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Search and Replace Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

WordPress Search and Replace Plugin – Mass Replace Text in Database

The WordPress Search Replace plugin enables users to modify posts, pages, custom posts, titles, excerpts, and various other elements on their WordPress site.
It gives you the option to adjust content either temporarily (before it appears) or permanently by directly editing the database.
The mass replace functionality allows users to add numerous rules via an uncomplicated search and replace form, or they can utilize RegEX for intricate replacements.

WordPress Search Replace Plugin

Our WordPress Search and Replace Plugin enables you to modify your posts, pages, comments, titles, ACF fields, and excerpts moments before they appear on your site’s front end.

This WordPress search database and replace plugin implements numerous preset rules defined by the administrator after a WordPress page is created, just before it’s dispatched to a user’s browser.

To speed up the administrators’ work, they have the ability to make permanent alterations to the database, either on specific pages or across the entire site which makes this plugin also a great Search Replace DB script.

Defining Multiple Rules in the WordPress Find and Replace Plugin

This WordPress find and replace plugin makes editing domains, content, or HTML on your WordPress site much easier.

The tool swiftly conducts a comprehensive search across a WordPress site, allowing users to preview which posts or pages would be impacted before implementing any modifications.

Search/Replace Rules Dashboard
Search/Replace Rules Dashboard

Search and Replace Script on WordPress Custom Posts

Settings Screen Allowing targeting of Specific Posts and Post Elements
Settings Screen Allowing targeting of Specific Posts and Post Elements
The WordPress search and replace plugin functionality is ideal for quick changes of search and replace text and links with or without applying them to the WordPress database.

You may also choose to save the changes to the database if you wish - on each page or across all sites.

Our Search and Replace WordPress plugin allows you to mass replace text in WordPress as well as target specific posts by type or exclude posts or pages from being parsed. You can also target ACF records.

Advanced WordPress Search and Replace Plugin Functionalities

Replace numbers, links, dates and IP addresses by using Regex (Regular Expressions).

These rules allow the plugin to check advanced conditions before performing tasks. For instance, changing only numbers from '70 to 99', or image links with the name 'flower' on them.

We provide links to resources containing examples and validators, simplifying the process of creating rules.

Search and Replace - Regex examples
Search and Replace - Regex examples

Replace WordPress Content On the Fly Or Save Changes to Database

Example of the Front-end Button for Admin to Implement Permanent Changes to DB
Example of the Front-end Button for Admin to Implement Permanent Changes to DB
After creating a replacement rule in the WordPress Search and Replace plugin, it automatically changes the content only on the front-end, while the original text stays the same on the back-end.

The plugin also allows you to implement permanent changes to the database. It means that the content will be changed in the original post, and not only on the front-end.

Time Restricted Search And Replace

Define the date and time when the replacement rule should be achieved.

You can define any number of timeframes for each rule.

This functionality proves handy especially when you're not consistently replacing specific content. You can establish automatic replacements based on your preferred schedule.

Adding Timeframes to the Rule
Adding Timeframes to the Rule

Third-Party Plugins Search and Replace Support

Extensions Settings
Extensions Settings
The plugin is compatible with third-party plugins, enabling you to search and replace content within:

  1. Tooltips from CM Tooltip Glossary
  2. Custom fields from Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  3. Forums by BBPress
  4. WooCommerce Attribute Labels
  5. Yoast SEO Titles and Descriptions.

Search and Replace Plugin Logs

Track the changes that were committed by the search and replace rules. There are 2 types of logs which allow you to:

  1. Preview the changes that are made on the fly for chosen posts and pages (without making those changes permanent into the database). All changes are highlighted.
  2. Track changes that were implemented permanently to the database for chosen posts and pages.
On-demand preview log
On-demand preview log

How To Use WordPress Search and Replace Plugin

  1. Create Rule – Tell the plugin what you want to replace. For instance, “http” should become “https”. Use Regex for more complex cases
  2. Case-sensitive? – Should the rule be considered and capture “John” but not “john”?
  3. Restrict Post Type – Define if the rule should affect posts, pages, or custom post types
  4. Limit Pages – Exclude any number of pages from the rule
  5. Specify – Substitute in the title? Content? Excerpt? Comments? Links? You choose
  6. Set Date – Pick a time frame (for instance, only last month)

Using the WordPress Search and Replace Plugin

  • Censor Bad Content – Censor comments content generated by plugins on defined pages or posts.
  • On-Demand Search and Replace Script – Make temporary changes in content and limit them to a specified period.
  • Replace HTML Code in your Content – Search and replace HTML code on the fly.
  • Replace Images in Content – Search and replace images on the fly.
  • Date and Time Controls – Feature content on specific dates or periods.
  • Target Specific Posts – Target specific posts or exclude other posts from being parsed.
  • ACF and Yoast Support – Supports replacing content in the ACF plugin and Yoast metadata fields.
  • Frontend Widget to Toggle Replacements – Optionally adds a toggle on and off search and replace buttons on each post frontend for specific users.
  • Save Changes to Database – Optionally adds a toggle to save changes made to a specific post to the database so they will be permanent.

