5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools to Fix Content

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A search and replace tool is a quick way to find text and replace it online without making major changes to your website.

5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools to Fix Content

These search and replace tools are a great to make quick fixes on your WordPress site. Some of these tools are making this fixes within the WordPress database and some are making this fixes in real time.

Real time search and replace means that text can be found and replace on the fly whenever it’s needed without making database changes so you can always revert back to the original.

Database search and replace changes are permanent, since the database cannot be reverted after it’s been changed unless of course you have continues backups.

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The following plugins are the best options for anyone looking for a feature rich search and replace tool for WordPress.

Top Search & Replace WordPress Plugins

1. CM Search & Replace – Ultimate Search and Replace Solution for WordPress

CM Search & Replace - Top Search & Replace WordPress Plugins - 5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools to Fix Content

CM On Demand Search And Replace WordPress Plugins

If you’re looking for a real time search and replace tool for WordPress, CreativeMinds’ team of expert developers have created the ideal solution: the CM Search & Replace plugin.

CM Search & Replace is a powerful tool with functionality that sets it apart from the rest. Its real time search and replace feature enables you to make quick fixes to text across your entire website, without the hassle of making changes to the WordPress database.

How It Works

The plugin streamlines the process of searching for and replacing words or phrases across your entire site. Instead of endlessly working through your whole site to find instances of a certain word, the plugin does the hard work for you.

Simply set rules and the plugin will make the changes before they’re sent to a user’s browser.

Defining rules for the text to be replaced is straightforward with the easy-to-use plugin interface. You can see how in the screenshot below where Nancy Drew gets a name change to Regina:

CM Search and Replace - Replacement Rules

Back-end interface showing replacement rules.

You can easily create changes across your entire website, particular post types, or even just content created within a certain timeframe.

You can select which sections of the site should be searched and content replaced by navigating to the plugin’s settings tabs, as shown below.

CM Search and Replace - 02 Settings

Back-end settings with post and page types selected.

Once you’ve tweaked the plugin settings to fit your needs, this is how the finished product will look:

CM Search and Replace - 03 Changing Nancy to Regina

Front-end changes when replacing Nancy with Regina.

You can see how Nancy Drew’s name has been changed to REGINA throughout the blog post. It really is that simple.

The plugin won’t make any permanent changes to your content unless admin opt to permanently save a replacement.

For more information, check out our video tutorials.

Example Uses

Aside from changing the names of well known fictional characters, there are plenty of more practical uses for the CM Search and Replace plugin.

Say you’ve decided to remarket a product under a different name. It’s one of your primary products, so mentions of it are spread across your website. Instead of searching for every time the name is mentioned, our Search & Replace plugin can automatically make the change across your entire site.

It’s also a great way to censor any inappropriate language or suspicious links that may appear in comments across your website. Create a rule for any number of forbidden words, and watch as the plugin works its magic across the entirety of your WordPress website.

This plugin was created exclusively for WordPress by our team of expert WP developers. Not only is it a powerful, high-quality tool with excellent suport and regular updates, it also offers value for money.

2. Search & Replace by Inpsyde

The Search & Replace plugin lets users easily search and replace data in the database. In addition to being able to search and replace everything, this plugin allows users to do a full database backup and restore it if necessary. This customizable plugin is ideal for both users and developers.

Search & Replace by Inpsyde - Top Search & Replace WordPress Plugins - 5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools to Fix Content

This plugin offers the quick and easy domain and url replacing, so it’s very quick to transfer a WordPress site. This plugin has excellent support and includes localization.

3. Better Search Replace by Delicious Brains

Better Search Replace is a simple search and replace plugin that lets users can the database for problems quickly and efficiently. The plugin includes a dry run feature for users to view the changes that will be made. This plugin includes great support and was recently updated.

Better Search Replace by Delicious Brains - Top Search & Replace WordPress Plugins - 5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools to Fix Content

The pro version of Better Search Replace lets users backup and import the database while changes are made. Also, users can save custom profiles to repeat search and replace in the future easily. Users also get full updates and support for a year as well as priority email support.

4. Search Regex Plugin

Search Regex exists to make website migration and upgrading easier for the user. This plugin performs high quality search and replace functions in WordPress beyond standard search capabilities. The plugin also supports localization.

Search Regex - Top Search & Replace WordPress Plugins - 5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools to Fix Content

The Search Regex plugin is ideal for businesses looking to upgrade or change their directories with no hassle. The plugin lets users easily search and replace urls and content in mass quantities.

5. Real Time Find & Replace

The Real Time Find & Replace plugin lets users implement find and replace rules after a page has been generated by WordPress, but before it’s sent to a users browser. These changes occur in real time so changes to themes and plugins are not necessary. This makes updating and upgrading pages and products go a lot smoother.

Real Time Find & Replace - Top Search & Replace WordPress Plugins - 5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools to Fix Content

This plugin features a pro version with the ability for users to modify admin pages. Also, users have access to additional filtering options and controlling the import and export functionalities.


All of these search and replace tools have helpful features, the key is to find the tool which works the best for your business. Here is a comparison of some of the top features.

Conclusion - 5 Best Search and Replace WordPress Tools to Fix Content

There are several great tools for search and replace out there, and each of them have helpful features depending on what the user wants to accomplish. All of these plugins are capable of easily fixing content on a WordPress site, whether it’s on the fly or within the WordPress database.

In conclusion, users can determine which search and replace tool would be most effective for their business. The search and replace tool quickly fixes content in a website including text files, urls, HTML and more.

Many of these plugins have customizable features and have pro versions with advanced find and replace features. They are also example of safe WordPress plugins, so you can rest assured they will help you.

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