How To Find the Best WordPress Mobile Theme

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A good WordPress theme is essential. A mobile friendly theme is even better.

How To Find the Best WordPress Mobile Theme

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems. WordPress is ideal for both beginners and more advanced users of web design, is affordable and has plenty of themes, plugins and other items to add to create a truly unique web experience.

WordPress themes totally show the look and feel of a website and many times are the first impression that people get when they visit your website. A WordPress theme is a collection of templates that order the appearance of a WordPress page.

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There are thousands of themes which are already available to people with WordPress, both free and paid, with more and more being added every day. Themes also come with updates and are fully customizable to provide your website and products or services with the aesthetic that you want.

In the digital age, people are tending to use personal devices more and more. Everyone seems to have a smartphone with apps or a laptop or tablet, which they use for business as well. This means that a good chunk of people are using mobile devices to browse online and access WordPress websites.

How To Find the Best WordPress Mobile Theme

For WordPress websites to show up properly on mobile devices, they need to have a mobile responsive theme. A mobile responsive theme will automatically adjust the pages to fit into the user’s screen size, whether it’s on a laptop, tablet smartphone or desktop.

WordPress websites that don’t use mobile responsive themes can be more frustrating for users who cannot easily see your content and won’t stay on your website. Each year, the percentage of people using mobile devices increases, who a mobile responsive theme is becoming an essential tool.

In addition, mobile themes can add additional functionality your WordPress website without compromising the look and feel. Another added benefit is that mobile responsive themes tend to be SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.

What Are WordPress Theme Requirements

What Are WordPress Theme  Requirements - How To Find the Best WordPress Mobile Theme

There are three helpful elements to any successful mobile responsive WordPress theme. First, it’s important that the theme is mobile responsive and will work on any device. Second, the theme should have good support options since it’s essential to your website running properly. Finally, the theme should be SEO friendly.

Before you pick a WordPress theme, you need to decide that the priority of your WordPress website will be. You want to pick a theme which offers features that bets suit your needs. You can do this be reading reviews and researching top rated WordPress themes.

A WordPress theme is a major part of your WordPress website, so it’s important that the theme Is fully compatible and won’t cause any issues with your website. First, you want to check if a theme is mobile responsive. Many themes are not currently mobile responsive, as it’s a more recent added functionality that is now in high demand.

Next, it’s important to choose a WordPress theme that is fully compatible with the browser that you will be using it with. Major web browsers that people use with WordPress include Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (Mac users).

If you purchase a theme, you want to know it’s compatible first. Most themes allow you to check for browser compatibility by trying out the demo version in your browser. Also, check out the technical support options. It can be helpful to have someone walk you through troubleshooting an issue, and it saves time.

How To Find WordPress Themes

How To Find WordPress Themes - How To Find the Best WordPress Mobile Theme

WordPress themes are available through WordPress directories and marketplaces. These directories are basically like an app store for WordPress users to find themes (or plugins) that they might want to use for their WordPress website.

The theme directory is the most well-known directory and currently it has the largest selection of WordPress themes available for users. These themes are both free and paid options, and all of the themes added are reviewed and meet required security and quality standards.

This is a good option for users who are just starting out or want a free theme, which will have limited functionality in comparison to the premium version. Getting a theme from here is a good way to know you will get a compatible theme with less issues as well.

The WordPress theme directory is even available through your WordPress dashboard. Simply navigate to the “Appearance” tab on the backend sidebar and choose “Themes” from the drop down menu, and search for themes in the tab results page.

It’s also important to check the description of a WordPress theme to ensure that it will accomplish what you need it to. Also, check when the last update of the theme was, so you know that improvements are being made and bugs are being fixed.

Themes are also available in theme marketplaces and in WordPress there are a few good options. Good theme marketplaces include Themeforest, MOJO Marketplace, Element Themes, and StudioPress.

All of these marketplaces have thousands of themes which can be searched through. Many of these theme marketplaces are not free however, you need to pay a fee to access them. Paid access also means you get quality theme options with great security, code, optimization, plugin options and more.

Using Mobile-Friendly Plugins

Using Mobile-Friendly Plugins - How To Find the Best WordPress Mobile Theme

Finally, it’s essential to have an assortment of responsible WordPress plugins to power up your site. It’s no good to have a site that runs smoothly on mobile devices only on its simplest pages.

Be sure to choose plugins that have been developer with mobile users in mind.

Some examples are Tooltip Glossary WordPress plugin and CM Answers WordPress forum plugin. Both have features to ease up the use from any device.

For more options, check the WP plugins catalog.


Having a theme on your WordPress website is an essential tool for your WordPress success. It’s even more important that the theme you choose should be mobile responsive so that users can access your WordPress website on any device, which will improve your website traffic.

Themes are available from the directory as well as many different theme marketplaces. There are thousands of WordPress themes to choose from and you can easily filter by free, paid, style, recently updated and more to find the right theme for you.

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