Email Notifications: Why and How to Use Them (Best Tips)

Courtney Jones

Email notifications are a great way to keep your website users in the loop. Here’s how to make the most of them.

Email Notifications: Why and How to Use Them (Best Tips)

These days, everyone has access to a computer or a smartphone. Technology keeps us connected. Devices allow us to interact in multiple ways – from texts to emails to the many messaging services out there.

All of this communication can be overwhelming and usually needs to be organized or prioritized. One way to stay on top of your emails is to use email notifications. Email notifications can be a way to stay on top of priority information as you are immediately notified via email of any changes.

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What are email notifications? Email notifications are emails sent to inform someone of specific changes or updates to a website or a service. Email notifications can be used to alert people to new products or services, website maintenance and more/

Email notifications also have other uses. Because so many people use emails on a daily basis, it’s an ideal avenue for communication. Emails have a high open rate because they are conveying important information which is not necessarily promotional.

In addition, email notifications area quick and simple way to keep customers up to date on changes or updates. Using email notifications is a good way to alert people in mass that updates or happening or changes that affect them have been made.

Email Notifications: Why and How Use Them (Best Tips)

Another function of email notifications are that they help with customer retention for your website. Email notifications are a way to keep in touch with consumers so they don’t forget about you.

Also, email notifications have no character limit and the size of the content that email notifications include is not limited as well. It’s a regular email which can be viewed on any device that sends and receives emails.

It’s also simple for admin to fully customize templates for your email notifications. In the settings, admin can choose to use HTML or plain text emails. They can also set preferences for emailing clients, including the look and feel of the template and the frequently that email notifications are sent out once or in bulk.

1) Best Email Notification Examples

Best Email Notification Examples - Email Notifications: Why and How Use Them (Best Tips)

Many WordPress plugins allow you to send email notifications when changes are made. There are many different types of plugins which have email notifications, as they are an essential function of any website.

MicroPayments Plugin

The MicroPayment Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds lets users create and customize a virtual currency, loyalty program, and digital wallet system. Users can cash in points to purchase real goods, or trade them with other users.

Email notifications can also be triggered notification, which means that the notifications send automatically or you can set them up to send automatically the first time a certain action is performed on a website.

Registration Plugin

The Registration plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds adds a user registration and login pop-up box on a WordPress page. Admin can receive email notifications when users register for your WordPress website.

Email notifications are important for registrations because users have to input their information to the website and receive an email confirmation that they are a registered user. These notifications allow users to confirm their registrations and use a website.

Business Directory

Business Directory - Email Notifications: Why and How Use Them (Best Tips)

Business Directory Community Add-On

This Business Directory Community Add-On for WordPress by CreativeMinds allows non logged-in users to add a new business, or claim one that already exists. This add-on requires the installation of the Business Directory plugin as well.

When a user submits a business listing, the admin gets an email notification in order to moderate it. When a listing is approved, the owner gets an email with a password to manage the page. Email notifications are also sent out when a password is forgotten and needs to be reset.

Business Directory Payments Add-On

This Business Directory Payments Add-On lets admin charge a fee for publishing a new business listing, or renew a business listing. When a new business is added, the user will receive an email with a payment link.

Member Expert Directory

The WordPress Members Directory plugin lets users build a professional directory in a specific niche. Admin are sent email notifications when listings are claimed or submitted for moderation. Also, users are sent email notifications when profiles require payments.

Member Directory Payments

The Member Directory Payments Add-on for WordPress by CreativeMinds charges users for publishing a new listing or renewing and existing listing in the directory. When a new member is added, a user receives an email notification that includes payment link

M2 Marketplace

M2 Marketplace - Email Notifications: Why and How Use Them (Best Tips)

The M2 Marketplace extension by CreativeMinds is a good way to turn your Magento eCommerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace. This allows many different sellers to sell products, as well as manage shipping and inventory on one dashboard.

Email notifications are useful for managing, update and tracking products and orders as well as alert customers to vendor subscription payments. Admin can easily be alerted to

M2 Review Incentive

This Product Review Incentive Extension for Magento 2 by CreativeMinds allows admin to send automatic product review incentive emails. Email notifications go out for product review email incentives for users. Also to encourage customers to write customer reviews.


Email notifications are a very essential tool for any website. Emails itself is a helpful tool to easy communicate information to customers and for admin. These notifications can help organize content and prioritize information for everyone who has access to it.

Email notifications are useful for retaining your customers, as you always have a way to connect with them and remind them of new information or content. This can also help with your website traffic to keep people coming back.

WordPress plugins tend to have email notifications as a way to communicate changes to admin and let customers know about changes. So email notifications are a great tool for WordPress plugins and are in quite a few of them.

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