Example of Replacements

  • “http” to “https” in the content of all posts in the last 6 months
  • “mark” to “Dr. Mark” in the title of all profile pages
  • All IP addresses to “xxx” in BBPress forums
  • “Beta Version” to “Final Version” in all WooCommerce Attribute labels
  • “cminds” and “cmind” to “CreativeMinds” in the Yoast SEO Title of the last three pages

WordPress Search & Replace Tool Additional Resources

High Quality Search and Replace Plugin Premium Features

Please check the user guide to learn more about this essential plugin.

Search and Replace Features

Define Search and Replace Rules

Define Search and Replace Rules

Create any number of search and replace rules.

Supports Text and HTML

Supports Text and HTML

Easily search and replace text or HTML code throughout your post and pages.

Front-end Changes

Front-end Changes

Perform replacements only on the front-end and don’t save them to the database.

Limit to Specific Post Types

Limit to Specific Post Types

Supports performing the search and replace in posts, pages and custom post types.

All Content Types Support

All Content Types Support

Define search and replace rules for comments, posts, pages, titles, links, content and excerpts.

Time Restricted Search and Replace

Time Restricted Search and Replace

Supports applying the search and replace rules on specific dates.

Temporarily Modify Content

Modify or Remove Content

You can choose between replacing the content permanently (in the database) or modifying it only temporarily.

Regex Search and Replace

Regex Search and Replace

Utilize Regex search and replace within any replacement rule. This can be applied for permanent database changes or temporary, on-the-fly alterations.

Update Database

Update Database

Optionally, commit replacement rules to the database so they will be permanent

Target Specific Posts

Target Specific Posts

Easily handle and target rules to very specific posts or pages.

Case Sensitive

Case Sensitive

Supports case sensitive replacements.

Rules Management

Rules Management

Pause certain rules or delete them. Easily change and modify the order of rules using drag and drop interface.


Front-end Widget

Front-end Widget

Save time by using front-end control widget to turn search and replace on and off.

On-demand Preview Log

On-demand Preview Log

Preview the changes that are made on the fly for chosen posts and pages.

View Related Posts

Log of Permanent DB Changes

For each created rule you can view a list of related posts and pages – the ones where the searched word or phrase is found.

Import and Export Rules

Import and Export Rules

Import and export search replace rules between your sites.

Log of Permanent DB Changes

Log of Permanent DB Changes

Track all changes that were implemented to the database for chosen posts and pages.


CM Tooltip Glosary

CM Tooltip Glosary

Special support for tooltips provided by the plugin CM Tooltip Glossary.



Special Support for bbPress content.



Special Support for Yoast content.



Special support for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin fields.



Special support for WooCommerce labels.

WordPress Search and Replace Plugin Plans and Pricing

PLANS Essential Advanced Ultimate
Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $49 $69 $119
Number of Websites / License Activations 1 3 10
Define search and replace rules Included Included Included
Supports text and html Included Included Included
Regex support Included Included Included
Local Changes Included Included Included
Database Changes Included Included Included
Supports case sensitive content Included Included Included
Supports posts and pages Included Included Included
Custom Post Types Support Included Included Included
Temporarily Modify Content Included Included Included
Rules Management Included Included Included
Drag and Drop Included Included Included
Frontend Widget Included Included Included
Import and Export Rules Included Included Included
On-demand Preview Log Included Included Included
Log of Permanent DB Changes Included Included Included
All WordPress Content Types Included Included Included
Time restricted search and replace Included Included Included
Target Specific Posts Included Included Included
CM Tooltip Glossary Support Included Included Included
ACF Support Included Included Included
WooCommerce Support Included Included Included
bbPress Support Included Included Included
Yoast Support Included Included Included
CM Admin Tools Plugin Not included Included Included
CM Email Registration Blacklist Plugin Not included Not included Included
CM Registration and Invitation Codes Plugin Not included Not included Included
CM Email Tools and Mail SMTP Plugin Not included Not included Included
CM HTTPS SSL Plugin Not included Not included Included
Product Knowledge Base Included Included Included
Priority email support Included Included Included
Product updates Included Included Included
PLANS Essential Advanced Ultimate
Number of Websites / License Activations 1 3 10
Price includes 1 year support/updates. Manual renewal with 40% discount, not a subscription $49 $69 $119

Search and Replace Plugin Related Use Case Tutorials

Search and Replace Additional Use Case Examples

  • Save Time – Search and replace HTML errors on multiple pages at once and skip all manual work.
  • Censor Bad Content – Quickly filter swear words and suspicious links posted anywhere on your website.

