7 ESSENTIAL WordPress Plugins for Publishing

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These WordPress plugins for publishing are the best of the best.

7 ESSENTIAL WordPress Plugins for Publishing

Creating content is now easier than ever, and that applies especially to WordPress, empowered by thousands of available tools. But, with so many options to choose from, we may get lost in testing. So, it’s essential to go for reliable, tried-and-true WordPress plugins for publishing.

Here we present seven powerful contenders, which are consistently updated, upgraded and assessed.

They are part of the Essential WordPress Publishing Tools Plugin Bundle, a collection of tools that empower users to create and manage content in the most efficient way possible.

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1) Tooltip Glossary Ecommerce Edition

Tooltip Glossary Ecommerce Edition - 7 ESSENTIAL WordPress Plugins for Publishing

WHAT Allows any website to host multiple glossaries of terms and definitions, displaying this information in a pleasant and engaging way.

Each term receives its own page and can have abbreviations, synonyms and variations. The plugin is UTF-8 compliant and supports every major language.

WHY Managing glossaries is an easy way to create quality content, show credibility and even improve SEO. The plugin has been downloaded over 200,000 times. Also, the bundle includes the Ecommerce version, which includes payment integration.

USES Organizing Content, Building Content, SEO.

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2) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Pro

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Pro - 7 ESSENTIAL WordPress Plugins for Publishing

WHAT Powers the management of a comprehensive knowledge base on your WordPress site. Users can search through categories and vote for the best answers.

The FAQ can be displayed by a customizable float widget and supports multiple lists, making it easy to organize all information.

WHY FAQs are a sure way to show your audience that you care about their experience with your products or services. This applies equally to small niche blogs and a huge Ecommerce.

USES Organizing Content, SEO, Engagement.

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3) Table of Contents

CM Table of Contents Plugin - 7 ESSENTIAL WordPress Plugins for Publishing

WHAT Helps users easily navigate your website posts while adding an easy-to-use navigation section to the header. To further enhance usability, you can use tags, classes and personalize ordering.

Tables can be created automatically based on the context and easily adjusted with multiple styling tools.

WHY Internet users are easily distracted. By presenting the content in an organized fashion, webmasters are sure to increase the time their audience spends on the website.

USES Organizing Content, Improving User Retention.

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4) Footnotes Pro

Footnotes Pro - 7 ESSENTIAL WordPress Plugins for Publishing

WHAT Supports adding footnotes to any post on your WordPress site. These can be imported and exported using .CSV files, and fully customized.

All footnotes can be viewed from a central index page, that also displays related posts.

WHY Many types of content, such as research papers and academic articles, require the use of footnotes, end notes, bibliography notes, footnote citations, footnotes images and more. All of these are enabled by using the plugin.

USES Organizing Content, Research or Academic or Scientific Articles.

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5) Curated List Manager

Curated List Manager - 7 ESSENTIAL WordPress Plugins for Publishing

WHAT Lets users organize links and content around diverse categories, displaying them as a curated collection. Images, links, subtitles and more are supported.

The lists can be placed inside pages or posts and also on a bundled widget. This flexibility ensures you can reach the audience easily.

WHY The Curated List Manager is versatile, being suitable for reading and assignments indexes. It’s a particularly great tool for content marketing and for building a WordPress knowledge base and sharing it in an engaging way.

USES Organizing Content, Attracting Audience.

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6) Curated RSS Aggregator

Curated RSS Aggregator - 7 ESSENTIAL WordPress Plugins for Publishing

WHAT Allows importing, merging and displaying Curated RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site. Multiple RSS feeds can be aggregated into one list following filters set by the admin.

The plugin can store multiple lists with any number of feeds, allowing any website to concentrate a huge load of information.

WHY With so much content available online, curation becomes extremely attractive to the reader. Performing this filtering can create a loyal follower base. For more ideas, refer to the article The 9 Hidden Uses of RSS on WordPress.

USES Building Content, Automating Content, Keeping Content Fresh.

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7) Curated Twitter Aggregator

Curated Twitter Aggregator - 7 ESSENTIAL WordPress Plugins for Publishing

WHAT Supports importing, merging and displaying Tweets from hashtags and user profiles on your WordPress site. The lists can be shown in posts and in a bundled widget.

It’s possible to aggregate multiple Twitter hashtags feeds into one list and filter content by keywords.

WHY You can display the latest tweets published by your company or regarding topics of interest to keep your audience up-to-date.

USES Building Content, Keeping Content Fresh.

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