WordPress Plugins That Support Integration With PeepSo

CreativeMinds has an assortment of plugins that help enhance possibilities of your own social media provided by PeepSo.

WordPress PeepSo Integration Examples

  • Let users add locations to Google Maps on your site – CM Map Locations
  • Build your own knowledge base of definitions and engage your users to that process – CM Tooltip Glossary
  • Bring a gamification system to your social media by rewarding and charging users for different actions – CM MicroPayments

WordPress Plugins With PeepSo Integration

The following products connect with a PeepSo plugin. Almost an all cases, a PeepSo-addon is required.

This information is specified in both the product page and documentation.

WordPress Add-ons With PeepSo Integration

The following add-ons build up on the plugins, allowing them to integrate to PeepSo user profiles.

PeepSo Support Frequently Asked Questions

What is PeepSo?

PeepSo is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a social platform similar to Facebook on your website.

Learn more from their website: PeepSo – Build Your Own Online Community and Business.

Why Do I Need PeepSo?

Engage people to your site by building a strong community and letting people spend more time on your site communicating with each other.

Is PeepSo Free?

Yes. You can download it for free from your WordPress installation.

Note that PeepSo also offers extensions, themes, or other versions that are paid. You can learn more in:

How do I Integrate CM Plugins to PeepSo?

Each product’s documentation covers the particularities of the process.

For a general view, check the documentation articles at PeepSo Integrations – CreativeMinds Products Documentation.

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