WordPress Search and Replace Plugin Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the user guide to learn more about this simple plugin.

Can I replace the titles of posts?

Yes. You can replace links, entire words, entire post or title in posts, pages or even custom post types, and replace any word or text in WordPress. You can also replace typo in your WordPress blog contents.

Can I limit changes to a week?

Yes, Using the time limited search and replace functionality you can limit the replace operation for a specific time frame.

Can I use this awesome plugin to replace product names and attributes?

Absolutely. If you happened to change the title of one of your product names, you can easily replace it using the Search and replace plugin. You can also change other product attributes, such as the short and long descriptions, color, size etc, but bear in mind the changes will not be saved on your database, which is why this method is more suitable if you’re interested in a temporary change rather than a permanent one.

I am migrating my WordPress website to a new URL/domains and unsure about where and how to update old URLs in the database, I want to skip the tedious process of manually changing the Domain/URL, Can this Plugin help in migration?

This WordPress find and replace plugin makes it simple to replace domains, content, HTML or URL (starts from HTTP or HTTPS) on your WordPress site.

Is there any option for the restoring the data?

Yes. You can easily create a simple database backup and restore it.

Does this plugin support any language?

Yes. This plugin supports all the languages including RTL when you want to search and replace.

Is there any free version of this plugin?

Yes. We have a search and replace free plugin version. You can download the free plugin WordPress here

I need to exclude a content replacement rule from my excerpts. Is that possible?

Yes. When creating a new content replacement rule, you can mark one or more of the following parameters as excluded from the search & replace rule:

  • Titles
  • Content
  • Excerpt
  • Comments

You can also add other areas to exclude according to your personal preferences. The selected areas will not be affected by the new content replacement rule.

Can I create case sensitive Search & Replace rules?

Yes. When creating a new search & replace rule, you will see a metabox labeled as “Case”, representing the case sensitive search option. Checking this metabox means that only exact matches will be searched and replaced. Leave the metabox empty if you want all instances to be found and replaced, i.e. metabox, Meta-Box and meta boxes.

Search and Replace Image Gallery

Back-End Gallery

Customer Reviews for the Search and Replace

  • Awesome!

    Works just as stated, and is simple to install.

  • Great plugin, helped me a lot

    ~200 pages of articles, with most of them needing links replaced. CM On Demand Search and Replace helped me turn this job (that I feared will take me days) into a simple, easy and fast one. Thank you!

  • Amazing Plugin!!!! Very Easy to Use.

    This plugin does the job excellently well!

    I’ve been searching endlessly for days on how to change some texts on my site pages into html image codes to no avail.

    I saw a few solutions that mentioned changing those texts from the database level – no way am I tampering with the DB – I stayed clear (Except you know what you’re doing, don’t mess with your db)! I also found some forms of javascript tweak but they all didn’t do the job perfectly, breaking my pages atimes.

    This plugin came to the rescue. The ease of use is amazing: just copy and paste – one to the left the other to the right. That’s it.

    Thanks so much for making that core plugin function of search and replace free-of-charge. Although there is a little advert at the bottom of the pages I applied it but that can easily be edited out if you want to in the Edit page area.

    Thanks a bunch.

  • simple powerful and fast

    It was so simple and I was able to find effects instantly

  • Great plugin!!!

    The plugin and especially the customer support is great! I had the following problem: I auto created 25.000 posts to my website that each had a different title and different content. However, I made a mistake and each title contained a “#” sign in the title. So, I bought this plugin to get rid of the “#” sign in each single title of all the 25.000 posts on my website. I tried but had problems figuring it out. Then I contacted customer support that could help me straight away! Now, all my post titles are perfect! I can recommend this plugin a lot!

    Sebastian N.
  • Fast and efficient plugin


  • Powerful Plugin!

    Great, fast, efficient plugin. great support! You can use it to change anything in your site without editing theme files, it’s the complementary to “custom CSS” it’s custom HTML!

  • Simple and valuable!

    Great solution to replace words on the fly without really editing content.

    Vova Feldman