RankMath vs Keyword Hound | SEO WordPress Plugins Showdown!

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SEO WordPress plugins help boost your site’s rank. Here we look at two of the best. It’s time for a RankMath comparison with SEO Keyword Hound.

RankMath vs Keyword Hound | SEO WordPress Plugins Showdown!

WordPress plugins that were created to perform search engine optimization are increasingly popular, with more and more options becoming available all the time. SEO is a major factor in determining how visible your content is in search engines and there are plenty of WordPress plugins that can help with this.

SEO WordPress - RankMath Versus Keyword Hound|SEO WordPress Plugins Showdown!

Having excellent SEO is vital to the success of your website, and the key is to choose the correct SEO WordPress plugin for your business. SEO also refers to unpaid results and excludes direct traffic as well as paid placement.

WordPress plugins that exist to only improve search engine optimization are very popular, with more and more options becoming available all the time. There are only a handful which are truly top-rated and go in-depth to make sure your content is the most optimal to be found in search engine results.

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SEO Keyword Hound

The SEO Keyword Hound Plugin by CreativeMinds is a fully streamlined keyword management tool that recommends which keywords to use based on how well your competitors are doing.

This tool tells users where to put each keyword, based on how your competitors already are. A competitive keyword analysis is the main focus of this one-of-a-kind plugin. This process is completed in just five simple steps.

Keyword Hound keyword comparison - Keyword comparison for competitive analysis - RankMath Versus Keyword Hound|SEO WordPress Plugins Showdown!

Keyword comparison for competitive analysis

1) Targeting Search Queries

The first step is to build a list of targeted search queries you want your content to rank for. By adding these into the SEO plugin, you will easily be able to see which pages and keywords are outranking the ones you are using.

Next, it’s easy to use those targeted search queries to add to your content and by doing so you are increasing your search engine ranking. It should be noted that this is an ongoing process, you will have to do it more than once, as SEO is always changing.

2) Find Your Biggest Competitors

The plugin itself can build this list, by pulling all of the top results from Google’s search engine results page (SERP). The admin can easily add these competitors by clicking one button on SEO Hound tool, as well as create multiple lists and export them to other webpages.

3) Creating a Keyword List

Creating a Keyword List - RankMath Versus Keyword Hound|SEO WordPress Plugins Showdown!

The keyword list tracks all the keywords added and can include alternate spellings (which is helpful for global reach and foreign language translations), abbreviations and all possible combinations of a keyword.

4) Finding Your Competitors Highest Ranking Keywords

Your content is completely compared to your competitor’s content to see what keywords they are using, and where the keyword are. Also, how often these keywords appear in the content is shown on the list right next to the keyword for easy viewing.

5) Tracking the Optimization Success of Your Keywords

All page metrics are tracked as well as optimization changes, so it’s easy to pull up a chart and see what keywords are working and if you need to change your optimization strategy. This is essential within a RankMath comparison, as only Keyword Hound provides it.

This SEO WordPress plugin is available as part of the All Access WordPress Plugin Bundle for $249, and includes 99+ plugins as well as future plugins and 1 year of full support and updates.

Tracking the Optimization Success of Your Keywords - Keyword Hound Graph - RankMath Versus Keyword Hound|SEO WordPress Plugins Showdown!

Keyword Hound shows impressions and conversions of one product page over a period of one year

RankMath Comparison

RankMath is one of the top completely free WordPress plugins for creating SEO content and improving your search engine ranking. There is a simple step-by-step installation wizard with a user-friendly interface. This is essential to know for any RankMath comparison.

The plugin also uses a modular framework, giving the admin complete control of the website and content. Simply enable or disable the modules as you need to or decide which ones you want to use. Also, the plugin code has been fully optimized for speed, so the plugin is as fast and as accurate as possible.

In addition, the plugin provides advanced previews of improved SEO content, so admin can see how the content will look when it appears in search engines or on social media. There is also a 404 monitor, XML sitemap, redirection manager, external link counter and more.

Keyword Hound Stats - RankMath Versus Keyword Hound|SEO WordPress Plugins Showdown!

RankMath is a helpful SEO WordPress option because it is integrated with Google Search Console, which allows you to view all your on-page SEO from the admin dashboard all in one place. Another nice feature is the ability to manage the meta tags for noindex, nofollow, and noarchive.

This plugin also includes which keywords your website is ranking for, as well as the overall search impressions for keywords. RankMath provides the admin with the errors that Google finds on your web pages and in content so they can be changed or removed.


These two search engine optimization plugins listed in this article have a variety of different features and are designed to improve search engine optimization for content in different ways. That is why it is key to examine both WordPress plugins and determine which one is the best option for your WordPress website.

Conclusion - RankMath Versus Keyword Hound|SEO WordPress Plugins Showdown!

The SEO Keyword Hound is a unique plugin that allows for an admin to track their competitor’s keywords when no other plugin can do this. RankMath is a great SEO tool with integration from Google Search Console, so all your SEO information can be accessed on your dashboard.

Search engine optimization is constantly changing, so the keywords used in content and on web pages also need to be changed and updated, in order for content to appear on the first page of a search engine.

SEO plugins exist to make this process much more user-friendly, by tracking the changes and making good SEO suggestions. SEO can be a time consuming and difficult task, so plugins like the ones mentioned above do all of this work so you don’t have to.

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