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5 Essential WordPress Trends for 2020

5 Essential WordPress Trends for 2020

It’s almost 2020, and surprising nobody, it’s been another insanely busy year for the world’s most popular content management system.

At the beginning of 2019, WordPress rolled out it’s major 5.0 version upgrade. Most notably, the update introduced block-based webpage editing through the Gutenberg editor to provide a more intuitive website building experience.

That new tool, alongside a slew of additional features, made version 5.0 one of WordPress’ biggest updates in years. Since then, the platform has continued to grow into the current version 5.3 and is evolving ever still.

Creating Online Course With Video LMS WordPress Plugin

Creating Online Course With Video LMS WordPress Plugin

There are many benefits to having online courses on your WordPress site, despite the growing number of video lessons options available in today’s market. Creating online courses yourself allows for more creative and financial control of the content.

The video online learning market is one of the most profitable industries across the globe, and it only increases exponentially from year to year. Websites like Udemy, Coursera and others are high-quality choices for online video courses, but they also have a cookie cutter format in content and pricing structure.

Essential Magento 2 B2B Features Your Ecommerce Needs to Master

Essential Magento 2 B2B Features Your Ecommerce Needs to Master

As one of the most popular dedicated Ecommerce platforms around, Magento has empowered many of the world’s major business-to-business (B2B) websites for years.

That’s because B2B interactions involve large and complicated ordering processes that require feature loaded frontend and backend system capabilities. Additionally, few other content management (CMS) platforms can compete with the virtually endless range of streamlined processes that Magento provides.

Top 6 Free Dictionary Plugins

Top 6 Free Dictionary Plugins

Dictionaries are an important tool for any language. Dictionaries are helpful reference tools which are in either book or electronic form that lists words in a language in alphabetical order and gives their meaning, or gives the equivalent words in a different language, often also providing information about pronunciation, origin, and usage.

Dictionaries are also a way to help define terms on a website for users. A dictionary was actually created back in 1604, and is still a helpful contribution to a website. WordPress actually has a wide variety of dictionary WordPress plugins which can be used by all types of websites and in any industry.

We Integrated Glossary Skins Add-on Into Tooltip Glossary

We Integrated Glossary Skins Add-on Into Tooltip Glossary

The CreativeMinds team decided to integrate the Glossary Skins add-on into the base plugin, Tooltip Glossary.

Tooltip Glossary is our best-selling plugin and receives frequent updates. The Skins was released back in 2014 as one of the nine add-ons for Tooltip Glossary. Over the years, most of its features were implemented in the base plugin.

This way, retiring the add-on should cut redundancies in maintenance while adding value to our customers.

Tooltip Glossary Skins Add-On for WordPress by CreativeMinds


1) Why did CreativeMinds decide to retire the Glossary Skins add-on?

Most of its features are present in the base plugin, Tooltip Glossary, making the add-on redundant.

Tooltip Glossary Plugin
Creates an A-Z Glossary of terms to clarify meanings or context of your site's content inside hovering tooltips. Automatically generates pages and backlinks within your site to enhance SEO and UEX. Integrates with dictionary and WikiPedia.
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2) I have the Glossary Skins Add-on! Do I lose access to support?

No. You continue having access to support related to the base Glossary Tooltip Plugin. If you face any issues, please check the documentation or open a support ticket.

If you face any technical issues specific to deprecated features of the Skins add-on, we’ll evaluate together how to proceed.

If you would like to expand skins features further with customization, we will be happy to help you.

3) How can I customize the tooltip visual in Tooltip Glossary?

These documentation articles cover the most relevant settings:

4) Can I still buy the Glossary Skins Add-on?

No, adding it to the cart is not available anymore.

5) What were the features in Glossary Skins Add-on? Is there any missing in the base plugin now?

The features were: six themes, tooltip appearance customization, live preview and mobile responsiveness.

All except live preview are already present in Tooltip Glossary. We plan to move it to the plugin still in 2020.

4 Places to Find Magento Developers (and why you should)

4 Places to Find Magento Developers (and why you should)

To create a top-rate Ecommerce business with Magento, you need to ensure that the visitors to your website have a well-designed, high-performance, experience when browsing and engaging with your products and services.

But unless you’re a web developer, getting all the many facets that go into getting a Magento webstore to operate smoothly together won’t be possible, and many of the more complex features that make Magento’s platform so popular are going to be out of reach.

[WP101] How to Add Table of Contents to WordPress

[WP101] How to Add Table of Contents to WordPress

A table of contents is a very helpful tool for any WordPress website to have. Having a table of contents is a simple way to keep all of your website content organized and allows users to navigate your website more easily.

A table of contents is a simple system that orders content by importance, by category or even alphabetically. There is an unlimited number of items which can be listed on a table of contents, which simple provides users with a preview for which content is available on a website.