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Let the admin and managers transfer funds to the vendors by using the PayPal Integration module. The vendors will receive admin payments after associating their PayPal emails with their supplier accounts.

The module requires the CreativeMinds’ Marketplace Multi Vendor extension for Magento 2 in order to work.

Marketplace PayPal Vendor Payments Module for Magento 2

The PayPal Integration module is a useful fast processing tool aimed to make vendors payments using their PayPal accounts.

Complete Payments Automatically

Vendors can receive admin payments directly via PayPal.

You can decide how vendors should be paid:

Marketplace Billing Reports
Marketplace Billing Reports
  1. Automatically after order is placed – Once the customer places the order (it has not been shipped and invoiced), the payments will be sent to the supplier’s PayPal account automatically.
  2. Automatically after order is completed – Once the admin completes the order (it has been shipped and invoiced), the payments will be sent to the vendor’s PayPal account automatically.
  3. Manually through the Backend – Registers the order as paid, for bookkeeping purposes (doesn’t involve PayPal).

In the last two cases, the payment will be sent to the vendor’s PayPal account with admin fees deducted.

Supplier PayPal Accounts

Associate supplier PayPal accounts with their vendors accounts in the Backend and Frontend.
Connecting Supplier PayPal Accounts
Connecting Supplier PayPal Accounts

Your suppliers can also add their PayPal email themselves, from the vendor portal.

PayPal Payout Payments
PayPal Payout Payments

PayPal Payout Payments

Update requested vendors payments in a separate section in the Backend. You are able to manage and track all payments in one place.
Configure API Settings
Configure API Settings

Easy API Settings

Configure the Payouts API in one place to make PayPal payments to multiple PayPal accounts in a single API call.

Now it’s easier to view all PayPal payouts information and update the payment status in one click if necessary.

Using the PayPal Marketplace Multi-Vendor Module

  • Process small transaction automatically
  • Send payments to vendors through PayPal in the US, India and anywhere in the world
  • Build vendors loyalty through a quick and easy payment process
  • Reduce many of the risks in your current payment system such as fraud by automating vendors payments

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Marketplace Multiple Vendors Per Product Module Prerequisite Extension

You need to have the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension installed before using this module.

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PayPal Vendor Payments Module Advanced Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this module.

Pay After Order is Placed – The commission is automatically sent to the vendor’s PayPal email
Payments After Order is Completed – The payment is automatically sent to the vendor’s PayPal account after the order is shipped and invoiced
Manual Payments – Register each payment as completed, for bookkeeping purposes
Select Currency – Choose from dollars, euros, yens and more based on PayPal app configuration
Optimized API – Make PayPal payments to multiple PayPal accounts in a single API call
Simple Setting – Associate suppliers to their PayPal accounts in one place
Vendors Setting – Let your vendors connect their accounts with their PayPal email

Magento Marketplace PayPal Vendor Payments Module Additional Requirements and Customization

Let us know if you are missing any marketplace functionality. We can help you customize the extension to meet your specific needs and business requirements.

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Marketplace PayPal Vendor Payments module Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this extension.

Why do I need to use this module?

The PayPal Integration module is a useful tool that will let the admin complete payments and send the payments directly to the Suppliers’ PayPal accounts.

Once your supplier connects their PayPal email with your Magento 2 account, the payment process will be much faster and go directly to PayPal.

Use the module to automate the payment process. It is a convenient payment tool that will save time by completing the payments manually and automatically.

What are the benefits of using this module?

By using the PayPal Integration module you can automate the payment process and send suppliers’ money directly to their PayPal account.

If it’s convenient for suppliers to use their PayPal for running a business, save your time and money and send the payments to suppliers after customer’s purchases are completed.

How to associate suppliers with their PayPal accounts?

There are two ways to connect supplier PayPal accounts: from the admin side and the supplier side.

1. Go to Suppliers, choose one of them and navigate to Account Information.

2. Then Add the supplier PayPal email in the relevant input box.

The PayPal account associated with this email will automatically be linked to the Magento payment system.

Supplier can also add their PayPal email on the vendor page by going to Settings → My Profile Page on their Supplier Dashboard. After the payment is completed, the supplier will receive a notification (the e-mail is specified in the field) about the sent payment and the link to the Paypal website.

How can I pay vendors manually?

After installing the module you can use Billing Report to track and make vendors payment. To create a manual payment, navigate to Suppliers → Billing Report. In the list pick the necessary payment and click the Create Manual Payment link. Then enter all the necessary values and the payment will be completed.

Marketplace Multi-Vendor PayPal Module Release Notes

Extension First Release 1st April 2019

We Accept All Major Credit Cards
Accepted payment methods include all Credit Cards and PayPal