4 Customer Review WordPress Plugins in 2023

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Customer reviews are an important part of any eCommerce site. So, Customer Review WordPress plugins are an essential tool for your business success.

4 Customer Review WordPress Plugins in 2022

Did you know that 93% of shoppers say online reviews impact their buying decisions? Or that 91% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations?

In the digital age, having customer reviews displayed on your eCommerce site is essential. It boosts your store’s credibility, and, as the stats demonstrate, could easily influence visitors to make a purchase. It’s also a great way to gather user generated content that search engines love.

You can also display your overall reviews star ratings in Google search results by adding the correct schema markup tags to your page. For more visit schema.org

To display customer reviews, you’ll want to enlist the help of a review and rating plugin. These handy plugins make placing customer reviews on your site a breeze.

The following list includes high quality customer review WordPress plugins for any eCommerce websites. Each of these customer review plugins allows users to easily display customer reviews on their websites, all with an array of helpful features.

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1) Customer Reviews and Rating Plugin

CM Reviews Update: Sorting, Limited Length, and Privacy Control - Top 3 Customer Review WordPress Plugins in 2023

Developed by a team of WordPress experts, this review and rating plugin is the ultimate solution for displaying customer reviews on your eCommerce site.

It’s a highly customizable plugin that supports a star rating system and/or a Facebook style reaction system.

Review and Rating Widget Form

Using the plugin is simple for both you and your reviewers. To leave a review, customers simply fill out a straightforward form, as shown below.

CM Review and Rating -  Customer Review Form

Customer Review Form

Here customers can enter their written review, select a star rating, and even add images or video links.

Once the form has been filled in, the review will be submitted for moderation. That’s where you come in.

Easy Review Moderation

With the CM Review and Rating Plugin, each review must be moderated and approved by admin before it’s posted. This means that any malicious content won’t slip through the net and go live on your site.

Admin can easily monitor all reviews in the back-end.

CM Review and Rating - View of Reviews in the Back-end

View of Reviews in the Back-end

In this panel, you get an overview of all reviews. You can monitor whether a review is pending or posted, the name of the author, and on which post or page the review will be placed. It’s a crystal clear overview that enables you to easily keep track of all the reviews submitted to your site.

Extensive Customization

In addition to this, the plugin also offers a myriad of customization options.

Configure labels, styles, and, of course, general settings to fit your needs.

CM Review and Rating -  Style Setting Options

Style Setting Options

Once you’ve tweaked the settings to your heart’s content, reviews can be placed on each product page so visitors have easy access to them as they browse.

The Finished Product

And voila! Here’s how it will look on the front-end:

CM Review and Rating -  Reviews on the Front-end

Reviews Displayed on the Front-end

This shot shows how the reviews will look in Tile mode, but if this isn’t your taste, you can always opt for Classic mode. Classic mode shows reviews in a more traditional list style.

The plugin also automatically adds the needed schema tags so your HTML so the reviews star ratings will show up in Google search results

For a better feel for how things will look, check out the CM Review and Ratings Live Demo.

2) WP Customer Reviews Plugin

WP Customer Reviews Plugin - Top 3 Customer Review WordPress Plugins in 2023

The WP Customer Review Plugin is a great way to display customer reviews easily on your WordPress site. The plugin allows customer reviews to be displayed on a specific page for people to view them online. All submissions are moderated and the page is completely customizable.

WP Customer Reviews - Top 3 Customer Review WordPress Plugins in 2023

The plugin is ideal for both business and product reviews. This plugin works well with caching plugins and won’t slow down your WordPress site. There are also multiple anti-spam measures to keep your WordPress site and all reviews spam free.

3) Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews - Top 3 Customer Review WordPress Plugins in 2023

The Rich Review plugin for WordPress lets users display customer reviews anywhere on the website. This plugin is specifically designed to increase your sales and SERP rankings in search engines. This plugin is built around shortcodes, is fully customizable and mobile responsive.

Rich Review plugin - Top 3 Customer Review WordPress Plugins in 2023

This plugin features the ability to manage and fully customize three types of reviews: per-page or per-post, category, or global reviews. Another great feature is that the plugin is compatible for translation and has excellent support. The plugin has also integrated with Shopper Approval which is a Google Affiliate, which can expand the reach of the reviews.

Bonus: Customer Reviews Plugin by Revukangaroo

Customer Reviews Plugin by Revukangaroo - Top 3 Customer Review WordPress Plugins in 2023

The Customer Reviews Plugin by Revukangaroo is ideal for people who want to have control over their online reputation management. This plugin lets users organize the positive and negative reviews on a website. Users have the option to send positive reviews to third party websites as well.

Customer Reviews Plugin by Revukangaroo - Top 3 Customer Review WordPress Plugins in 2023


This list of top customer review WordPress plugins includes good options for both small and large businesses. All of these plugins allow users to add reviews to a specific part of their website and fully moderate each individual post or review.

We hope you find the right fit!

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