Marketplace Minimum Order Amount Module for Magento 2 By CreativeMinds

Marketplace Minimum Order Amount Module for M2

Entice all customers to spend and buy more while shopping on your Marketplace! For each vendor, you can define a minimum order amount or quantity of products per day or order.
Customers will only be able to complete the order from a specific vendor if they meet the minimum quantity or amount defined by the vendor.
This module requires the CreativeMinds’ Marketplace Multi-Vendor extension for Magento 2 in order to work.
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Tested up to
CE: 2.1.X, 2.2.X, 2.3.X, 2.4.X
EE: 2.1.X, 2.2.X, 2.3.X, 2.4.X
July 26, 2022
5.7 - 8.2.X

Increase Average Order Value (AOV) in M2 Marketplace!

Entice customers to spend high amounts or buy many items before completing the order! If the requirement is not met, the customer won’t be able to check out.

Minimum Order Amount and Quantity

Only allow customers to checkout if they spend a minimum and/or buy a certain quantity of items.

The restrictions are applied for each order or once a day.

Boost AOV with the Minimum Order Amount Module for M2 Marketplace!

Customer can't complete order
Customer can't complete order

What are Minimum Order Restrictions?

Setting supplier restrictions
Setting supplier restrictions
Restrictions are set for each supplier. They prevent customers from checking out until they meet the requirement you set.

They compel customers to complete make sure your suppliers the most of each purchase.

Restrictions Per Suppliers

The rules are applied per vendor - help each supplier with a specific AOV strategy.

Choose if the restriction will be applied on each order or once a day.

Setting vendor restriction
Setting vendor restriction

Marketplace Minimum Order Module Use Cases

Customers can only shop if they…

  • Minimum Amount – spend at least $200 on each order. Ideal for increasing revenue
  • Minimum Quantity – add at least 5 items to the cart on each order. Perfect for clearing out cheap products
  • Minimum Amount and Quantity – spend at least $150 and add 4 items to the cart each day. Great for boosting overall AOV

Marketplace Minimum Order Module Related Resources

Marketplace Minimum Order Module Prerequisite Extension

You need to have the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension installed before using this module.

Marketplace Minimum Order Module Detailed Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this module.

Minimum Amount – The cart must have a certain value
Minimum Quantity – The cart must have a certain number of items before checkout
Amount and Quantity – The cart must both have a certain number of items and certain amount before checkout
Vendor-Specific – Assign a different restriction for every seller
Warning Message – Users who try to purchase without meeting the requirements will see a warning on the Cart Page
Smart Warning – The message helps the user by noting what is missing (cart value or items amount)
Considers Taxes, Discount Codes – Takes into account order modifiers, making the rule more reliable

Marketplace Minimum Order Module Additional Modules

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Marketplace Minimum Order Module Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Which restrictions can I set?

  • Minimum order amount (for instance, $100).
  • Minimum order quantity (for instance, 5 units).
  • Minimum order and quantity (for instance, $100 and 5 units).

Are taxes, shipping costs and discount codes taken in account?

How the module treats these order modifiers:

  • Taxes – Takes in account. A higher tax may help reaching the required amount
  • Discount Codes – Takes in account. A discount may prevent a user from reaching the required amount
  • Shipping – Does not take in account.

How can the admin set rules?

Once the module is enabled, an option “Minimum Order” will be available when editing each supplier.

Learn more:Minimum Order Module – General Usage.

What is the benefit of this module?

Setting a minimum order helps boosting AOV (Average Order Value). It brings more value to each order and customer.

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