Help Users With The WordPress Help Desk Plugin by CreativeMinds

Ditsa Keren

One of the top CreativeMinds plugins to improve user experience is the CM On-boarding plugin.

Help Users With The WordPress Help Desk Plugin by CreativeMinds

This help service plugin allows you to create content which is quickly accessible using a widget from a single page or post, sparing users from the need to navigate and move through different pages on your site.

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How CM On-boarding plugin works:

The on-boarding widget can be placed on the side of your home page, or any other page you chose, and is mostly recommended for landing pages.

In fact, the Pro edition of this plugin allows you to place the on-boarding widget on all pages at once, while selecting different content types to display on each page.

On Boarding Front-End Interface - WordPress Help Desk Plugin by CreativeMinds

On Boarding Front-End Interface

WordPress Help Desk Plugin From the User Perspective

On the front end, visitors can open the on-boarding widget by clicking an icon at the side of the selected page, which will open the widget displaying the html content that has been pre-defined by the admin. Such content may include help pages, videos, images, audio players, quick links, menus, contact information, and basically any content you wish to promote.

Why use our WordPress Help Desk Plugin

By using the on-boarding plugin, you can expose your visitors to particular pages, and quickly introduce them to what your site is all about.

Admin settings include many customization options:

  • Choosing the clickable on-boarding widget icon
  • Choosing the widget skin
  • Choose between display modules: Select, accordion or slider
  • Show or hide widget search bar
  • Add logo to the top of the widget and a footer at the bottom
  • Customize the location of the on-boarding icon
  • Much more!

And much much more, as shown in the plugin screenshot bellow:

OnBoarding Settings - WordPress Help Desk Plugin - WordPress Help Desk Plugin by CreativeMinds

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