Product Page Design: 6 Best Practice Tips

Abigail Miller

Shoppers have high expectations for product pages. Is your product page design up to scratch?

Product Page Design: 6 Best Practice Tips

An example of shoppers particular expectations for product page design comes from a survey by Salsify, that found shoppers in the US expect an average of six images and three videos per product.

Your product page is essentially the make it or break it moment for visitors. It’s where they either convert into a customer, or turn away from you completely. This means that good product page design is integral to the success of your store.

Before you start to panic, know that we’re here to help.

In this blog, we run through product page design tips and best practices – helping you make a killer product page that will convert visitors into customers.

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Product Page Design Tips and Best Practices

Product Page Design Tips

Be Informative…

One downside of shopping online is that you don’t have the product in front of you before you buy. You can’t touch it to assess the quality, you don’t know how big or small it is, you can’t even truly be sure of the color.

For all of these details, shoppers rely on the description. That means your product descriptions need to be as informative as possible.

Good product descriptions should include price, dimensions, color, materials, and weight where appropriate.

Don’t bury this information, either. No shopper wants to waste time hunting through a website to find out basic product info. All of this information should be immediately visible, particularly the price!

…But Keep It Concise…

Avoid overloading your product pages with text. After all, most internet users tend to skim read.

If you do want to give additional details, consider giving shoppers the option to toggle between the description and product specifications. This stops the product page from becoming too overloaded and overwhelming.

Use High Quality Images

Images are everything when it comes to killer product page design.

As mentioned earlier, online shopping has a significant downside in that you can’t see the product IRL before you commit to a purchase. As a result, high quality imagery that shows your products in the best light is a necessity. Good quality images can help increase conversion rates and boost your sales.

It might cost more, but it’s always worth hiring a professional to shoot your products. Show your products off from multiple angles or even go one step further with 360 degree videos.

Whatever you choose, your images and/or videos should be front and center of your product page design.

Include Customer Reviews

Another killer product page design tip is to include customer reviews on each individual product page.

Including customer reviews is the number one way to provide social proof. Hearing from happy customers – and sometimes even unhappy ones! – can convert visitors into customers. This is because online shoppers tend to trust the word of fellow consumers over brands.

Even the occasional negative review can do the trick. It shows that the product is real, and that your business isn’t whitewashing feedback – a practice which can look equally untrustworthy.

If you’re nervous about the prospect of reviews, check our our guide on best practice tips for handling reviews.

Be Upfront About Your Policies

On the topic of building consumer confidence, it’s also important to be upfront about your policies.

This includes any shipping fees customers might incur, and your all important returns policy.

The number one cause of cart abandonment is unexpected fees at the checkout – so make sure any costs are clearly stated on your product pages.

Your returns policy is also vital information for online shoppers. Consumers like to know that they will be protected if something goes wrong or their order isn’t what they expected. Clearly stating your returns policy is a sure-fire way to build more trust in you and your brand.

Product Page Design Tips

Make Them Mobile Friendly

The importance of making your product pages mobile friendly can’t be overstated.

Imagine you’re online shopping. You do a cursory Google search for the product you’re looking for and come across a page with the perfect title and meta description. You click the link, only to be taken to a page that is so glitchy it’s practically unusable. Text flies around the screen, images overlap, and every time you try to scroll the page goes blank.

Sounds frustrating, right?

It’s essential that you don’t put your would-be customers through this.

Positive user experience is everything when it comes to online shopping, so it’s really important to make sure your product page design is mobile friendly. That means incorporating responsive design into your website from the very start, or at least having a mobile version of your website available.

Put It All Together for Killer eCommerce Product Page Design

Product Page Design Tips

Excellent product page design is integral for the success of your store. Combining the tips listed here is a sure-fire way to improve your eCommerce product page design.

Every part of your website is important, but your product pages are perhaps the most vital when it comes to converting visitors into customers.

By providing high quality images, concise but informative descriptions, and sublime user experience it can build trust in what you have to offer and encourage users to click that ‘Add to Cart’ button.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful – check out our blog for more eCommerce tips, tricks, and latest news.

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