the WordPress admin dashboard.

From health checks to revision control, it gives you many tools to adjust WordPress to make it even easier to work with.

Honorable Mention

For extra power, the Admin Tools Bundle provides many resources that make managing your website faster than ever.


Owning a small business is an intense and hard endeavour. It can be scary, but also very rewarding, financially but not only.

In this journey, flexible and cost-conscious tools such as WordPress plugins are there to help you.

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