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3 Amazing Wordpress Appointment Booking Plugins in 2020

3 Amazing WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins in 2020

These WordPress appointment booking systems significantly reduce the tedious back and forth of setting and confirming appointments.

Using a WordPress plugin to setup and organize your appointment bookings is an ideal choice for your WordPress website, as it helps organize appointments and improves both user-friendliness and customer service.

Having a simple and effective appointment booking process is a great user-friendly addition to any online business. There are many different booking plugins available and many of them have various features for creating a fully functional online booking system for WordPress, but a few really rise to the top.

There are seven important features which make up a good WordPress appointment booking plugin. These features include multiple appointment calendars, payment support, appointment length settings, fully customized booking information, appointment approvals, being able to define availability, and fully mobile booking.

The three WordPress appointment booking plugins in this list all deliver on these seven features and include many more. They are also user-friendly and cost-effective solutions for appointment booking with WordPress.

Appointment Booking Plugin

Appointment Booking Plugin - 3 Amazing WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins in 2020

This efficient online scheduling plugin from CreativeMinds offers a way to easily schedule appointments in WordPress. All in one dashboard, users can easily schedule one on one appointments on multiple calendars, which also improves overall customer service.

One unique feature of this appointment booking plugin is that users can block availability dates and the time zone is automatically adjusted to where the customer is located so there is no confusion of when the appointment is scheduled.

CM Appointments Booking Pro
Booking Calendar
Add beautiful, responsive calendars to your website and let visitors schedule appointments. Each calendar has its flexible schedule and number of spots. Customers can easily schedule bookings via a customizable booking form. Supports payment via add-on.
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The pro version of this booking calendar plugin is available for a one-time payment of $39 for 1 website, and $79 for up to 5 websites. This plugin also has helpful payment add-ons and integrates well with other plugins, which improves overall SEO and makes them more compatible with websites.

Additional features of this plugin include that the admin can decide a minimum and a maximum time from which customers can book a new appointment, so no one monopolizes the calendar. Each calendar has an individual moderator to discuss booking requests with customers if needed.

This appointment plugin supports reCaptcha, as well as the ability to put calendars on all pages and areas of your WordPress website, so booking appointments is more user-friendly and accessible.

StartBooking Plugin

StartBooking is a full-service booking form and appointment calendar plugin for WordPress. This plugin is completely user-friendly and adds booking forms to your WordPress website easily. StartBooking is also easily integrated with Google Calendar, so your appointments can be easily accessed on your mobile devices.

Admin can simply log in to their plugin dashboard to see all appointments that have been scheduled. Adding booking forms to any page or post on your WordPress website is also super easy, as admin can use a variety of different shortcodes to place different booking forms on pages.

StartBooking allows a fourteen day free trial for all users. Users can also enjoy the ability to schedule unlimited appointments. This plugin is ideal for both small businesses and large businesses due to its simple integration.

appointment booking

Some key features of SmartBooking are the ability to deliver class and group booking, 24/7 access to the booking calendar, and reminder notifications so once your appointments are booked you won’t forget them.

A helpful walkthrough demo is available on the website as well. The individual plan is seven dollars a month, while the business plan is sixteen dollars a month. Both plans include unlimited sites, unlimited appointments, group booking, customized emails, WordPress integration, third-party payment integration, full customer support and onboarding.

WP Simple Booking Calendar Plugin

The WP Simple Booking Calendar is a user-friendly option for a booking calendar and appointment plugin with helpful features and a simple interface. The plugin is available for free from WordPress.org, and users can simply add a booking calendar to any page or post with a simple shortcode.

One helpful feature of this plugin is the simple integration with Google Calendar, iCal and even websites like AirBnb whose entire business model is focused on booking calendars. Users can easily alter availability dates and selections with a few simple clicks.

appointment booking

There are three pricing options including personal business, and developer – all with yearly subscriptions. The personal plan is $39for one website, the business plan is $69 for 5 websites, and the developer plan is $139 for unlimited websites. Full updates, support and documentation are included with annual renewals available.


Conclusion - 3 Amazing WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins in 2020

Most appointment booking plugins include user-friendly appointment setting options so customers can easily find and book appointments for services. Having a mobile-friendly option is another big advantage for appointment booking plugins, so customers can book on the go through mobile devices if needed.

There are seven very useful features which most good appointment booking plugins have, and all three of the plugins in this list have them. These plugins also have other helpful features which set them apart from other booking plugins, including affordability and user-friendliness.

Using an appointment booking system to directly receive payments can also promote a more positive customer service experience, encouraging customers to buy more products and improving traffic to your website.The possibilities for using an appointment booking system on your WordPress website are endless.

In the digital age, it’s important to have an appointment scheduler on your WordPress website, as this is a major reason why customers are visiting your website. Choosing the right appointment plugin for your website is key to your business success as well.

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