How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence

Courtney Jones

For e-commerce WordPress sites, good customer reviews can help build trust, drive sales, enhance the overall customer experience, and even influence purchase decisions.

In this article, we’ll discuss the role of customer reviews and go over our top five WordPress review plugins that will allow you to easily collect, manage, and display reviews from satisfied customers!

How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence

The Power of Customer Reviews

Did you know that almost all shoppers (93%) are influenced by online reviews, and 91% trust them as much as personal recommendations? This shows that having customer reviews on your eCommerce site is crucial.

This is where a WordPress review plugin comes in handy. After installing and activating it your customers will immediately have the ability to leave feedback on your website.

Review plugins are easy to use. They allow you to manage and display reviews, customize their forms, and integrate them with social media.

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Let’s take a look at some key areas that customer reviews help you conquer.

Building Trust and Credibility

Customer reviews tell potential buyers what others think about a product. Good reviews make people feel confident about buying, but if there are no reviews or if they’re bad, it can make people hesitate or choose not to buy.

Reviews also help shoppers understand how well a product works and if it’s right for them. They can highlight things that might not be obvious from ads. In short, reviews are crucial for helping people decide whether to buy something or not.

Influencing Purchase Decisions

Most people use reviews to decide what to buy. Reviews give important details about a product’s quality, features, and if it’s right for them.

They help shoppers make smart choices based on real experiences. So, reviews are like a trusted guide in a sea of options, helping people find what they need with confidence.

Improving SEO and Visibility

Customer reviews help websites rank better on search engines because they add fresh content with relevant keywords. This means more people can find the website through search results, leading to more visitors and potential customers.

Reviews not only help products get noticed but also boost the overall success of the website.

Providing Feedback for Improvement

Customer feedback helps businesses see what they’re doing well and where they can improve, like with product quality and customer service. By listening to feedback and making necessary changes, companies can make the shopping experience better.

This allows businesses to use feedback to improve and have happier customers who keep coming back.

Enhancing Product Discovery and Personalization

Reviews help people discover new products they might like. Online stores can use review data to suggest items that match each person’s interests and make shopping more personalized and enjoyable, leading to happier customers and more sales.

Fostering Engagement and Community

Encouraging customers to leave reviews builds a community around the brand. This engagement strengthens relationships and boosts the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Responding to reviews also shows that the brand cares about customer satisfaction, which helps build trust and loyalty.

You can display your overall review star ratings in Google search results by adding the correct schema markup tags to your page. For more visit

Top 5 WordPress Customer Review Plugins

By using review and rating plugins, you can easily showcase customer reviews on your site, boosting credibility and engaging potential customers. These plugins offer customization options and useful features like star ratings and photo uploads, enhancing the user experience and driving sales.

Time to explore our top five choices!

1) WordPress Customer Review Plugin

CM Reviews Update: Sorting, Limited Length, and Privacy Control - How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence

Made by WordPress experts, this customer review plugin for WordPress is perfect for showing your clients’ feedback.

You can choose between star ratings or Facebook-style reactions to customize it as you like. It’s easy to use and works well with different e-commerce platforms.

Leaving a Review

Using this plugin is easy for both you and your customers. To leave a review, customers just need to fill out a simple form, as shown below.

CM Review and Rating -  Customer Review Form

Customer Review Form

Here, customers can easily input their reviews, select a star rating, and optionally attach images or video links.

Once customers finish filling out the form, their review undergoes moderation. Here’s where you come in.

As the moderator, you’re responsible for checking that all reviews align with your site’s guidelines before they’re published. This ensures the credibility and trustworthiness of your review section.

Easy WordPress Review Moderation

With the customer reviews plugin, all reviews need admin approval before being added to your website, preventing malicious users from adding harmful content.

Admins can easily manage reviews from the backend, ensuring quality and trustworthiness, as shown below.

CM Review and Rating - View of Reviews in the Back-end

View of Reviews in the Back-end

In addition to tracking the status, author name, and placement of each review, this panel also provides a range of functionalities to simplify your review management process.

You can swiftly approve or reject pending reviews directly from this interface, ensuring timely responses to user feedback. Additionally, understanding which post or page each review is linked to helps you tailor your content strategy based on user feedback.

With this clear overview, managing your site’s reviews becomes easy, helping you maintain a user-friendly online presence.

Extensive Customization

Moreover, this customer review plugin for WordPress provides numerous customization options: tailor labels, styles, and overall settings to suit the requirements of your brand.

CM Review and Rating - Style Setting Options

Style Setting Options

After adjusting the settings, you can add reviews to product pages, making them easily accessible to visitors. This helps build trust and assists shoppers in their decision-making process, potentially boosting satisfaction and sales.

The Finished Product

And voila! Here’s how it will look on the front end:

CM Review and Rating - Reviews on the Front-end

Reviews Displayed on the Front-end

This image shows reviews in Tile mode, but you can switch to Classic mode if you prefer a more traditional style. The plugin also adds schema tags to your HTML, ensuring that review star ratings appear in Google search results.

For a better preview, visit the Review and Ratings Live Demo page.

2) WP Customer Reviews Plugin

WP Customer Reviews Plugin - How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence

The WP Customer Review Plugin provides a convenient method for showcasing customer reviews effortlessly on your WordPress website. This plugin enables the display of customer reviews on designated pages for online viewing.

All submissions undergo moderation, and the page can be fully customized to suit your preferences.

WP Customer Reviews - How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence

This review plugin for WordPress is suitable for both business and product evaluations. It integrates seamlessly with caching plugins, ensuring optimal performance without compromising your WordPress site’s speed.

Additionally, it incorporates various anti-spam measures to maintain a spam-free environment for both your WordPress site and all submitted reviews.

3) WP Business Reviews

WP Business Reviews Plugin - How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence

WP Business Reviews plugin is yet another great solution for showcasing customer feedback effortlessly on your WordPress site.

This customer review plugin empowers you to display your reviews from major platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook directly on your website. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, WP Business Reviews helps you promote your top customer experiences with a beautifully presented layout.

WP Business Reviews - How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence

With features like filtering negative reviews, adding custom reviews, and automatic updates, this plugin offers simple and honest pricing plans tailored to your needs.

4) Site Reviews

Site Reviews Plugin - How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence

Looking to add simple reviews to your website? Then Site Reviews plugin is the solution for you! It works like Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Yelp, offering easy-to-use features like blocks and widgets.

Site Reviews - How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence

You can highlight top reviews, verify submissions, and engage with users. Plus, it’s backed by great support on the WordPress forum. With Site Reviews, you can create a dynamic and interactive experience for your visitors while gaining valuable insights into customer feedback.

And the best part? This plugin is completely free!

5) Customer Reviews Plugin by Revukangaroo

Customer Reviews Plugin by Revukangaroo - How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence

The Customer Reviews Plugin from Revukangaroo is great for managing your online reputation. It helps you sort and share both positive and negative reviews on your website. Plus, you can easily send positive reviews to other websites too.

Customer Reviews Plugin by Revukangaroo - How WordPress Customer Reviews Shape Your Online Presence


This is our list of the top five customer-review WordPress plugins suitable for businesses of all sizes.

These plugins enable users to incorporate reviews into their websites and exercise full moderation over each post or review.

We hope you find the perfect match for you and your business!

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